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Work until back measures 13in. To Shape Raglan Armholes: Cast off 2 3, 3 sts. Leave sts. Next Row: P to last 2 sts, p 2 tog. Break off wool and leave these sts. Next Row: K 8 8, 10 sts, then k across the 20 sts. Work further 20 rows in st-st. To Shape Neck: Wrong side facing, work 13 sts. Cont, in patt, on first 13 sts. Gth Row: 1 sl-st. Next Row: 5 ch, miss 3 tr, 1 d. Row: 3 ch, 2 tr. Next Row: 5 ch, miss 2 tr, 1 d. Work 1 row all tr. Next Row: 1 tr. Next Row: 3 ch, 3 tr. Cont, in patt, as set until 14 loop rows have been worked from beg. To Shape Top - 1st Row: Sl-st. Seam fourth raglan and collar.

Fold collar out. Seam sides and sleeves. Turn up hem lin. Press lightly with warm iron over damp cloth, being careful not to flatten work too much. Sew shoulder seams, sleeve and side seams. With right side of work facing, work 2 rows d. Sew on collar. Sew buttons on left front edge so that 6 match loop rows every 3rd loop row on right front, sewing last button on tr. Directions are for 32 io 40in. Maieriak: 13 Length from shoulders.

Change to No needles and cont, in rib for 3in. Cor in rib inc. Coi, in rib until work measures 14lin. Place larker each end of row. To ipe Shoulder: With wrong side facing ast off 8 9, 10, ll, 12 sts. Seam eft shoulder. Seam ight shoulder and collar. Slip Witch rast off edge of collar to inside where v-.

Kristin Omdahl Crochet Library of Stitches: 3 Treble Crochet Cluster 3tr-cl

Seam sides to markers. Fold collar over in half. To Shape Raglan Armhole: Cast off 2 3, 3 sts, k to end. Next Row: K to last 8 8, 10 sts. Cont, without further shaping until sleeve measures 13 13i, 14 in. To Shape Raglan Top: Cast off 2 3, 3 sts. With right side facing, and No. Work in pattern until collar measures 5in. Work 2 rows d. Cont, in rib, working 2 more button- holes at intervals of 8in, measured from base of previous buttonhole. Cont, in rib until band measures same as.

Using back-stitch, join raglan, side and sleeve seams. Sew on collar and front bands, easing fronts evenly into band. Neaten buttonholes and sew on buttons. Sew pocket tops into position. Stitch pockets down on to wrong side. Attach crochet pocket trim. Wear it falling straight, or girdled as shown at left. Flower motif outlines neck and hem.

Crochet directions ai s given on page H. The jacket has a narrow cro- cheted edging round hem, neck, and sleeves. Direc- tions are on page Directions page The top has a deep V-neck, outlined in crochet, and raglan sleeves. Direc- tions for 32, 34, and 36m. Directions tor three bust measurements are on page Leave space for neck opening.

Press work on the wrong side. Measurements: To fit 32 34, 36, 38 in. Tension: Moonbeam: 11 sts. Abbreviations: Cl. K next row to form hemline then cont, in st-st. Cont, shaping raglan on alt. To Shape Neck: Cast off 20 20, 21, 22 sts. Work 2 tog. K next row to form sleeve hem.

Next Row: Inc. Materials: 13 14, 16 balls Patons Bluebell Crepe yarn, main color m. Measurements: To fit 34 37, 40 in. To Shape Armholes: 4 ch, 1 d. Next Row: Sl-st to 2 tr, 2 ch, 1 tr. Next Row: 1 tr, 2 ch, 1 tr. To Shape Neck -- 1st Row: Work 3 patt, for 1st size work 3 patt, 1 tr, 2 ch, 1 tr. To Shape Shoulders all sizes ': Sl-st. Next Row Neck Edge : Dec. Next Row: Sl-st. Join in wool with d. With No. Press work gently on wrong side. Bk st. Fold front fac- ings to inside at sl-st. Turn lower hem to inside at hem- line and sl-st. Turn neck facing to inside and sl-st. Turn sleeve edge facing to inside and.

Materials: 22 balls Patons "Bluebell"; No. Work as for first flower until one petal in 3rd round has been worked. Into next 6 ch. Work two more petals as for first flower. Make a row of ten adjoin- ing flowers in this way. Make another row of ten flowers in same way. Cont, in this way, working a row of 10 motifs, and joining strip until 9 rows of motifs are completed. Round 2: 6 ch, miss 2 d. Into next 6-ch. Complete flower motif. Work another 7 motifs. Round 3: Work 3 petals.

Work rows 1 to 4 of joining strip. When working row 5 of joining strip miss 4 d. Row 1: Attach wool between 5th d. Work in pattern across row to 3 d. Row 2: 2 d. Row 5: As row 5 of 1st joining strip. Next Joining Strip: Miss 2 d. Next Joining Strip: Join wool to 4th d. Patt, across row, finishing with 3 d. Work 3 rows in d. Join in One Single Motif above motif 2, sl-st. This can be judged from joining strip below 6 ch, miss 3 d. Work 16 motifs for neck trimrning,i joined in usual way, with 16th and 1st motifs joined with sl-st.

Join in wool at left end of row at back, and work 40 ch. Work 2 rounds of d. Next Row: As for row 5 of 1st join- ing strip, spacing flower motifs evenly and adjusting sps. Join with sl-st. Press with damp cloth. Join side seams, leaving 14in. Work 3 rows d. Cut lining material to fit and stitch side seams as for dress.

Turn in edges and catch-stitch round neck and arm- holes. Sew in zip fastener. Pi ;s seams,. Materials - Jacket: ll 12, 13 balls Patons "Totem" knitting yarn; 1 pair No. Stockings: 9 9 balls Patons "Totem" knitting yarn; 1 pair each Nos. Measurements - Jacket: To fit 32 34, 36 in. Stockings: 9 10 in.

To Shape Armholes: Keeping patt, correct, cast off 3 sts. Cast off 5 4, 5 sts. Cast off 4 5, 5 sts. Keeping patt, correct, dec. Cont, in patt, on rem. With right side facing, cast off 6 sts. With wrong side fac- ing, cast off 5 4, 5 sts. To Shape Armhole: Right side fac- ing, cast off 3 sts. With wrong side facing, cast off 6 sts. With right side facing, cast off 5 4, 5 sts. Keeping patt, correct, cast off 2 sts. Lightly press on wrong side with warm iron over damp cloth.

Seam shoulders and sides. Seam sleeves and set into armholes. With crochet hook, right side facing, work 1 row d. Work in this way round all edges. On right front edge make 8 loops evenly spaced for buttonholes. Press all seams and edgings. Cont, in patt.

To Shape Heel: Right side facing, using No. Slip last 12 sts. These 24 sts. To Shape Toe: Right sid- facing, k I, j si. Next Row: Purl. M , Rep. Lightly press all seams-? Next Row: K 2, si. Next Row: K 2. Place si. Cont, in st-st, still dec. Work to correspond with left front reversing shapings and raglan decreas ings. Press all sections with warm iron over Hamp cloth. Join all raglan seams. Fold contrast in half at lower edge, cuffs, and pocket tops, and sl-st. Stitch band to front edge, fold in half and sl-st. Stitch pockets into position. Sew on buttons.

Press all seams and hems. Directions at left. Materials: 23 balls Patons "Bluebell" crepe; 5 Seutron buttons; 4in. Measurements: Bust 34in. Garment measures 38in. Abbreviations: K, knit; dec, decrease; "K. B, 'rom R. KU rows. K to I" rows from hem. Divide for? Place 52 sts. Cast on 1 st. J0 Shape Shoulder: Cast off 6 sts. Cast on with waste knitting and ravel cord, 40 sts. Commence on left side, dec. At the same time, inc.

After 12th row, work partial knit thus: Bring 10 sts. Place wool under inside needle in d. These 2 rows not counted when inc. Work partial knit after every foll. Cont, without partial knit until all sts. Work 2nd dart piece opposite commence from right side. Replace 39 sts. Make sure dart pieces swing out and wrong side faces sts.

K 4 rows. K 6 rows. To Shape Armhole: Cast off 6. K straight to 50 rows above armhole. To Shape Neck: Place centre 28 sts. Hold one side. K 3 rows. Shape shoulders after 80 rows from armhole, as given for back. Work other front to match, reversing all shapings. Cast on 86 sts. Work k 2 tog. K ll rows, turn up hem. K to To Shape Sleeve Cap: Cast off 6 sts. Pick up 59 sts. Work picot edge. K 2 rows, dec. K 2 rows. Work other side to correspond. Join side pieces at point, fold in half and sl st. Short Piece: Join one shoulder seam. From centre-back opening to open shoul- der, pick up 25 sts.

Long Piece: Pick up 31 sts. Before picking up centre front sts, replace 10 sts. Make sure trim is on right side of garment. K the 8 rows as given for the short piece. Join second shoulder. Fold neckband in half and sl-st. Sew paris binding down both sides of neck open- ing and set in zip fastener. Join dart pieces to front. Press lightly with damp cloth.

Sew buttons on front trim. Meas -ements: To fit 32 34, 36 in. I Tension: 7 sts. I check tension before you start to knit. I To do this, work a test swatch first I ind if yu are getting more sts. Abbreviations: M. To Shape Raglan Armholes: Cast off 3 sts. Pin out to correct measurements and press lightly on wrong side with warm iron over damp cloth.

If Bri-Nylon has been used, press with a cool iron over a dry cloth instead of a damp one. Using back-stitch, join side and sleeve. Cast off loosely in rib. Pin out to correct measurements and press lightly on wrong side with warm iron over damp cloth, omitting waist ribbing. If Bri-Nylon has been used, press with cool iron over dry cloth in- stead of damp one. Using back-stitch, join side seams. Make herringbone casing over elastic at waist.

Join wool at side seam and work 1 round d. Join with sl-st, rep. I bust; sleeve seam, 18in. Work 10 rows in k 1, p 1 rib. Join in another strand of yarn and cont, working with doubled yarn. If larger size needle is available, use it for next. Next Row: KO 2, 4 sts. Rejoin wool to rem. Join in another strand. Work 4 patt, rows as for back 8 times, then inc. Cont, in patt, until the 4 patt, rows. This fabric is two-way stretch. Pin each part out to size and press using a hot iron over a damp cloth. Set in sleeves, leaving right back raglan seam unsewn.

I 'lp- in 1st d. I 'nd Row: As 1st patt, row to 1st I '"Mr, 1 d. I 3rd Row: As 2nd patt, row to corner, I r 1 d. Corner: 2 ch, miss 3 d. Note the flattering wide-set neckline and elbow sleeves. Directions for five bust sizes are on page Directions for 32, 34, 36, 38in. Materials: 12 Measurements: To fit 32 34, 36, 38, 40 in. To Shape Armholes Right side : Cast off 3 sts. Next Row: P 22 24, 26, 28, 30 sts, p 2 tog, turn. Work on this side only, leaving rem. Cont, in st-st, dec. To Shape Shoulder: With wrong side facing, cast off 5 7, 7, 7, 9 sts.

Lightly press all sections on wrong side with warm iron over damp cloth. Seam shoulders, sides, and sleeves, and set into armholes. Neck Edging: Using crochet hook, work 2 rows double crochet d. Cont, until work measures 14iin. To Shape Shoulder: Work 10 sts, turn and work back to armhole edge. Slip centre 42 45, 48, 51 sts. Join in yarn and work to armhole edge. With color No. Press work lightly on wro side. Using small bk-st.

Press sea open. Sew up side and sleeve seams Press seams open. Set sleeves smoo; y into. Fold the. Oyster light ; 2oz. Mink medium ; 2oz. Coral pink ; loz. French Navy dark ; 1 crochet hook No. Abbreviations: Ch, chain; d. The front is made up of 26 flowers plus 6 half-flowers to finish off arm- holes. Cont, thus:. After completing the 5 petals close by working 1 sl-st.

To Shape Armholes: Sl-st. At end foll. To Shape Shoulders and ack il Neck: Sl-st. Cont, in j '.. Ino are worked by working 3 d. Work until slecv, measures length required. Work border along bottom of back. Materials: Cardigan - 16 17, 18 oz. Sirdar Super Nylon; Jumper - 12 13, 14 oz. Sirdar Super Nylon; 1 pair each Nos.

Cont, straight in st-st. To Shape Armhole: Cont, with front shaping every 4th row as before and at same time cast off 4 sts. To Shape Shoulder: Cast off 8 10, 10 sts. Shape arm- hole and front, finishing this side to correspond with left side in reverse. To Shape Top of Sleeve: Cast off 3 sts. Cont, straight on rem.

Next Row: P 25 27, 29 sts, p2 tog, turn. Work on this side only, leav- ing rem. Repeat 2nd to 9th rows inclusive, until work measures 29 30, tl in. If B:- Nylon ha! Using d. Crochet 3 3i, 4 in. Materials: Villawool Speediknit - 13 14, 15 balls main color m. Using cc and No. Work 7 rows, then change to the No. Note: Tie a marker in at 14 rows from beg, as it is at this point that all measurements are taken. To Shape Armholes: Cast off 6 7, 8 sts.

Cont, until armholes measure 6in. Cont, on last 20 sts. At the same time, when arm- hole measures 8in. Armhole Borders: With No. B then inc. Chant e to No? Lightly press all borders on wron? Fold borders in hali to 'nsldeikIB. Both can be worn as separates. Direc- tions for 34, 36, 38in. Directions for 34, 36 and 38in. Its utter simplicity of style offsets the distinctive pattern stitch, which is crocheted.

Mea- cements: To fit 34in. Picot: 3 ch, 1 dc int. Trim Aow: 4 ch, 1 d. To Crochet Strips Tog. Match- ing shells from bottom of strips, work from top of strips commencement of work as follows:. Crochet together to correspond with left front bodice: join centre of bodice the same way. Pin out to correct measurements and press lightly with warm iron over damp cloth. If Bri-Nylon has been used, press over a dry cloth instead of a damp one. Materials: 24 26, 27 oz. Sirdar Double Boucle, 10 10, ll oz.

Sirdar Double Crepe; 2 No. Shirring elastic. Measu- ,:nents: Skirt - To fit 36 38, 40 in. Length, 25in. Cont, in v st.. I rows, and then every row to 26 26, Its Ca off. Cont, straight on Work another piece in same way. Cont, straight on 90 To Shape Shoulder - 1st Row: Cast off 8 9. Work as back until armhole shaping is completed and 90 Cont, on first 35 37, 39 sts.. Work straight on rem. To Shape Shoulder: Cast off 8 9, 10 sts. Foundation Row: 1 d. Turn with 5 ch. Turn with 3 ch. Skirt: Join side seams leaving 6in. Turn up hem at lower edge and slip-stitch loops in position then pull out contrasting thread.

Sew in zip-fastener. Sew one edge of waistband to top of skirt leaving lin. Stitch elastic at ends of band and slip-stitch hand over elastic. Fasten end of band with hooks and eyes. Sweater: Join side and shoulder seams Join sleeve seams and set in sleeves. Sew collar pieces to neck edge. Thread about 4 rows of shirring elastic on wrong side of ribbing at lower edee, drawing it up to fit fairly closely. This will be turned under in wear to give a bloused effect. The National Library of Australia's Copies Direct service lets you purchase higher quality, larger sized photocopies or electronic copies of newspapers pages.

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Line 1. Line 3. For the skirt, the brown is. Directions are on page 2. Line 5. Line 6. New fashions to make for winter are colorful, imaginative, and. Continued on Page 2 Scroll to previous page. Scroll to next page. Tension: 8 sts. Measurements: To fit in. Tension: 1 motif to measure 3in. Make 90 motifs with No.

Make 18 motifs with No. Jumper suit in hot pink Color picture poge 1. Loose workers should use a size smaller hook, tight workers a size larger, as correct tension is most im- portant. Shape shoulder as for back. Stitch trim to front and sleeves with small backstitch. Cover button moulds with small pieces of crochet worked thus: 6 ch.. Next Row: As 2nd row. Herringbone elastic rou no waist Press seams.

Continued on Page 3 Scroll to previous page. Continued on Page 4 Scroll to previous page. Color picture page 3. Tension: 4 sts. Note: Use individual balls for each color. BACK Using c. Next Row: K 33 35, 37, 39 m. Next Row: P 33 35, 37, 39 m. Next Row: K 33 35, 37, 39 c. Light- ning zip-fastener Gold Pack ; 2 hooks and eyes. Note: Instructions for size B are in brackets throughout. Repeat this row 4 times more. Cont, without shaping until armhole measures 8in. Next Row: Work to centre of row, turn. Work to end of row, turn.

Work without further shap- ing until 10 patts, have been completed from commencement. Work same edging round sleeves. To Shape for Waist-1st Row: Sl-st. Work another section in the same way, reversing all shapings by sl-st. Continued on Page 5 Scroll to previous page. Tension: 6 sts. BACK Cast on 83 91, 99, sts. Cont, in patt, until work measures 13Jin. Dec 1 st. Return to sts. Seam sleeves and set into arm- holes. Round lower edge work 5 rows d. Directions for four bust sizes are complete on this page.

Machine-knit twinset. Note: This garment is worked on a Singer Knitting Machine. Check each machine to ensure accuracy. BACK Cast on in k 2, p 2 rib - 98 sts. Change to t 7 and k rows to armhole. At the same time cont, shaping armhole edge until all sts. Shape other side to correspond. Cont, to rows above rib. Abbreviations: T, tension; R. B, Front R. BACK Cast on sts.

K straight on t 6 for rows. K straight to 82 rows above armhole. Continued on Page 7 Scroll to previous page. Mother-and-daughter sweaters Color picture page 3. Nev Row: Cast off 3 sts, p to end. Ne Row: K 2 tog, k to end. Embroider daisies in contrasting yarn on sleeves and collar as illustrated. Easy-line shift. Mes -ments: To fit 32 34, 36 in.

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Complete to match first side of neck. Color picture page 3 until 66 70, 72 sts. Cuff Edge: Starting at sleeve seam, work to match other edgings. Press all edgings and sew on buttons. K to 82 rows from armhole. K 30 rows, t's as for back. Continue to rows above hem. Continued on Page 9 Scroll to previous page. Continued on Page 10 Scroll to previous page. Round-the-clock sweater. Tension: 5 sts.

BACK Cast on 84 90, 96, sts. To Shape Armholes right side fac- ing : Cast off 2 sts. Next Row: K 3, k 2 tog. Next Row: P 23 Cast off 4 sts. Work same edging round other cuff, neck, and lower edge. Knitted lace dress. Measurements: To fit 34 38 in. Tension: 7 sts. Tie marker at each end of last row. Next Row: K 4, p 2 tog.

Color picture page 9 2 sts. With crochet hook work 1 row double crochet round neck edge. Weekend jacket. Tension: 5 trebles to lin. BACK Make 96 , ch. Note: The 3 ch. Color picture page 9 5th Row: 1 sl-st. Next Row: 3 ch, 1 tr. To Shape Neck-1st Row: Work to last 11 tr. Continued on page Continued on Page 12 Scroll to previous page. Begin patt. These 2 rows form the patt. Work 2 rows with cc, 2 with m. Continue in m. Are you really suppose to repeat row 10? I edited the post and it should be fixed now!

I am a very visual learner and could never read a pattern. A friend asked me to make your bearded beanie and I decided to take on the challenge! I am proud to say that I was able to figure it out slowly but surely and it turned out adorable! Love your posts! Love this hat. So for the adults would i after row 17 do 6hdc then2 hdc row 18 would then be 14 hdc then 2hdc. Thank you. I would do row 18 of 6 hdc 2hdc so your at 64 stitches around and go from there.

Hi, I love your hat but wanted to ask what size the beards are meant to fit. I believe you do the SC coming from the back instead of going in the front. There should be 24 stitches instead of 48 after row 21 to accommodate for the larger yarn. And what exactly hare you having trouble with? Hello, I have made quite a few of these hats in each size, so cute! The problem I am having is the hats being too small because of the slip stitch.

Not sure what is going wrong. Made toddler size for my 2 year old and slip stitch made it so tight. Any suggestions? If you slacken the slip stitch it should be okay. One slip stitch should be equal to the length of two stitches in the hat. The santa hat and beard is awesome!! Do I just slip stitch around? The reason I ask is in row 28 you say to sc in each 2ch spaces around…soooo do you ch2, skip 1 and then slip stitch? Thanks for any help that you can provide! It says to do 21 double loop sc but it says you should have 25 loops made?

And when I make 25 and get to the decrease rows, I have extra stitches… Very confused! Please help. Is that an error in the pattern or am I reading that wrong?! I was going for an elfish kind of shape to the santa hat. This is amazing! Can anyone please share how I make the Santa hat for an adult? Thank you so much! These are fantastic, can I buy them anywhere? I can barely tie my shoes let alone attemp something of this scale, lol, I really love the beard beanies as well, great work. Or if you knows someone who crochets you can send them the URL and ask them to make one for you!

Still working on getting the right lighting to make them right. Once the kids go back to school I should be able to start doing more videos! Hi — I love the beard. I had never tried the double loop before, so thank you for introducing me to it. Are you able to do it both right and left handed? Is there another way I could do it? Oh, and I am making it for my adult son who wants a long beard. Would I just add a few extra rows? It just takes some practice, but yes, I do it with both hands, in both directions. I am a bit confused on how to start this.

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Do i do the magic ring with 8 hdc stitches fir the first row? Is there an adult version. Is there adult version of this hat. I would. So just really wanting an adult version thank you. You do awesome things!!! Is there an adult version of this hat? My better half is a police officer and he loves fun hats to wear on holidays!

Would LOVE to surprise him! I JUST added larger sizes of the beard to this post and moved the Santa hats over to another post with every size. So in row 23 your creating larger spaces so that in row 24 you can attach the larger yarn using the larger hook. When I tried it on my granddaughter to model it, I noticed she did not like the beard.

SO I am not one that usually makes up patterns but was thinking about putting to 1 inch white buttons in the white furry part of the hat and then chaining a couple of loops on each side of the beard so the beard could be attached for photos but then unattached and worn as a hat. What do you think? Again, any comments, ideas you have would be appreciated.

I would like to send you a picture of how I took your pattern and put buttons on it so the beard can be removed. How can I do that? Thanks for sharing! I plan to make a couple for my little siblings for next year. I will say the left handed does take me about twice as long as the righthanded, but I LOVE the end result!