A Land of Murder and Betrayal: A hero in a land that needed one

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After many more adventures, the Argo passes Constantinople, heading for the Straits of Bosphorus. To the ancient Greeks, this was the edge of the known world. The Straits are extremely dangerous due to the currents created by the flow of water from the Black Sea. The ancient Greeks believed that clashing rocks guarded the straits and that the rocks would close together and smash any ship sailing through. Jason had been told by a blind prophet he assisted how to fool the rocks. He was to send a bird ahead of him.

The rocks would crash in on it and then reopen, at which point he could successfully sail through.

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When Jason finally arrives in Colchis he asks King Aietes to return the golden fleece to him as it belonged to his ancestor. Reluctant, the king suggests yet another series of challenges to Jason. He must yoke fire-breathing bulls, plough and sow a field with dragons' teeth and then overcome the warriors who will rise from the furrows. Aietes is confident the tasks are impossible but unbeknownst to the king, his daughter Medea has taken a liking to Jason.

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She offers to assist Jason if he will marry her. He agrees. Medea is a powerful sorceress and Jason is successful. Jason and Medea return to Greece where Jason claims his father's throne, but their success is short-lived. Uncomfortable with Medea's magic, the locals drive Medea and Jason out of Iolkos.

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They go into exile in Corinth where the king offers Jason his daughter in marriage. He agrees and so violates his vow to the gods to be true only to Medea.

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Furious, Medea kills the woman, kills Medea and Jason's children and then ascends to Mount Olympus where she eventually marries Achilles. Jason goes back to Iolkos where his boat the Argo is on display. One day, while he sits next to the boat weeping, the decaying beam of his ship the Argo falls off and hits him on the head, killing him outright. HEA guaranteed!

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He is soon tossed into a thousand-year chess game between the Sovereign and her ancient enemy. Kindle Nook Kobo Apple Are these books no longer free? He usually fetches the coffee at the detective agency where he works, so why has he been asked to investigate a murder? Will his upfront methods yield results? Will his cynical colleague, Sheldon Haynes, lend a hand? And what will develop with the girl in the bakery?

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  • He thought he was to teach Braille to a blind person, but she thought he was a disability attorney. My Dad has been teaching me investing since I was 10 years old and this is the book he never wrote. Deeply profound and highly practical, Overcoming Depression is a highly effective guide that provides useful techniques, essential information, and practical skills to help you manage and control your struggle with depression.

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      Terrifying, shocking, and very funny. Follow Angie Prouty as she unravels a murder mystery on Nantucket! Get the freebie today on Amazon. Thriller Fast paced stories that just might have you keeping the lights on at night. Tales rife with action, intrigue, or psychological suspense, thrillers rarely keep the gritty details hidden. Mystery Stories that make Agatha Christie proud, weaving characters and clues into page turning tales of whodunit and suspense. Cozy Mystery All of the whodunit fun of a mystery without the gruesome details, often with a dose of humor or sweetness.

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