Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy: International Perspectives

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Public procurement is in general organised in a traditional way, respecting the EU Directives but not acting as an industrial policy tool.

Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy: International Perspectives

It is, however, argued that even in such markets diffusion-oriented PPfI and unintentional PPfI can play a beneficial role and create potential benefits from export markets, when co-development of client and supplier is successful, in particular if this takes place early in the technology cycle to allow suppliers to acquire knowledge about specific business procedures and be able to demonstrate systems in operation. Publisher's Version. Skip to main content. Table 1. As it is the national innovation system within which innovation processes take place, policies related to public procurement can have a direct influence.

Previous extensive research on public procurement and innovation has examined strong innovation systems Denmark, Republic of Korea, Sweden, USA , while not much research has been done on weaker innovation systems Estonia, Greece.

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We hypothesise that innovation-system context influences the actual application and further application potential of policy measures Table 1. The countries also differ in the role of government in consumption and in the organisation of public procurement systems. For some, the size of the public procurement market is close to one-fifth of GDP Estonia, Sweden, UK ; while for others, it is considerably lower Hong Kong having the lowest ratio.

According to one study, government procurement decisions foster technological innovation most in the USA and Sweden, although we would be careful in making far- reaching conclusions based on this limited data Table 1. Since our research questions concern policy-level variables and public pro- curement of innovation, our sample countries represent differences in governance.

Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy : International Perspectives

For example, some rank very highly in government effectiveness, regulatory quality, rule of law, and control of corruption Nordic countries, Australia, Hong Kong , while others China, Greece are weaker Table 1. As demonstrated in the following chapters, the selection of countries indicates that there is a considerable variety among the countries included. They tend to have a rather different mix of policies when it comes to public procurement and innovation. Our research should be, therefore, regarded as a first step in a longer journey aimed at understanding the potential of this increasingly important policy field.

While for many countries, the research focus was on innovation and mainly on innovation-oriented public procurement; for other countries, the focus included other areas as well. The country chapters include country background information, summarising aspects like the socio-economic environment, characteristics of national innova- tion systems, general politico-administrative regimes and structures, and state- market-society relations.

Public Procurement, Innovation and Policy - International Perspectives | Veiko Lember | Springer

The focus includes the drivers and hindrances of policy developments, e. The developments surrounding public procurement are related to the developments of national innovation systems. By synthesizing empirical evidence from the country case studies, the book concludes with Chap. The analysis is built around three domains: international pressures, country-level socio-economic variables, and policy-level variables. Pro- curement-related developments are related to the general economic background and developmental stage as well as to the national innovation systems of a country.

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Third, developments are related to the general public-procurement system, values, and market conditions, including formal and informal support institutions. Tayob for their assistance in the preparation of the book.

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We thank also Max Rolfstam for inspiring discussions. References Audet D Government procurement: a synthesis report. Report to the European commission.

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