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There was always at least one in residence, sometimes three or four, and their need for quiet study meant that Mimi frequently had to remind John to keep the noise down. Also, like her nephew, she was a gluttonous reader and relished peace and quiet. At this house, John and Paul musical sessions took place in the porch. The McCartneys had always lived in council houses, cheek-by-jowl with the working classes. John had relatives up in Edinburgh and one of them was a dentist — none of us knew people like that. So I was attracted to that. It made John mad, and all the more determined to be the troublemaker Jim said he was.

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And his dad was the whole thing. He treated Paul like a child all the time, cut his hair and telling him what to wear, at 17, And so Lennon-McCartney stood shoulder to shoulder as equals, connected at every level, their considerable talents harmonised, their personalities meshed, their drive unchecked, their goal in focus. They were a union, stronger than the sum of their parts, and everything was possible. Call or visit books. Follow TeleMusicNews. Follow TelegraphBooks. Terms and Conditions.

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Style Book. Weather Forecast. Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. Friday 28 June The Beatles: the birth of the band As part of our exclusive coverage of Mark Lewisohn's new Beatles biography, the author shares an extract revealing what happened when Lennon met McCartney. By Mark Lewisohn. Related Articles. Mark Lewisohn Then there were girls. Photo: Rex Features John and Paul had an abundance of ambition, and top of their lists was to be rich.

Mendips, the childhood home of John Lennon Getty Images The McCartneys had always lived in council houses, cheek-by-jowl with the working classes.

A 50th anniversary reissue of The Beatles' The White Album has been announced

The Beatles. In The Beatles. George told me what he wanted and I tuned the tabla with him. He suggested I play something in the Ravi Shankar style, 16 beats, though he agreed that I should improvise. What remains unclear is how much of the sitar on the track was played by Harrison, but it seems likely that the intro is his while the remainder is played by an uncredited Asian Music Circle member.

With Love You To completed, work started on Paperback Writer which, because it was released as a single, did not appear on Revolver a common practice in that era. This is also true of its B-side, Rain , recorded one day later.

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But both songs are clearly products of the same gloriously freewheeling mindsets that created the album. Rain , which was chosen as the B-side of Paperpack Writer, would have fitted perfectly on Revolver. Lyrically, it takes an off-kilter look at its subject matter. The new grainy guitar texture was achieved by recording the backing track at a higher speed than normal, then adding the vocals to the slowed down instrumental sounds.

When Lennon went home after the session — in a somewhat altered state — he accidentally played the reel-to-reel tape backwards. The fade is me actually singing, backwards, with the guitars going backwards. It was a parody on that idea. ADT freed the band from the chore of recording their vocals more than once to fatten them up. Instead the system copied the vocal track then played it back alongside the original, out of sync by a matter of milliseconds, just enough to create a double image.

By the time they returned to it a week later, everything was tightened up, the guitar parts flowed better and the rock was decidedly more evident than the folk. Lennon was a notoriously snoozy kind of guy.

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Lennon had written the lyric on April 25, on the back of a car-phone bill. The technique was somewhat refined, however, because Harrison deliberately crafted a solo which he thought would sound good in reverse, then asked George Martin to transcribe it backwards. What followed was an exhausting nine-hour session during which Martin conducted Harrison painstakingly through the reversed notation until he got it right.

Eleanor Rigby, begun on April 28, was a very different story. What are you doing? Sing those words in your head to the tune of Eleanor Rigby and its easy to see where Paul was headed. He always considered melody the most important element in a song, and frequently tried out different words before settling on a final version famously, Yesterday was called Scrambled Eggs for several weeks.

McCartney himself has acknowledged that he might have seen that stone as a teenager, and unknowingly unearthed it from his subconscious while working on the song. Once he had the name and the lyric outline, the others helped piece together the rest, but in the final version, only the voices of McCartney, Lennon and Harrison are heard, backed by a pair of string quartets, arranged impeccably by Martin. The result was a dramatic improvement in the sound definition — rich, resonant strings with a front-and-centre clarity previously unheard on record.

Another flirtation with the classical world came about during the recording of For No One , which began on May 9. Legacy management is an increasingly significant business as estates and record companies sensitively administer the posthumous careers of their artists.

The Beatles: White Album – The hidden meanings behind the lyrics

To an extent, this is the official That the woman — Edie — is played here by Sheila Hancock, whose own husband John Thaw died in , brings a small degree of veracity About 3 days ago. About 5 days ago. About 2 weeks ago.

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine