A Bum in New York

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  1. Going to the park? Don’t trip on a bum;
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    New York Bums Are DIFFERENT

    Max x pixels and 72 dpi;. Editorial :. Date created:. Licence type:. Release info:. Not released. Scully, a year-old Harlem resident, first met Andersen last October and followed him throughout the winter. I proposed doing a video story on his day to day and he said sure. His circumstances haven't changed much.

    Debauchery and the American Experience (Woo-Hoo!)

    She was especially incensed over the Post article because Andersen, whom she has spoken to sporadically since filming him, told her that he only agreed to be interviewed because the Post said it was for an article about dogs and the homeless. Instead, they implied in their piece that Andersen pimped out Rizzo for sympathy. Since the article hit the front page, Andersen has gone into seclusion, leaving his usual Grand Central spot because of reporters and gawkers hounding him—the Post even did a followup story on Thursday just to point out that he wasn't there.

    Reporters for Fox 5 tracked him down and tried to interview Andersen, but he declined. I got people yelling at me, asking why you're out here, if the money you're making. I am so stressed out right now.

    New York City Bum | xuxixutiqevy.gq

    No one makes that. I never said that. If anything, I said, 'I guess that's possible. If I said that, that would be amazing.

    Bum Bum Bar

    I wouldn't be living like I am. It's completely untrue, they twisted my words. According to Andersen, passersby have threatened to kill his dog since the Post article was published. My ankles are still swollen. I don't have circulation in a lot of my toes.