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For our list of anticipated fall children's and YA books, click here. Killing Commendatore trans. Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver Harper, Oct.

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She has inherited a house in Vineland, N. Willa begins investigating the history of the house and finds a kindred spirit in the past: Thatcher Greenwood, a science teacher in the late 19th century who found himself besieged by the town. This gothic mystery novel from the author of The Essex Serpent is a treat. Rowling , the pair must sort out their increasingly tricky personal relationship in a case that takes them from the backstreets of London to a sinister manor house in the country.

Decades later, they get a second chance at romance. Le Guin Copper Canyon, Sept. Evolution by Eileen Myles Grove, Sept. Becoming by Michelle Obama Crown, Nov. Young recalls his childhood in gun-friendly Mississippi and Florida, and the perception of black youths as being a threat to white America. What If This Were Enough?

  • ‘I can write in that American voice quite easily. For everything else I cheat’.
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Essays by Heather Havrilesky Doubleday, Oct. The Letters of Sylvia Plath, Vol. Steinberg and Karen V. Kukil Harper, Oct. Shields Univ. Thanks A Lot Mr. Kandel Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Aug.

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Correction: this article originally misidentified the publisher of 'Contempt. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Independence, stubbornness, and a taste for solving mysteries have remained through the generations. Set in the late s, widowed Spaulding works as a journalist in New York City. Old World Wisconsin museum curator Chloe Ellefson studies the historical heritage sites of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest, which often lead her into buried secrets and murder. Her bounty hunter pal Ranger often steps in to advise her and vice-cop Joe Morelli also joins in her cases.

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Evanovich's new series follows Alexandra Barnaby, a tough, working-class woman from Baltimore who grew up helping her mechanic father and has never lost her passion for cars even though she now works as an insurance clerk. Written under one of Mary Monica Pulver's many pseudonyms, this series features Betsy Devonshire, owner of a needle and yarn store in Excelsior, Minnesota.

Needlework enthusiasts will enjoy these handcraft-inspired cozies. Benni Harper is director of a folk art museum in mythical San Celina on California's central coast. Benni often clashes with police chief Gabe Ortiz, with whom she is also involved with romantically. Katy Green goes on the road with a swing band, and uncovers murder along the way. In 12th-century London, the Bishop of Winchester has made a most unusual pact with Magdalene la Batarde, a widow who rents from him the church's Old Priory Guesthouse next door.

There she runs a quiet, elegant whorehouse. Writing as Claire Daniels - Girdner has started a new series featuring Cally Lazar, an intuitive energy worker and recovering attorney. April Woo, a NYPD detective has an easier time dealing with the stresses of the job then she does dealing with her mother, Skinny Dragon.

Gethsemane Brown, an African-American classical musician, stranded in Dunmullach, Ireland, living in a cottage haunted by the irascible ghost of a famous native composer. Kinsey Millhone, 32, twice divorced, ex-cop and ex-investigator for California Fidelity Insurance Company, is now a private investigator in Santa Rosa.

Set in the s, this series follows Phryne Fisher, a woman who leaves London, England, for Melbourne, Australia to try and establish herself as a detective. Corinna Chapman left her job as an accountant to open her own bakery, Earthly Delights, in an eccentric building in Melbourne, Australia. Sarah Booth Delaney is a Southern belle living in Zinnia, Mississippi, who unexpectedly finds herself in the position of private investigator. Abigail Adams investigates crimes while assisting her husband John with the fermenting rebellion in s Boston. Many books feature an Elizabethan setting, only this one features Elizabeth I as the investigator.

Harper Connelly survived a lightning strike with an unusual ability to locate bodies and see how they died. Annie Laurance, owner of a mystery bookstore called Death on Demand, and Max Darling, independently wealthy private detective, join forces to solve murders on the island community of Browards Rock. Jane Lawless is a Minneapolis restaurant owner and her friend is theatrical director Cordelia Thorn.

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Books include religious and psychological themes. Sophie Greenway also lives and works in Minneapolis. She's a magazine editor, food critic and hotel owner. Alex Shanahan is an airline manager who finds herself becoming an impromptu investigator when mystery crosses her way. London sculptor Sam Jones is described as the reprobate hero's female counterpart, one who's capable of eating him for breakfast. Arly Hanks is the first woman sheriff of her hometown, Maggody, Arkansas population Maggody seemed like a quiet place to recuperate from a disastrous marriage in New York City.

Claire and her teenage daughter Caron solve crimes in a lively and entertaining manner. Lena Padget is a private investigator from Kentucky whose specialty is assisting women and children lost in the complications of the legal system. Lady Kiera Darby, an artist and widow of an anatomist, uses her knowledge of the macabre to uncover murderers in s Scotland. Cassie Burdette is a professional golfer who uncovers mysteries as she drives her way to the top. Isleib also writes as Lucy Burdette. Sheriff Joanna Brady, elected sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona after her husband is killed, is a single parent and an inexperienced police officer who learns on the job.

Rina Lazarus, a widow and a member of an orthodoc Jewish community, assists police detective Peter Decker in solving crimes. Kate Martinelli finds herself with a promotion to detective in the San Francisco Police Department and needs to prove herself.

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Mary Russell, first a teenage student of Sherlock Holmes and later his partner in solving crimes, reports on cases that the retired beekeeper Holmes takes on. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels is a lieutenant on the Chicago Police Department, investigating homicides with her partner, Herb. A hard-boiled detective series with a humorous twist. Wollie Shelley struggles to keep her "Good Gollie Miss Wollies" greeting card line afloat and finds herself caring for her mentally ill brother, participating in extreme dating adventures, and solving murder mysteries along the way.

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Claire Watkins, a former Minneapolis police detective, is a widow trying to care for her ten-year-old daughter and act as deputy sheriff for the Pepin County Police Department in Fort St. Anoine, Wisconsin. Maggie Hope, a young American living in war-time London, originally works in Prime Minister Churchill's office but is soon recruited by MI-5 for more sensitive missions. She is part of a large Southern family and is at home with the rich landscape and people of the New South.

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  4. Set in Philadelphia, this series follows three sisters, Nora, Emma, and Libby Blackbird, who are left with a two million dollar tax debt when their parents leave town. In need of money, Nora finds work at a Philadelphia newspaper and finds herself stumbling across mysterious murders. Melanie Vargas is a young federal prosecutor in Manhattan, New York, who is trying to advance her career and spend time with her baby daughter. These mysteries set in modern Japan feature the first-person voice of year-old Rei Shimura, a California raised Japanese American English teacher and antiques dealer.

    The Georgia-born karate expert promptly sets up the Moonlight Detective Agency. Narcissa Power, a young widow and Judah Daniel, a freedwoman who is also the local herbalist work together at the time of the Civil War in Virginia. Smith and Wetzon are headhunters. Maureen O'Donnell lives in Glasgow, Scotland, and can't seem to find anything but trouble as she struggles with alcohol, relationships, memories of her abusive childhood, and murder.

    Now retired from her position as a professor in Berkeley, she finds her time taken up with murder. Minichino writes the Cassie Miller series under the pseudonym Jean Flowers. Miller is the postmistress of her small hometown's post office in North Ashcot, Massachusetts. Paris Murphy is a homicide detective in St. Paul, Minnesota, who finds herself tangled in messy relationships and harrowing murder cases.

    This extensive series follows her through many changes in her life and work. These 12th century mysteries are set in France and follow a Saxon noblewoman, Catherine LeVendeur, who has a secret in her past. Faith Sibley Fairchild is a minister's wife, a mother and an amateur sleuth. These are light but well-written mysteries.

    Warshawski is a lone wolf operator whose specialty is financial investigation, but whose cases all involve murder. Charlotte Ellison Pitt and her husband, Inspector Thomas Pitt of Scotland Yard, solve crimes in Victorian England using their special combination of observation and intuition. Author Marie Lightfoot writes true-crime novels, but her research often turns up fresh bodies in these fast-paced mysteries. Lady Julia Grey is about to reluctantly settle into the constricted life of Victorian widowhood after her husband suddenly dies, but when a mysterious private inquiry officer suggests foul play, she is soon swept into the life of an investigator.

    Like her fictional heroine, Dr. Temperance Brennan, Reichs serves as forensic anthropologist for the province of Quebec and commutes between Montreal and Charlotte, North Carolina. She has something going she's never exactly sure what with the reticent C.

    MacKenzie, a Philadelphia cop. Annelise Ryan is the pen name for Beth Amos, a Wisconsin-based author. Her Mattie Watson series is set in fictional Sorenson, Wisconsin, where Mattie, a former nurse, now serves as deputy coroner. Rebecca Moore is a Washington D. Her investigative journalism experience and knowledge of automotives help her solve murders in this series.

    Sara Linton is a pediatrician and the coroner in Grant County, Georgia in these dark mysteries. Mma Precious Ramotswe, owner of the No. Rebecca Schwartz is a professional attorney and an amateur sleuth in San Francisco. The daughter of a famous criminal lawyer, she is trying to make it on her own merit. In , Ms. Smith spun off a character introduced in 82 Desire.

    Talba Wallis is an African-American poet whose day job has her working as an apprentice private investigator.