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Other than reading silly snippets between segments, he does not seem to have had any involvement in the project.

PTSD Radio Vol. 2 review: Demented, dark, and twisted horror – AiPT!

Attaching his name will get people to rent the film that would not have otherwise given it a look, but most Romero fans will probably be disappointed. This is really the project of his associate Jeff Monahan. The stories are too short to ever get anywhere, especially the first story. There was no character development or any build-up of suspense. It just sort of meandered about.

That sort of nonsense would never have been in a "Creepshow" film. The second part is a bit better, adding mystery and intrigue along with a hidden mythology. It seems like there is considerable potential for this one to be lengthened though maybe it would not hold up as well. There are not nearly enough horror films about mythological sea creatures.

Part three was directed by the legendary Tom Savini, which might be the only redeeming thing about this film. The style used is most unusual, boxed in and grainy, with odd acting and music. I like it, though I am unclear why this decision was made. DisturbedPixie 13 September IMDb still hasn't fixed this listing problem, and it's a shame that people aren't even sure which film to rate when they rate their very low score.

Since the other volume is listed as the first volume, it seems to have much of the information correct for the 2nd volume, so I will be putting my review here for volume 1. Saw this on Netflix, and I must say, wow George.. It felt like a high school film club project. Moments that were particularly amusing were was a splashing in the water shot that seemed to last way too long; a white guy that played an indigenous tribe member, the flashback love scene, a guy looking for signs of life with a dude standing like 4 feet just to his left but he can't see him, the explorers wasting their fresh water, and a tribesman watching the leading lady sleep Wet- I must say, this was creepier and better acted than the first story, but the ending felt off, and confusing.

The supposed trick for dealing with a naught mermaid was complicated but with no sense for reason, and I don't get why it had to be so complicated. And I don't get the remaining moments of character choices. The whole thing felt off. House Call- It captured my attention probably the best but I kept noticing the old fashioned directing style being a little over the top. The story was about a mother dealing with her possible vampire son and asking for help from a doctor in town.

It was directed by the famous Tom Savini, and I think he too has gone a little nuts over the years like Romero because these wasn't even very creepy. He did have a twist ending though. Anyway onto the "dead-time"stories Why IMDb has this listed as the second is beyond me and you'll notice this "sequel" listed has a release date two years before the first film. In "Valley of the Shadows" a woman takes an expedition to a mysterious jungle where her husband vanished earlier and soon she learns why. Next up is "Wet" a fisherman finds a mysterious item, which leads to something beyond his wildest imagination.

The third film comes from director Tom Savini, "Housecalls" has a doctor going out on a stormy night to help a sick boy who claims to have been bitten by a vampire. Now, I'm not going to sit here and say that Savini is the next Scorsese but it's clear by watching the three films that he's a real director who can tell a story and add a bit of style as well.

The biggest problem with the first two films is that the stories themselves are poorly executed and I'd also say that the screenplays really don't give us enough to keep us interested in what's going on. In the first film we learn that the husband goes missing but it would have been helpful had we known what he was doing out there and what "curse" this jungle has.

By the time the film gives us this information it's pretty much over. With the second film, again, knowing more probably would have helped. Both go for big "twists" at the end but neither works. Savini's film at least features some nice performances and direction but the story too is fairly simple, although the twist does work. His introductions really aren't anything special and it's clear this was just a money thing. George Romero introduces the tales similar to Creepshow. I was expecting something light with a twist, but that was not the case. In the first tale, 3 spelunkers go into a cave only to get trapped We know what happens here.

The unexpected part, the part that should make the story a hit or miss, comes after the rescue.

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In this story, it was pretty much a miss unless you watch strictly for blood and gore. In the second episode a college history professor married, 2 children is sleeping with one of his students, Alison. He is a stickler for being on time to his class and not missing it. As it turns out Alison Amanda Frost is "late" and is pregnant with his child.

She comes to class with a gun, points it to her head, and she doesn't "miss. As expected it starts out slow and takes some twists. Perhaps the best of the three. The third episode is more akin to the Creepshow variety. She becomes a human sexual dynamo nudity. Unfortunately the effects wear off and the guard must get more.

The plots weren't overly exciting. If you keep your expectations low, you won't be disappointed. A lot of the users responded poorly to the anthologies, judging by only the reviews, with many chastising Mr. Unlike my other reviews, I will not give any spoilers away because, well, the spoilers would be the ending and that's the whole catch of these stories. So, if you want to know what the hell This book is a series of 8 short stories in which the author wants to shock and awe you with an unforseen and unusual ending. So, if you want to know what the hell I'm talking about you'll just have to pick up a copy of the book ; The writing itself was crisp and easy to understand.

However, it would greatly benefit from having a once over by an editor or proofreader. There were several grammatical errors throughout. The POV for each story was consistent and there was no head hopping going on. The amount of dialogue in relation to the narrative was well-balanced.

I had two serious issues with the dialogue though: 1 The word "said" for a dialogue tag was used sparingly. That's not a good thing.

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Tags such as replied, asked, inquired, murmured, implied, etc. It bogged down the stories a bit.

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I also noticed that the structures of the sentences mainly those involving dialogue were always exactly the same. It was: "Hi I'm Becky," she replied sticking out her hand, "and I need you to do this for me," she insisted. Okay, on to each individual story and my thoughts. So, Becky arrives at a mechanic's to have repairs made to her car.

She immediately finds the manager, Andy, attractive and there is a bit of flirting going on. Then it takes a weird and unbelievable turn: She seems to want to keep adding services to her bill just so she could be around him longer? Who the hell does that? Is she rich? Does she have money to throw away on needless repairs? I had a lot of questions as I fel there were a lot of holes in this story. However, the twist at the end: fantastic! Story 2: Having Everything This story was better than the first in that I wasn't left feeling as though there were a lot of holes in the plot.

Molly runs into old classmate: Joan, who's a bitch. Joan belittles Molly during their entire conversation and Molly takes it. It's not like they have to attend school together any longer. Why didn't Molly just get up and leave? Or tell Joan to fuck off? At the end Molly does get a bit of revenge, which is a nice payoff, but when you learn how she gets that revenege, it makes the idea of her sitting around taking the verbal lashing Joan gave her even more unbelievable.

He encourages her to open up about her husband's death and she tells him her entire life story. I find that hard to believe Ending on this one turned out to be a disappointment. Story 4: Act of Love Gavin asks Gina to do something she isn't comfortable doing. He asked her right after they'd had sex so you're led to believe that it's something sexual. He says to her: "If you really love me, you won't say no.

What grown man uses that line? Made me dislike him. Gina wants to please Gavin though so she confides in her BFF who then runs her mouth to the entire town. Time to find a new BFF, Gina! As for the ending: WTF? It definitely wasn't what I expected, but I think it could've been better. Story 5: The Special Offer Becky is unsatisfied in her marriage. Her husband, John doesn't make her feel loved anymore. So she tricks him.

Exploding Endings : Painted Dogs and Doom Cakes

Not sure this ending was a real twist as I've seen and known women to do the exact same thing. Story 6: A Fateful Error I'm not even sure what to say about this story as I didn't believe a word of it. Not that a woman couldn't win a trip to Florida, or that the company giving the prize had made a mistake, but how this woman went about proving her point was completely unbelievable.

That company would've thrown her out on her ass and informed security not to allow her in the building ever again! Story 7: The Job Guy is down and out on his luck.

Short Stories With a Twist Ending

He's been unemployed for months, can't find a job, and money is tight. He had a job interview lined up but is afraid that without a nice suit he won't impress the interview panel. So he decides to steal one! This one made me laugh. The ending had two twists which was a nice change. I'd figured out one of the twists early on, but the second was was a surprise. This was my favorite of all of them. Story 8: Living in the Country Self-absorbed man, Paul, treats his wife like a slave because she doesn't work and he pays all the bills.

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  • She gets a bit of revenge by flaunting her superior mechanical skills over him. Paul loses his job. Shortly after she gets called for an interview and winds up with the job. This one left me scratching my head. I'm not too sure what the twist was supposed to be. Or maybe I was just able to figure it out rather quickly and therefore it didn't shock me. I have to be honest, based on the concept of this book I had high hopes. It started with a bang, but slowly fizzled as I felt the stories became too unbelievable, like what was happening couldn't actually ever happen in the real world.

    Will I read more? Most likely. I'm a sucker for things like this. I'm always the one at the state fair paying ridiculous amounts of money to see the bearded lady and the horse with the biggest dick Yes, I really did pay to see that! It's a quick, easy read that will shock you and make you smile. Give it a try! Nov 20, Mani rated it really liked it Shelves: so-so-reads. Everyone enjoys a story with a twist in the tale.

    And each of these crazy anecdotes come with one. Sometimes funny, at other times tragic, they are usually unpredictable - and leave an impact. Once you've tried one of the four volumes, you won't want to stop without reading the others!

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    Sep 03, Lynn Worton rated it it was amazing. I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review. This is a super little collection of short contemporary stories with twisted endings. I loved it! There are eight short stories that each start off innocently enough, but the ending has a slight twist that catches the reader unaware. Every story was well wr I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.


    Every story was well written and kept me turning the pages. It is difficult to say which of these stories I liked more, as they are equally good. I was completely entertained by these stories, and they have left me looking forward to reading the other 3 books in the series. John M. Smith has written an entertaining anthology that had me smiling and surprised at some of the outcomes.

    I recommend this book if you are looking for a quick and entertaining read, or if you love anthologies. Nov 07, Brenda Mohammed rated it it was amazing.