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Published by dtv Verlagsgesellschaft, Germany About this Item: dtv Verlagsgesellschaft, Germany, Juliane Hehn-Kynast illustrator. Seller Inventory LIB More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Sonderausgabe zum Film. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9. More information about this seller Contact this seller Klaus Ensikat, Juliane Hehn-Kynast illustrator.

Und damit ist es mit seinem geruhsamen Leben vorbei. Kein leichtes Unterfangen, denn Smaug sieht es gar nicht gerne, wenn jemand seinem Goldschatz zu nahe kommt.

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Condition: Used: Good. Published by Oldenbourg Schulbuchverl. About this Item: Oldenbourg Schulbuchverl. Published by Wiley VCH Condition: Brand New.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!. Seller Inventory mon Published by Klett-Cotta Verlag, Germany Zahlreiche Werke stehen nun in intermedialer und intertextueller Verbindung zum Klassiker der phantastischen Jugendliteratur. Nicht umsonst spricht man von einer konvergenten Medienwelt. Die Nutzung und die Herangehensweise an die verschiedenen Formen der Literatur sind mannigfaltig und so individuell wie die Rezipienten selbst. Ein Buch kann nie exakt in ein anderes Medium transportiert werden, denn jedes Medium bringt ganz spezifische Eigenschaften mit sich.

Wird das reine Textmedium als "graphic novel" oder als Comic aufbereitet, so werden ganze Textpassagen durch Bilder ersetzt, was andere Rezeptionsleistungen erfordert als das Lesen.

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Beim Film kommt hinzu, dass sich die Bilder bewegen und neben visuellem Konsum nun auch noch auditiv rezipiert werden. Seller Inventory APC Seller Inventory M Published by Carus-Verlag Stuttgart, Germany Book Description Books On Demand. Seller Inventory ING Seller Inventory M Language: German. Brand new Book.

Ramana Maharshi gilt als einer der grossten Advaita-Lehrer aller Zeiten. Er lehrte Selbstergrundung atma-vichara. Bereits im Alter von 17 Jahren verwirklichte er das Selbst und lebte fortan am Berg Arunachala in Sudindien, wo ihn Menschen aus allen Kulturen und Erdteilen besuchten. Die Neuauflage entspricht der Erstauflage und enthalt u. Jung uber den grossen Heiligen vom Berg Arunachal. Seller Inventory APC Never used! This item is printed on demand.

Seller Inventory P Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Heinrich Zimmer. Publisher: Books On Demand , I have been accompanying people on their way to certification as a mentor for years, so it was fitting for me as an assessor to walk this path together with them all the way to the assessment.

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In particular, I would like to support candidates in countries which, for economic reasons, find it difficult to follow the path to certification. I live in Cracow, Poland. The history of this region, painful history of World War II and Cold War, communist regime is the history that left a lot of scars in me and my family. I see how much resentment and pain is still alive in people. I see healing and reconciliation as processess in time, like a spiral, we could go deeper and deeper, on personal and social level.

And in broader context — both peace and war starts in my heart, so I wish to work both on personal and social level to bring the change and create the world that works for all. I do believe that thanks to NVC we can shift our attidute towards conflicts and learn to meet them with trust and opennes.

I wish to inspire people into learning restorative practises and expanding their capacity to embrace conflict. During IIT I wish to offer individual support to transform past and present pain, to work with enemy images, to mediate conflicts and to offer workshops on anger, shame and guilt, mourning and expressing regrets about what happened in the past. My name i s Sonja van der Meulen. I experience so much more clarity in myself, connection with myself and therefore more connection with the people around me. And I keep on learning every day how to enrich life of myself and others, even when conflicts arises.

First as a teacher 25 years, children age and after that as a coach. I work with refugees who fled from their home-country. I work with children who have a death wish. And to be honest; they are my biggest teachers.. It works both ways. I discovered in my work that the most important people in the lives of these children are the adults around them.

And when the adults get to know themselves, they can be there for the children in a different way. I have international experience as well a. Ich lebe in Krakau, Polen. Die Geschichte dieser Region, die schmerzhafte Geschichte des Zweiten Weltkriegs und des Kalten Krieges, das kommunistische R egime ist die Geschichte, die viele Spuren in mir und meiner Familie hinterlassen hat. Ich erlebe, wieviele Ressentiments und Schmerzen bei den Menschen noch lebendig sind.

Mein Name ist Sonja van der Meulen. Ich erlebe so viel mehr Klarheit in mir selbst, Verbindung mit mir selbst und damit mehr Verbindung zu den Menschen um mich herum. Ich lerne jeden Tag aufs Neue, wie ich das Leben von mir selbst und anderen bereichern kann, auch in Situationen, in denen Konflikte entstehen. Ich arbeite seit mehr als 35 Jahren mit Kindern und Jugendlichen.

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Es funktioniert in beide Richtungen. Ich habe in meiner Arbeit entdeckt, dass die wichtigsten Menschen im Leben dieser Kinder die Erwachsenen um sie herum sind. Ich habe auch internationale Erfahrung u. In addition to my activities as host of this event, I would like to take some time during the IIT to. This 1-to-1 constellation allows deep immersion in topics, a period of time to look at which aspects might prevent you from fully unfolding your unique talents. I like to transform core beliefs, listen to the concerns of the inner critic or develop life-sustaining strategies for nurturing needs.

It is a little town, And in our town people are still in the energy of fear and helplesness. When I work with people the War traumas come back. They are still present in our bodies and minds. I was working with healing myself and still it is alive in me. So it is about my own piece of personal work. So the IIT will be for me opportunity to depen my abilities of healing war traumas.

I am open to suport people in pain and can help in making choices.

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Ich habe damit gearbeitet, um mich selbst zu heilen, und trotzdem ist es in mir lebendig. In der Arbeit mit Menschen sehe ich, wie sehr sich das alles auf das Leben der Menschen auswirkt, wie sie auf dieser Grundlage Entscheidungen treffen und wie die ganze Gesellschaft Heilung braucht. Ich glaube, dass ich Menschen inspirieren will, mit Schmerzen umzugehen und diese zu transformieren. I will accompany Jan and Sonja to the IIT and depending on how you feel about it, I will be more or less close to you.

By November I will have grown quite a bit — let me surprise you. Hal lo, ich bin THOR! Ich freue mich darauf, den Schieferpark und den Wald drum herum zu erkunden. The IIT is traditionally held in English. Since part of the focus is on inner-German reconciliation, we have decided to translate the plenary meetings and individual workshops into German. Two full-time interpreters are available for this purpose. If you know people who speak neither German nor English, who have the topic of reconciliation between Eastern and Western Europe at the same time very close to their hearts and need translation into Russian, Ukrainian… please contact the organizer and we will see if we can make something possible.

My name is Nadine Helm, I have been familiar with non-violent communication since and my life is so richly rewarded by it. At the moment I am in Amsterdam and share NVC there in weekly courses or weekend seminars with participants. I am touched by the different people, their motives and stories, as well as the variety of interests and projects with NVC in which the people are involved.

It fills me with joy, hope and confidence. I consider interpreting to be a special honour. I feel rewarded at the thought of expressing sensitively, empathetically and powerfully what the participants experience deep within themselves. Thank you for your trust.

I am already looking forward to being together. I work as a NVC trainer and health practicioner. I am a translator at IITs for years, and they are always big highlights of the year for me, because so much community, learning and meaning gets fulfilled. Translating gives me an opportunity to contribute in a way, that I particularly enjoy. Preciseness and magic of words have always fascinated me. To connect completely, not only with the spoken words, but also with the whole human being and their spirit, to capture it and to convey it into a different language — this is deep and fulfilling meditation for me.

I am already looking forward to meeting new faces and new hearts. I see it as a precious opportunity for developing NVC in my country. I am happy that I will be able to assist in making NVC more accessible for my friends and colleagues. Also, I am really looking forward to diving into NVC practice, community life and connections it brings.

This will be my first experience of interpreting at IIT and I am also curious about what it will be like. Das IIT wird traditionellerweise in Englisch gehalten. Mein Name ist Nadine Helm, ich bin seit mit der Gewaltfreien Kommunikation vertraut und mein Leben wird durch sie so reich beschenkt. Das Dolmetschen erachte ich als eine besondere Ehre.

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Ich freue mich schon auf das Zusammensein. Genauigkeit und Magie der Worte haben mich schon immer fasziniert. Dies wird meine erste Erfahrung mit dem Dolmetschen auf einem IIT sein, und ich bin auch gespannt, wie es sein wird. Jannes Worte zu lesen, dass sie es als Meditation sieht, gibt mir die Inspiration, es mit dieser Haltung auszuprobieren. Danielle is excited to be part of the CNVC team again after a 6 year break.

She is back at the IIT desk which she missed. She speak Dutch, English, some German and French and is looking forward to serving the worldwide NVC community with their training needs.

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