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Michelle became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in on the local one-hundred-to-one horse, Prince of Penzance, trained by Darren Weir and strapped by her brother Stevie. Photo credit: Racing Victoria. John Harms is a Melbourne-based writer, historian, and broadcaster.

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Member price. Other formats available. Subjects Biography: sport Memoirs Horse racing. Published 6 August ISBN Pages We keep seeing Heigl's potential as a fine comic actress and, the curse of optimism, continue to be disappointed when she betrays her best instincts. For there's an odd similarity to Life as We Know It and 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth , the movies Heigl has chosen to solidify her star status after Knocked Up : her character usually comes across as a prude, a pill and a dominatrix but not in the fun way.

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In Life as We Know It , Holly's friends, her assistant at the bakery and total strangers reprove her for being single. Messer, the technical director of Atlanta Hawks games on TV, gets different advice. In this movie, the comedy, to use the generic term, rises from indignities inflicted on Holly: being stoned on marijuana when she meets the baby's social worker, sporting a dab of baby poop on her face as she greets the neighbors. In the big breakup scene, at a block party, Heigl and Duhamel are both obliged to do their emoting with their faces painted like clown felines.

And when she finally finds Dr.

the story of a girl...

Right Josh Lucas, as a kindly pediatrician , fate keeps crossing their stars: first when her call to him is interrupted by the news that her friends have died; then, on a fabulous first date, when Messer calls to say the baby's suffering from a urinary-tract infection; then, after Holly and her pediatrician have settled in, when Messer returns from Phoenix to set in motion his final reconciliation with her.

What could have saved this movie?

Deitchman and Rusk Robinson, having come up with a gruesome way to make a twosome, might have nervily pursued their dark muse into black comedy. As it is, there's just one creepy moment: Holly and Messer have their first real sex in the bedroom of the deceased couple. At this point viewers may be roused from their torpor to whisper a queasily admiring "Ewwww.