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Mountain Bloodline: The San Gabriels

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Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Close menu. He is horrified that "in the womb of Esther, who was no better than a harlot He did not. He watched his son sink into ruin and early death without a word.

Cannes Film Review: ‘Gabriel and the Mountain’

Later, he sees Elizabeth as his chance for redemption. As Abraham views Ishmael, Gabriel views John as an illegitimate usurper to the rightful inheritance of his legitimate son, Roy. But Roy, despite his name Royal, in full is not destined to be holy man, and, as critics have noted, the real Biblical parallel is to Jacob and Esau. Jacob took his brother's place as the heir despite his father's preference for Esau.

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John is Gabriel's best chance for a holy line, but Gabriel, in his blindness, does not accept his stepson. Gabriel is not an entirely unsympathetic character, however; his life has not been easy.

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Those of us who have not grown up having had to watch our friends and neighbors raped or lynched with impunity have a difficult time understanding the effects of this experience on one's heart and mind. Deborah cannot bear children because she was brutally raped as an adolescent by a group of white men.

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  • “If the film was only a positive eulogy, it would be boring.”.
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  • Gabriel has a terrifying vision of his illegitimate son, Royal, killed by whites in the aftermath of a gruesome lynching. The novel tells of his personal struggles and his coming of age in a strict, religious atmosphere.


    Gabriel Grimes John's stepfather. Much of the novel centers on John's struggle with Gabriel and their mutual lack of understanding. Elizabeth Grimes John's mother and Gabriel's wife. Elizabeth accepts her life in Gabriel's shadow because of her past misfortunes and her desire for redemption. Although a source of comfort, she is a constant puzzle to John because of her silence.

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    Florence John's aunt and Gabriel's sister. Paradoxically, Florence in many ways serves as a protector even though she often fails in that role. Roy Gabriel and Elizabeth's son and John's half-brother. Although he is Gabriel's favored son, the boy's wild nature often causes problems not only for himself but also for his mother and brother. Royal Gabriel's illegitimate son who was conceived during a short affair with Ester.