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Comment You can also say: Paris - there and back. Comment or a return trip to Paris. Comment The everyday term AE would be "a round trip to Paris" "return trip" seems formal, and would not always be understood. It's possible this might be standard in BE; I don't know. You even hated on Turkish people. Can you please just go ahead and jump off a cliff.

We need less nationalist racists. There is nothing racist about asking foreigners to make an effort to speak the local language. Honest question: if some foreigner came to your country without learning your language, how would you react? Adrian did not say anything negative about Turks. He only mentioned them in passing as an example of a nationality whose country's language is neither German nor English. By putting words in his mouth and attacking him as racist, you have lost the argument.

No amount of autistic screeching or ad hominems are going to change everything else he said. Don't think I didn't see that hateful title. Please explain why German fluent is required for a job on the factory floor, where the same words are all you will ever use, on the shop floor or with colleagues in the canteen - and you cannot get work unless the Job Agency German is sure you are one of them ie convincingly fluent in German - whereas a German, with very little English can rock up to an Job Agency in the UK and be at work, making a living, having money for language courses and socialising with English speakers in one day.

Something is very wrong with this ease of movement. It appears to be only for the benefit of one side. Fich Dich in Den Arsch. Just to let you know, Julie Colthorpe is English the name doesn't sound very German, does it? The editor of the piece also isn't German, she's French. This is a case of expats who learned the language urging others to do the same. It can't hurt. English is not even my mother tongue, but it is a lingua franca, deal with it!.. Language is just a tool - to communicate and understand each-other.

Whoever puts more value to a language instead of the people he is communicating with, is a cunt.. FU more than 1 year ago. Aren't rather those who always expect others to adapt to them linguistically - even when they work in a service job for the general public - and treat any suggestion that they should perhaps get out of their bubble and learn the language of the country where they live angrily as a "xenophobic" insult the ones who are very close-minded? What I find most shocking about this entitled attitude is that probably few of the people who think others should be forced to speak English when they go to a restaurant in Germany would think the Turkish or Arabic language should be forced on people in Germany, probably they are among the first ones who think that those "lower" foreigners have to adapt.

But they somehow think that because they speak English probably a kind of master language in their mind , they are superior and they can force the English language on everyone. When it gets really crazy is when those entitled people who think everyone has to adapt to them and they can go to any country and work in any kind of job without learning the language after all, they speak English, they are not one of those "lower" foreigners who have to adapt accuse those who don't like their arrogant, entitled attitude of being xenophobic.

No, such an arrogant, entitled attitude generally does not make people popular, that has nothing to do with their nationality or linguistic abilities. I am an Aussie who loves brunch but I am super embarrassed to hear that so many Australians are coming to Berlin and not learning German. It's just disrespectful. My boyfriend and I are both in intensive classes in an effort to learn and while it's not my forte ie. I suck! I have noticed that when I am trying to use my German in a service environment, I am met with genuine warmth and appreciation.

If that's not worth it then I don't know what is. I don't expect my German friends to suffer along with me in a social scenario, but I will continue to learn, and expect that other expats should do the same. The thing is, what us English-speakers are taking advantage of is our Western privilege. If I was a Syrian refugee, I would never complain that Germans need to "get with the program" and use my language.

I agree with some of the commenters here, that learning the language can only ever enhance your understanding of the culture, and that is a wonderful thing. Vanessa more than 1 year ago. You're so right, and it's obvious the angry folks in the comments are likely bitter, entitled brats.

Probably with their hands in mommy and daddy's pocketbooks still. If you more to a new country, you should learn the language. To expect them to adapt to YOU is the height of arrogance. Anyone who came from a non-English speaking country knows the drill, so why can't they catch on? J more than 1 year ago. I find the very angry push-back in the comments extremely odd. If you substitute any other major city in this scenario, the suggestion is patently absurd Paris?

St Petersburg? Mexico City? Someone working in service in Germany should be able to speak at least a little German. It's that simple. There is no discussion. Clam Fandango more than 1 year ago. I don't agree. For example, here in Helsinki you are starting to see restaurants pop up where the waiters and owners speak very little to no Finnish.

It's widely seen as completely OK as almost everyone here speaks fluent English and agrees that Finnish is hard, so it would also be a totally unnecessary hurdle for foreigners seeking gainful employment. Maybe it feels different inside a bigger language area, I don't know, but why should that be so?

English is already the lingua franca and I can see only economic upsides to it being spoken ever more widely in Europe. If you're German and can't speak English, too bad -- I think you've been done a disservice by the German approach, and I'm not talking only about dubbing movies in German, although that may actually have a big effect in addition to making foreign movies completely unwatchable even if you speak German.

Henri more than 1 year ago. I certainly think people should learn foreign languages - as many as possible - and languages like English are particularly useful because they are learnt by many people all over the world. But the fact that someone has learnt a forced language certainly does not mean that he or she should be forced to use this language when they go to a restaurant or a shop in their city. If there are really shop and restaurant owners who disrespect their customers so much that they want to force them to use a foreign language, they certainly deserve to go out of business.

I find this attitude that everyone who has learnt a foreign language should be ready to use it all the time in everyday life very arrogant. Why should someone move to another country without learning its language? To live in a little bubble? Yes, it can take some time to learn a language, and there can be many reasons for moving to a country. In many countries, there are quite a lot of jobs without contact with the general public where the working language is English, but it should be obvious that service jobs like in restaurant should be out of the question if someone does not even fulfill the most basic requirement for such jobs.

I know English quite well, and I read research papers and other kinds of literature in English all the time, but types of food are not something I specialize in. This idea to mock people who don't like it when a foreign language is forced on them in everyday life is completely inacceptable, in my view. Some people don't know it well, others generally know it quite well, but they have specialized in other things than types of food.

It is certainly extremely bad customer service. I lived in Rabat as a kid and speak fluent French and Italian and German and English and got by, but unfortunately not Arabic. Very "international" they considered themselves: only French spoken, you could order pork and beer and go topless. If I From the point of view of the locals, in a way, it seemed like a perfect arrangement: a good way to plan and make space for some types of "travellers" - put 'em amongst themselves, serve 'em what they are used to, lest they feel disturbed by anything new, get 'em to pay extra for all that walling off from real life they require for their endless reaffirmation of how glad locals should be that they are bringing them "international expat culture" and, by analogy, when they have satisfied their thirst for being hip in Berlin while telling Berliners how to be, send 'em on their way Super concept!!

We do have it it in Berlin in some clubs and such. Oh, and thank you for teaching us how to be truly "international", all you Bachelor and Bachelor-ette celebrating crowds, or those of who feel really cheated by, for example, the massage that was just a massage, "not even a hand job", and that crowd of youngsters who asked me one night, and not too nicely, where they might find a bar in Friedrichshain - we were standing on Boxhagener Platz - and when I pointed to about five and answered in their language, they lectured me, no those were not bars they meant with dancing and music, and when I helpfully, I thought, suggested they might be searching for a club, they lectured me, quite insistently, NO, a bar As a local I can not possibly know what things are called in Berlin.

I need to be taught. And no, it doesn't bother me in the slightest that you get to buy your overpriced vegan lactose free latte and fair clothing and spend many many Euros here. I don't need to engage with you at all except maybe if you want to spend a ton of money, maybe then I will, and you don't need to engage with me. It's cool. There are still plenty of actually cool locations where you are not and PLENTY of super cool people from abroad that are actually worth speaking to and making space for and showing stuff that is dear to me. Lisa Glauer more than 1 year ago.

Considering that tourists are the ones who pay the bills in berlin good luck finding a Berliner who actually has a job we can speak whatever language we want. Ken more than 1 year ago. Considering that Berliners also pay the bills in Berlin they have lives too there is no excuse for not learning German. I don't think it is too much to ask that they should at least be able to take an order in German. Keine Ahnung more than 1 year ago. If you were an expat in a foreign land, you would quickly find that English is used as a universal means of communication, and most German expats are thankful and take advantage of their above average ability at English when they are away from home.

The editor is revealing her envious undertones, which is typical of some aggressive Germans in Berlin: envious of the way their language and culture never quite took off in the same fashion that the U. K, Espaniol, US, and Francais did. Other expect the same from you when they visit your nation. Don't be so bitter. Ace more than 2 years ago. Walter more than 2 years ago. They're not exactly providing an important service that will impact your health and life quality long term.

It's an Australian restaurant in a international European capital. We expats work hard to learn your language when we plan to stay here long term. These guys might have been hwre for a short term stay to learn more about Germany. Sour people like you give us expats the impression that germans are arrogant, uptight and unsympathetic. Why should we plan to stay here long term if this is the impression we get from the people here.

It is obvious that you embellished your story a bit to fit your xenophobic bias. Just chill and enjoy your dining experience. You're not getting a surgery or getting tour taxes filled. Instead of harshly criticising, you and other Germans should encourage expats with a bit warmth and empathy to learn German. We don't want the German cold pragmatic and conformist general bias confirmed by people like you. Does the author's name look at the slightest bit German to you?

She's made it clear she's a native English speaker. I'm not fluent but I can certainly hold a conversation without major problems. My only problem is that all of my German friends would rather speak English to me than German! All of them! What's with that?! I don't understand it.

I'm actually moving to Berlin in a week's time and I'm hoping more Germans will be a lot more open to actually helping me with learning their wonderful language. Sophie more than 2 years ago. If you socialize outside the usual expat districts, people will definitely speak German with you. Flurry more than 1 year ago. Big Deal. Come to Richmond, BC Canada. Lots of restaurants where people don't speak English. Food is pretty tasty though. Mykill more than 2 years ago. I thought Germany was meant to be the Capital of Europe, well educated German people in a country that has supposedly nothing to export but intelligence.

German people seriously need to get with programme and have some understanding for other nationalities and their language abilities. I'm from South Africa, which is a third world country, and in school we learn 3 languages. How would it be for a German speaking person when the only language a South African would speak with you is either Afrikaans or Xhosa, and refuse to.

It's narrow minded and stupid, its no wonder German people are seen as stiff and unfriendly. Saffa more than 2 years ago. Apperently loose and friendly is only enough for you to be a third-world country. Stiff and unfirendly does the trick! Noah more than 2 years ago. Spanish only became added just to appease the Hispanic population. This reduces the impetus to assimilate into the local Anglophone American culture and learn the official language, English. I'm just saying we do not want Germany making this same mistake: bending over for foreigners who refuse to adapt to a new culture and language.

English is not the official language of the US there is none! So in the future US schools could theoretically teach French, but Spanish is guaranteed to take the place of what in other countries is known as an 'official language'. Just FYI FYI 9 days ago. Have been living in Austria for 2 years I cannot even say my name in German. German is simply too complex for my brain. I am mother tongue in Italian and French. Cristian more than 2 years ago. Why does no one have to speak English in canada. What happened to my considerate polite country? Can our immigration policy be so bad that we have lost our heritage of an undefind policy of the open door?

Is it coming to the point that Donald Trump is credible? I do say I am sorry a lot.. May a little over accomidating.. I prefer good and kind but I am not getting the same consideration in return. I try to understand other languages.. I am laughed at and no one will tell me what they are saying about me. I like my kind culture that is disapearing. About the apelling.

Vallerye Cookson more than 2 years ago. I notice that a lot of the comments about German reactions to English-speakers' attempts to speak German are angry or hostile, whereas I've found the switch to English seems usually motivated out of friendliness the Germans I have spoken German to in Australia have always loved it, why wouldn't the same people assume we would appreciate the reverse? Very often all it takes is persisting in speaking German and people will switch back. Admittedly, that also probably has to do with my German being more than basic.

For those who are at an earlier level, I'd recommend being patient both with yourself and those you're speaking to. Speaking a second language, especially at the early stages, is usually uncomfortable if not outright embarrassing or intimidating, because as a social species we're wired to communicate for survival and we're used to being able to communicate effortlessly in our first language. So before jumping to the conclusion that someone has switched to English because they're showing off, or think your German is appalling or are simply being an arsehole, remember that you might also be feeling defensive or embarrassed I know I do.

Also, the German you are speaking to is quite possibly also feeling uncomfortable like humans do generally, when communication is even a little difficult and that may be why they've switched to English. Not switching to English might be, for them, like trying not to shout when you're straining to have a conversation in a noisy room. My experience is that, if you have patience with yourself and with the person you're speaking to, you'll get less flustered and so feel more able to persist in speaking German, even if you're answered in English.

You may end up having a conversation where, ironically, you are each speaking your second language to the other, but you still get to practice your spoken German and find out if you are comprehensible, and you can always practice your conversational comprehension by eavesdropping in public. Lastly, you should be able to tell, when someone answers you in English, whether they understood your German or not. If you find they're not or, as some people feel, they're "pretending" they don't when you feel your German is pretty good by now, check your accent and your intonation with a native German-speaking friend or teacher.

These are the things especially intonation - ie syllable stress, the "melody" of the language that most commonly get in the way of a second language speaker being comprehended, and are the hardest things for the speaker to detect in themselves. As a native English speaker I was always of the opinion that we were lazy and didn't try. Well that was until my wife and I moved to Germany with her job in I've had three years learning German and without being big headed I'm pretty good, but as soon as someone notices they try and shift the conversation to English.

Well if you like it so fucking much quit your job in Rewe and fuck off and work in Tesco!!! Christian more than 3 years ago. Speak in a language that is most comfortable for both speakers. Do not make it unnecessarily difficult for others by demanding they speak your native language if one clearly does not have a good command of your language. This is the 21st century already. There is no more excuse for nationalist ideologies. When communicating, the most important thing is that one understands the other, not what language one speaks.

Be more open-minded. Vincent more than 3 years ago. I think if you're in a bar in your own country and can't order a drink because the staff don't speak the language of the country they live in that's not right. When people have different native languages it - that is, real life - it isn't that simple. It is imperialistic and a forma of imposing a privilege to force people to speak your language while in their country. This is the 21st century. One should respect their country's culture and language.

Filipe more than 1 year ago. Thanks Robert, I'll give that one a try. I'm pissed off with being answered in English when I speak to people in German. I've also tried the 'sorry-I-don't-speak-English' angle with some success. David more than 3 years ago. Slobodan more than 3 years ago. In you could get around quite fine without any serious knowledge of the German language. This is the second time I am reading your article. I read it a year ago when i came to Berlin and now a year later after passing a B2 exam in German and living here for a year I am not treated any better : To tell you the truth i was searching for a reason why we respect germans so much in most of the foreign countries i lived in and why you radicals treat foreigners like shit in your country I cant understand.

Since i live here i was attacked twice by nazis. So sad And please don't insult me for my spelling errors, english is also not my first language! Jana more than 3 years ago. I don't care about your spelling. It's the underlying message that counts. The attitudes in one part of Germany e. Munich will be different from the attitudes of another e. The question is, do the German tourists who you respect make any effort to speak the languages of those countries? It's one thing to ask a foreigner to learn the host's language.

Also ich muss zugeben Deutsch ist nicht die einfachste Sprache das ist wahr. Und an die, die irgendetwas mit Nazis geschrieben haben. Die Zeit ist vorbei kapiert? Und warum ich das hier auf Deutsch schreibe? I don't know. Chris more than 3 years ago. You realize this article is in English right? When you come to the uk or Spain during holidays and don't speak a word are you treated the same way? Sylviw more than 3 years ago. Naturlich kapiert. Thanks for your wise ass comments. I would speak English in one sentence, fluent German the second, just to totally be annoying and confuse you.

Wuensche dabei einen guten tag. Stuff that in your bag of goodies. See ya. Madison more than 2 years ago. A German with no English CAN come to the UK and get a factory job or hotel job etc the next day without fluency, earn a living, whilst further studying and socialising, without the weight of where to find rent and money for bills and food, have free NHS and settle in very easily, An English person will NOT be so lucky in Germany, they will be shunned by employment agencies - for even the most basic factory work - and they will be stressed trying to find an income to pay rent, bill, food AND chased for health insurance payments - learning a language whilst stressed is not really possible.

On top of that the Germans are withholding with the language and really do hate foreigners - just admit it. And worst of all - most Germans speak bare German, no depth and using same phrases over and over again. So a complex language that even the locals really dont like to utilise to its fullest. An important part of learning a language is using it day-to-day. Sadly as soon as a beginner shows signs of weakness in their attempts to speak German, most Berliners will revert immediately to English.

This is no good at all. I enjoy going to the bank or Apotheke because they less often do this - they will meet you in the middle, simplify and slow down their speech and be understanding in trying to understand what you are saying. This is fantastic and exactly what is needed. It is also what people do in other cities, where they don't speak much English. There are a few reasons for this I guess, two spring to mind. First, Germans sometimes want to practise their English - which is cool, but don't do it then complain that Anglophones are not learning German!

Second, impatient staff at bars and shops seems to have customer service low own on their priorities, and just want to get customers out of the way as quickly as possible. I guess when there's a queue of people that's fair, but if there's time then persist with the German and help integrate people more, then do it! And perhaps drop the crappy attitude toward non-German speakers. Perhaps aggression and animosity encourage some people to learn, but I'd guess gentle encouragement and support would help more. Ben more than 3 years ago. I think being constantly answered in English because you have a foreign accent or are making lots of mistakes can be frustrating, especially when you are already quite good at the language.

However, there are a few things you can do about this. For example if you ask for, say, directions in German and the reply comes back in English, just repeat back to the person what they just said in German 'for confirmation'. Quite often though, the person is showing off or just using you to practice their English. Then you repeat what you just said in German. In a bar or restaurant if you order in German and the barman speaks back to you in English, keep talking back in German. If they persist make it more difficult for them by saying something like 'You wouldn't happen to be able to see your way to getting us another one, could you?

Works every time. Obviously, if you do this you have to keep a totally innocent-looking face on you at all times so that it doesn't look deliberate. Rainer more than 2 years ago. My latest joke is really happening. Ive run the Marathon and been given another lie why a German landlord wont rent to me. Its a surreal situation being passed over for a 15 year white brat that has no job and pays no tax.

“It is not a matter of recycling old ballpoint pens”

For what reason should we learn German for the none industry or the racism?. The only way i can live here will if i rent off an xpat. I applaud you for pointing this out. As someone who had lived in germany but over 30 years ago, I work very hard at my German just in case I get to come back! If I wanted that, I'd just stay here. Lisa from California more than 3 years ago. Wolf more than 3 years ago. Ich stimme zu! Meiner meinung nach jemand kann ein bisschen Deutsch lernen. Tom England. Tom more than 3 years ago. I am living in Cologne and don't speak a word of German - well I can get my stuff in kiosk or in rewe..

Cologne was probably a wrong choice!! Well, be honest - German is not that attractive language and I am not staying that long, so I rather learn languages I need for my career I already can speak three. But if Germany only to Berlin next time! Bora more than 3 years ago. They expect me to know it perfectly before i can even go there cause I they wanna check it on the phone doggone nazis at it again V8 more than 3 years ago.

Since when is it the natives' fault that you can't speak their language? I think this mindset you're showing is the same one the author is complaining about in this editorial. Ergo, you have to adapt to their cultural norms. The concept is simple, but the actual process is not for the faint-of-heart. We try understanding expats who are new in the uk, there is no excuse or justification for behaving rude to anyone who can't speak the local language, maybe if they are regulars at a store and for more then three months but behaving rude as described here is another example of racism in germany, Germans do not speak a word of Spanish in Mallorca when they get pissed at a hotel or beach, sorry but the whole immigration subject is probably propaganda to relieve their behavior towards foreigners, especially European expats who they resent for stopping their slave camps during the war.

Mia Rafael more than 3 years ago. The slave camps are meanimgless here. Today's Germans have nothing to do with the war. Josep more than 2 years ago. We English-speakers can set an example for them. I've heard of Britons not learning the language either, but that doesn't make the German tourists you bumped into any less guilty, especially since Merkel has opened up the German borders to let in millions of Muslims who refuse to speak German and assimilate.

This open-borders policy is a sham. It's all over now. German is not an official language in Germany. You can look in consitution and you'll be very disappointed. So fuck all moralities. Laughter more than 3 years ago. I really enjoy this article. Maybe you were trying to be direct, but it sounds a little bit snobish.

Sorry, my english is not really good. You are right. The moral of your fable is right. But maybe because this website is called ex berliner, it sounds like a sad and long story in the german winter weather! Frank Gaviria more than 3 years ago. I'm from Russia. Me and my wife had a vacation in Greece. On a lonely beach we met a german couple. I tried to speak German to them, which i'd been trying to study for many years, albeit without success. They ansewered me in English ALL the time. When i offered them to go on a tour together to some greek town they just fled away saying they had no time.

Ridiculous and.. I wasn't sure if this was just me or not but like other commentators here, I used to live in different countries in my life. In May this year I moved to Germany. I was happy that I would finally master German and live in Europe again. This is the end of August and I'm sick and tired. I do not even complaint that I cannot find job here, is it more about how Germans of course not all treat immigrants.

When I learnt Japanese in Japan, I was eager to speak as soon as I started to learn, they were very supportive! Same with English, Ukrainian etc. But with German?! This is nuts. I hate it when somebody calls me, again I struggle in German, pointing out that I'm learning and still bad in German, they simply don't care, no slower speaking, no simple German use, instead again and again and again I hear "you are in Germany, you should speak German". I'm learning your language, I'm trying hard as hell, but at the end of the day I'm always compared to some lazy ignorants who according to Germans I guess I didn't hoped they would all speak perfect English, but to be more supportive.

Hate to bring the Polish-German topic here, but when they come to Poland, they don't even use polish names for our cities but german, and they speak absolutely NO polish. Moreover, they expect everybody to speak German, since those lands used to be theirs during the war. However nobody makes a big deal out of it, as nobody wants to evoke some unnecessary discussions about the past. Lena more than 3 years ago. Yip the article gets it right. Just try, nobody expects you to be fluent or perfect. A few words in German can break the ice, and it IS very much appreciated if you do.

You will end up living in your little parallel cosmos imagining yourself part of the nouveau vogue. Douglas more than 3 years ago. This is new experience to see the whole Immigrant community done over by the Germans. Berlin is throwing away the whole city. Might aswel learn Russian the Billionaires will take the whole lot next. Dare the media write about all this. The joy of renting in Berlin.

Us dumb immigrants no one can speak English and when you ask what is the name on the buzzer they dont know there own name. I hope this doesnt happen to Germans its funny but slightly annoying. Every time someone is whining about expats, it's always centered on the crappy rude and uncultured American. Even though I can count the number of Brits who speak another language on one hand, and no Aussies that do, you have decided to take the one arrogant American and glorify his idiocy. Perhaps you should also mention the lack of Aussies anywhere, I mean anywhere, that speak anything other than English.

There are many people who are learning German; in Munich, you have to. Auch Magda freut sich sehr. Frieden, Frieden! Ich schlafe zehn Stunden. Ein herrliche Sonntag steht im Tal. Gestern: mit den Kindern gespielt. Mit Magda geplaudert. Mittags etwas Arbeit.

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Herzlicher Abschied von allen lieben Bekannten. Die werden uns kennenlernen. Mit Ziegler die Frage des Zusammenschlusses der besseren Architekten besprochen. Wir machen uns nur eine Unterorganisation. Kunstaustellung besichtigt. Sie bringt wunderbare Sachen. Eine herrliche Kollektivausstellung von Prof.

Aber diesmal lohnt es sich. Es ist allerdings auch einiges von minderem Wert ausgestellt. Neuer Aufsatz ist da. Ich lese ihn in der Korrekturfahne. Tausernderlei zu arbeiten. Mit Magda telephoniert. Der ganzen Familie geht's gut. Frau El.. Ein paar sehr nette Stunden mit biederen Oberbayern. Hier lerne ich wieder mal unser Regime von unten kennen.

Das ist auch mal gut. Gestern: morgens noch viel zu arbeiten. Alfieri abgeholt. Er ist sehr nett, wie immer. Ziel ist eine Koordinierung unserer verschiedenartigen Arbeit. Die Einzelheiten werden nun von den Fachreferenten fixiert. Der Fall Haushofer kann ich gleich mit ein paar Worten erledigen. Allgemeines Parlaver. Nichts von Belag. Nachmittags Ausflug zum Starnberger See. Bei herrlichem Wetter. Alfieri ist ganz begeistert. Ein Riesenaufmarsch von Menschen aus dem ganzen Reich. An die Festliches, berauschendes Bild!

Es wird sehr nett und stimmungsvoll. Die Italiener machen mir etwas Sorge und Durcheinander, aber das gibt sich bald. Alfieri ist besonders nett. Ich spreche mit unendlichen vielen Menschen. Gestern: etwas eingeschlafen. Viele Protokollfragen mit den Italienern. Mein Aufsatz wird in England so ziemlich unterschlagen. Aber es hat gesessen. Viele Menschen und viel Parlaver. Danach Arbeit. Jahrestagung der Reichskammer der bild. Satz 4. Ziegler spricht etwas langweilig. Meine Rede wirkt ganz gut. Hotel Arbeit. Kurz Zeitungen und Telegramme gelesen.

Das wird mit jedem Tag mehr. Wir sind alle hingerissen. So was an Pracht und Glanz der Aufmachung und Sch Mit Alfieri eine ganze Reihe von Fragen durchgesprochen. Wir wollen einen Fernschreiber[] von Berlin nach Rom bauen. Zur besseren Koordinierung unserer Pressepolitik. Das sitzt gut. Gang mit ihm und Alfieri durch die Ausstellung. Alfieri ist begeistert. Im Hotel Arbeit. Brief dieses Subjekts. Wir werden ihn schon totmachen. Nachmittags Festzug. Gleich beim Beginn setzt ein Platzregen ein, das kaum zu Ende gehen will.

Wie alle. Zu Hause Arbeit. Magda in Gastein angerufen. Heute kommt sie nach hier. Abends mit Alfieri Essen in kleinem kreise. Dann Lustige Witwe. Und dann gleich an die Arbeit. Film- und Theaterfragen. Zudem hohe Politik. Die italienische Presse geht da gut vor. Magda kommt aus Gastein. Lange Aussprache mit ihr. Den Kindern geht's gut. Unser Arbeit wird im Einzelnen festgelegt. Wir haben eine sehr weitgehende Koordinierung ausgemacht. Das wird in einem Protokoll festgelegt. Presse und Telegramme studiert.

Lange Aussprache mit Alfieri: er ist sehr befriedigt von seinem Besuch. Auch er und Mussolini glauben nicht an einen Krieg. Beim fest. Es wird viel gesungen. Sonst nichts von Belang. Und dann Abschied von Alfieri. Er ist von seinem Besuch tief beeindruckt. Auf Wiedersehen in Venedig. Und dann Schlaf! Viel, viel Schlaf! Dienstag: morgens Arbeit. Dann im Auto bei herrlichem Wetter zum Chiemsee. Weiter nach Berchtesgaden. Ich fahre mit Dr. Auf dem Obersalzberg. Abends eine Reihe von Frauen. Es wird nachts 3h. Gestern: nur wenig Schlaf. Ich arbeite etwas. Mittags bei herrlichem Wetter auf dem Kehlstein und dort gegessen.

King-Hall schreibt weiter Briefe. Ich werd ihn mir wieder packen. Nachmittags gearbeitet. Ein alter, aber netter Unterhaltungsfilm. Es ist schon Morgen, als ich zum Schlafen komme. Gestern: morgens Arbeit. Nachmittags ist dort ein Pensionat zu Besuch. Das ist sehr lustig. Danach noch lange Parlaver. Ich habe soviel Sorgen. Freitag: zeitig nach Salzburg gefahren. Mit Rainer Festspiel- und Theaterfragen besprochen. Umbauten Stadttheater und Festspielhaus besichtigt. Stadttheater noch sehr unvollkommen. Aber das Festspielhaus hat v. Fahrt nach Gastein.

Die sind schauderhaft. Er ist doch ein Dorfschulmeister. Ich hatte mir das alles schon so gedacht. Hanke hat sich als Filou erster Klasse erwiesen. Ich werde daraus die Konsequenzen ziehen. Und zwar sofort. Magda ist in einem furchtbaren Dilemma. Aber ich werde ihr schon helfen, da herauszukommen. Wir reden bis am Morgen. Samstag: ein grauer Tag. Ich bleibe gleich im Bett liegen. Es wird mir nun alles klar. Nachmittags kommen die Kinder zum Spielen. Welch ein grauer Sonntag ist das heute!

Es ist eine schwere Situation, in der wir alle stecken. Mittags kommen v. Nachmittags mit den Kindern zum Kaffee nach Zell am See. Eine kurze Nacht. Gestern: noch einige Aufregungen in Gastein. Dann Abschied. Es gibt einen ganzen Berg Akten zu erledigen. Ich sehe das aus einer Unzahl von Briefen.

England hat in der Ostasienfrage peinlich vor Japan kapituliert. Dort gleich an die Arbeit. Lange Unterredung mit Winkler. Prager Ateliers werden jetzt auch von uns gekauft. Aussprache mit Schweikart. Aber das geht nicht, weil ich keinen Nachfolger habe. Aussprache mit Fischer. Dazu die Frage, wer das Kulturreferat in der Partei bekommen soll.

Selbstredend wir. Abends noch lange mit dem Herren beim Essen geplaudert. Und dann sehr lange Beratung mit Magda. Aber das imponiert uns nicht mehr. Aber ich lasse mir dadurch garnicht imponieren. Ich werde nun diesen Stall da oben ausmisten. Dann sehr bockiger Flug nach Bayreuth. Sie leidet augenblicklich sehr unter all diesen Sorgen.

Independence never an inevitability

Bayreuth im Festschmuck. Gleich zum Haus Wahnfried. Magdas Herz fliegt nur so vor Aufregung. Aber die ge.. Das glaube ich auch. Erinnerungen an den Einmarsch nach Prag. Bis in die tiefe Nacht hinein sitzen wir, und ich kann dabei etwas meine Sorgen vergessen. Gottseidank findet Magda etwas Schlaf. Und ich will nun auch meine Ruhe haben.

Das reduziert nur die Nerven. Und er hat ganz Recht damit. Weniger Beamte, die besser bezahlen und dann auch dementsprechend aussuchen. Lange Aussprache mit Magda. Sie tut mir so leid. Hier kann sie sich nur selbst helfen. Aber ich werde ihr trotz allem treu zur Seite stehen. Nachmittags der Tristan". Sabetz[] holt aus dem Orchester eine wahre Wundermusik heraus. Das Orchester klingt ganz selig. Und die Julia ist einzigartig in Er ung, Spiel und Gesang. Die ste ung die Isolde. Wann werden wir einmal einen Ausweg aus all dem Jammer finden?

Endlose Quertreiben. Alle rren an ihr herum. Ich durchlebe da furchtbare Stunden. Als ich Magda abholen will, sehe ich sie in tiefer Ohnmacht auf der Treppe liegen. Wie schwer wir doch bestraft werden! Wann ist das Ende dieser Qual? Gestern: morgens mit bleiernem Kopf aufgewacht. Mit Magda und Frau v. Arent gesprochen. Sie ist sehr nett und er ausgesprochen klug.

England will keinen Krieg. Wenn es eben daran vorbeikommt, dann wird es jede Gelegenheit dazu ergreifen. Also adieu! Aber sie waren wohl ebenso heilsam. Noch einiges zu arbeiten. Aber lauter Nichtigkeiten. Nichts von Belang dabei. Ich arbeite noch etwas. Magda liest. Wir sind wieder beisammen. Und dann tue ich einen ganz tiefen Schlaf. Gleich im Flugzeug nach Berlin. Gestern: schwerer Abschied von Magda. Sie hat Sorge um mich. Das tut so gut. Bericht von Prof.

Auf Krieg eingestellt. Die Filmgagen neu festgesetzt. Das ist ja grauenerregend. Sonst noch allerlei zu tuen. Schon sind wir in Berlin. Am Flugplatz kleine Besprechung. Die ist gut vorbereitet. Lippert spricht gut. Meine Rede auch ansprechend. Die Ausstellung bietet sehr viel Neues. Vor allem ist das Fernsehen nun sozusagen perfekt. Da fehlt nichts mehr. Die neuen Apparate kommen gleich in den Handel. Unser neues Haus in Berlin besichtigt. Es ist viel weitergekommen und am Wie ich mich darauf freue! Baumgartner ist in den Farben etwas zu roh. Er hat viel Sorge und Arbeit mit der Umsiedlung, die ja auch ein schmerzlich-tragisches Ereignis ist.

Das kann ich nicht zugeben. Die machen immer wieder dieselben Fehler. Er bespricht mit mir die Abwehr gegen King-Hall. Wir senden Flugschriften nach England. Unsere Sendungen in Polnisch wirken in Polen geradezu niederschmetternd. Das hatte ich erwartet. Mit Naumann noch ein paar Sachen besprochen. Sonst auch da nichts von Belang. Unterwegs wieder viel Arbeit erledigt. Abends kommt Mama und bringt Nachrichten aus Berlin. Ich gebe garnichts darauf. Jetzt harkt man zur Abwechslung mal auf Magda herum. Auch das wird vergehen. Ich schaue bei der K neue Filme an: Paradies der Junggesellen".

Zuviel Klamauk! Ein fabelhaftes Kunstwerk. Aber auch Jannings ist ganz hervorragend. Noch lange mit Magda parlavert,. Mittags sind die Kinder zum Essen da. Der ist ein Teufel. Ich freue mich so! Nachmittags mache ich mit ihnen eine Spazierfahrt zum Starnberger See. Und Holde ist ein liebes, kleines Wesen.

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Zur Bavaria nach Geiselgasteig. Der un Sehr gut mit einigen L en.

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Maria Il " mit Wessely und Birgl. Ohne Linie und Haltung. Ganz schlecht gemacht. Ich bin sehr verstimmt[]. Kadetten" von Ritter mit Wiemann. Zu kindlich. Er hat nur eine hemmungslose Art mit bestimmten Stoffen umzugehen. Noch lange mit Magda parlavert. Gestern: mittags im Auto nach Garmisch. Frucht von dem Braunen Band. In Garmisch parlavert. Durch das wunderbare Bayernland. Bei Beschlers zu Abend. Ich bin so weit von alledem entfernt.