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Ha Jae Sook Supporting Cast. Lee Hee Jin Supporting Cast. Cha Hwa Yun Supporting Cast. Kim Chung Supporting Cast. Jung Kyu Soo Supporting Cast. Kim Young Ok Supporting Cast.

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The world's best selection of Springsteen collectibles, all available by mail. It is possible, however, that the implication was that they created these groups together with The Boss assisting Laycock in an advisory capacity. Coincidentally, RayForce is also the name of an arcade game first released in which centers around a massive supercomputer with control over human life, which is also a central theme in the Metal Gear series. However, the facility in question was not actually created until , its name is incorrect as it would actually be the JFK Special Warfare Center, and the name itself is anachronistic because this occurred four years before John F.

Kennedy was sworn into the Presidency. Yoji Shinkawa also confirmed this in an interview with Game Informer. The Boss was also one of the few members of Groznyj Grad to be allowed access to Groznyj Grad's weapons lab's west wing in spite of being below Colonel-class. One of the game's cutscenes, in which Naked Snake's disguise as Major Raikov is discovered, The Boss comments, while removing his mask, "What is this fairy disguise? It's gonna rub off on you.

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And then you'll lose sight of who you really are. Although The Boss's and Ocelot's familial relationship can be deduced from the game's storyline, it is not made clear whether the two characters themselves were aware of it. In addition, although their familial connection is strongly implied, it was never directly stated. Kojima later confirmed their relationship in an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly.

The Boss's personal data accessed via the radio during the Virtuous Mission states that her hair is brownish gray, [2] though her in-game character model actually has blond hair, similar to her son Ocelot.

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Since The Boss no longer serves as a radio contact following the completion of the Virtuous Mission, she is the only support team member whose radio profile does not allow a sixth or seventh data slide to be unlocked by the player through multiple calls. In the ending cutscene for the Virtuous Mission, The Boss and Naked Snake are seen reaching out to each other from far away on the Hind chopper and on the ground, respectively before pulling back. According to Kojima, this scene was originally going to have The Boss release her bandana to the wind for Snake to catch, which he'd then use as a sling.

However, the concept was cut though not the scene itself because one of the motion capture actors requested that they move Snake's acquiring the bandana to when The Boss threw him down into the river earlier. According to a commentary by Kojima, the boss battle with The Boss originally had her wearing shooting goggles to hide her tears, as well as using a machine pistol alongside the Patriot. In addition, she was also originally to have worn a blue sneaking suit, similar to that of Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid , so as to make her more visible. However, both of these concepts were cut.

Cut in-game sound files had The Boss pleading Snake to shoot her, suggesting that there was an idle conversation that was permitted to take place, should the player had hesitated to shoot her at the end. The player also had the option to miss, in which The Boss would have reacted to.

In the Secret Theater film The Joy , The Boss dies in a manner similar to the rest of the Cobra Unit, with the detonation of a microbomb and the exclamation of her former codename, "The Joy. Though not as effective as The Fear's Spider Camo, it nevertheless provides a high Camo Index in the average environment. Also, if the player attempts to use the fake death pill, The Boss will see right through the trick. If the player times the CQC right against The Boss, instead of simply grabbing her arm and throwing it aside, Snake will instead flip over her and leave her stunned, leaving an opening to attack her.

The Boss appeared as a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl , which granted the player an increase of flinch resistance by and a spirit in Super Smash Bros. In the latter game, unlocking The Boss's spirit in the story mode World of Light requires that the player fight Zero Suit Samus's puppet fighter. In addition, a puppet fighter of Zero Suit Samus as well as a puppet fighter of Snake are fought simultaneously to unlock Commander Adam Malkovich's spirit, referring to the Samus-Adam Relationship in the Metroid series, and to a lesser extent The Boss and Naked Snake's relationship to each other which was similar.

Her symbol was a Grass lily , which were the flowers that were seen in Rokovoj Bereg and was used by Big Boss to pay his respect to her at her grave. Also while equipping said outfit, the player's hunter's audio files changes to that of The Boss. The game's general sound effects are replaced as well with typical Metal Gear sound effects.

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In a press release by Kojima, he admitted that the original concept for Metal Gear Solid 5 was to be about The Boss, though he gave up on the idea after it became apparent to him that the new staff at Kojima Productions were probably not ready to handle such a plot by themselves. She will end up facing Metal Gear RAY in the second round where she defeated it although going by percentage points, she seemingly lost. Afterwards, she faced off against, and defeated, Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in the third round.

She then faced off against, and defeated, Vamp in the fourth round. During a BAFTA conference to give his recollections of the series, Kojima reiterated that The Boss was designed for the purpose of creating a more motherly character, although her becoming a powerful and moving character was unintentional on his part. In addition, Kojima also stated that she is the one of the few characters who could star in a future game for this reason alone.

Although The Boss herself neither makes an appearance nor is referenced directly, her life-changing experience in space and her resulting view of the world are similarly echoed by Raiden in an optional Codec call to Sunny in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance , regarding how the world was one and not made up of borders, shortly after using a Solis -issued Mach 23 spacecraft.

Alan responded, "Maaaaaaybe so?!? She is also, alongside her comrades in the Cobra Unit, an unlockable character for the Mother Base Developer in the Ground Zeroes app, acting as an officer character. Dummied content discovered on the disc also revealed that The Boss, or at the very least a female featuring a similar snake-shaped scar, was meant to appear in some capacity.

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Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? This article is about the legendary soldier, The Boss. You may be looking for her apprentice who would become Big Boss. There is no such thing, and never has been.

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And the reason is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms. The world must be made whole again. Contents [ show ]. No victory, no defeat. The survivor will carry on the fight. It is our destiny The one who survives will inherit the title of Boss. And the one who inherits the title of Boss will face an existence of endless battle.

The Boss' Xbox Live avatar. The Boss as she appears in the pachislot adaptation of Metal Gear Solid 3. Radio Mode, Personal Data. Major Zero, in an optional radio conversation, also refers to the translation as "something like 'lady knight'," when used to refer to a woman. A radio conversation with Major Zero during the Virtuous Mission reveals this. A radio conversation with The Boss during the Virtuous Mission reveals this.

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  • EVA : "All I heard was that [The Boss] was supposedly shot in the gut during battle and that her son [Ocelot] was born right there, bullets whizzing past them. They say that when they stitched her up, the scar was shaped like a snake. The Boss : "Look at this scar. This is proof that I was once a mother. The Boss: Snake, you were an atomic test subject, weren't you? On Bikini Atoll. That's part of the reason I was drawn to you.

    You and I are alike. We're both slowly being eaten away by the karma of others. A radio conversation with Major Zero and Para-Medic reveals this. Major Zero mentioned this in a radio conversation, and Volgin mentions a similar account before the final battle. The Boss: Not to worry. I'll be here to help you remember. After all, this is your first actual survival mission.

    I'll be supporting you over the radio. Next to the Major? Gene would later claim that a CIA strategist had manipulated Volgin into nuking Tselinoyarsk, as part of a greater plan to assassinate The Boss from the beginning.