Die Angst vor der Angst (German Edition)

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She freezes her figures in mid-movement, isolating these gazing, hypnotized creatures within their own cryptic gestures. And even while the sense of the plot may go missing, the pictures can never be reduced to their narrative content: something in their experience remains always open and in communication with the viewer.

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In her painting, Mulleady shifts between extremely artificial, atmospheric spaces and coolly observed domestic still lives. In both her figurative fantasies and her everyday realism, and even more so in this restless shifting itself, she seeks to stage the interplay of drives and repressions, eroticism and fear.

These scenes and the exhibition as a whole provide a framework that becomes intoxicated by inner passions. Here, desires are discharged according to both the laws of the everyday and their transgression. She escapes into these black holes and submits to them, falling in.

German Angst - Die Angst vor dem Deutschsein

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