One Revolution: A Year of Flash Fiction

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Summary Bibliography: Jamie Lackey

And something I noticed while reading it was that, although you were clearly writing within a certain genre, you retained your poetic use of language for the most part, your poetic expression when diving into character. I have to think having several books out there, especially in a series, will increase the number of times you find a royalty payment in the mailbox.

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I just made them shorter, topping them out at 45K or less. Short read-in-one-sitting novels.

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I hope royalties come. People seem to like the idea behind Ridgerunner so I hope it sells. I wish I knew what else to do to make it sell. RJ: I see you have been immersing yourself in reading noir and pulp and crime literature. What amazing reading have some of us missed? Do you have two or three writers who are emerging as high water marks for you as a reading writer? RWB: Oh wow.

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There are many more. In a historical sense, the writers that have become important to me are all over the place. I read much more than I write.

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RJ: I love that you read more than you write, Rusty. Do you always read as a writer? If not, how do you turn that switch off and just enjoy reading a good book?

I want to get lost in a story. I like pretty language, but I like stories more.

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We really appreciate you taking the time to report this bug, we will look into it ASAP. I started by going to Mass last night, following the advice of the same Good Friend I mentioned earlier. It was nice and yes the carols brought a lump to my throat but the homily was brilliant and I came away with something Pope Francis had talked about recently that I thought was really beautiful and hopeful.

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