Divination by Water

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As the dowser walked the field, everyone watching noticed the thrust of the stick when it reached a particular spot in the field. This indicated the rod had located water.

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The dowser, of course, was ready to show Sam the power was real and he challenged Sam to use the stick divining rod himself. As Sam walked the field with the rod, he came to the same spot as the dowser, and immediately, the stick thrust forward at the same spot as the dowser indicating water. Sam was bewildered because the method worked for some, but not all of his family. Sam was told by a friend that this was a spiritualistic ability and something to be avoided.


He proceeded to show Sam what was transpiring. A branch from a tree was cut, and try as he would, Sam could not get the stick to react over the same spot where water was discovered. The power resides in the spirits who work through the dowser, and he was not present.

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This suggests that dowsing is neither a scientific theory nor a natural human ability. Dowsing — The Conclusion Dowsing is a form of divination -- attempts to know hidden knowledge or the future through a supernatural means, apart from the God of the Bible. She was a fortune-teller who earned a lot of money for her masters.

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Divination: Types and Practices

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Beginners guide to dowsing

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Types of Divination

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If you prefer, you can also make a donation. Tara reading Willow 's palm alongside some tarot cards. Users of divination did not have to possess a large amount of magical knowledge or power to divine successfully, though this could entirely depend on what method they used. For example, Jenny Calendar and Drusilla did not identify as witches, but both at one point successfully performed a method of divination cleromancy in Jenny's case and tarot reading in Drusilla's [1] [2].

On the other hand, Tara Maclay , a long-time practicing witch, was unsure in her ability to read palms. Like other forms of magic, divination could be used to contribute to the addictive effects of magic, possibly meaning that using objects like crystal balls and tarot cards drew magical energy. Alomancy involved using salt crystals by casting them into the air and interpreting the patterns that appeared in the air or what landed on the ground. Rupert Giles tried to use this in a locator spell with Willow's help using a sack of kitchen salt over a map surrounded by candles , but found it nonsensical.


Willow reminded him that divination spells took patience and focus, something he had taught her, and it would now be trickier due to the change in universal rules. Cleromancy involved the use of casting lots, bones and runes, allotting them and using the collected sample to make predictions. The use of crystals balls, presumably by gazing into them to see a vision.