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To, a Hong Kong Chinese cellmate who had become too ill to escape without help. Gene returned to help Y. To despite pleas from Dieter Dengler and Duane Martin to join them as the group split up to try different directions in their bid for freedom. Real Life: Dieter Dengler and Duane Martin arrived at the prison about two and a half years after Gene and the others were shot down. The five POWs had already escaped once before in , and were recaptured and tortured. It took the group thirteen days to trust the new prisoner with the German accent.

Once they were sure Dieter was an American they shared their secret escape plans, already formulated by Gene, Pisidhi, and the others, who had already begun storing rice in bamboo tubes in preparation for their escape. Real Life: Gene and Pisidhi had already made the key used to unlock the handcuffs. Until they trusted Dieter, they remained locked in the handcuffs and leg blocks at night. Real Life: Dieter fired to protect himself from a machete weilding guard.

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Pisidhi Indradat risked his life to kill the guards so the group could escape. Real Life: Dengler hid in the bushes while Martin approached a village in an attempt to secure food. Martin was hacked to death by a machete-wielding villager. Top Stories. Crime Yobs believed to be armed with knife steal off-road bike in Ellesmere Port.

Real America: "Red Dawn" Remade: China is Coming for Our Children

Alsager Neighbour from hell has been banned from returning to Alsager. Cheshire Constabulary Police appealing for witnesses after arson attack at former Crewe youth centre. Warrington Twelve arrested after huge wedding brawl breaks out at hotel. Vauxhall Positive news for Ellesmere Port's Vauxhall plant. Alderley Edge Ten-year old girl grabbed by a man in Alderley Edge.

Cheshire East Council Tory group leader responds to criticism over councillor kicked out of party. Capitalism with Trustee-ship is what Patel would have followed albeit with socially regressive attitude for which Nehru was antidote. That was not to happen. One in the leadership of Advani who was the Modi of that time. The author has misread both the social milieu as well as political history. Beyond Indian shores few know what is Hinduism or who is Hindu. Hinduism is a moving evolving religion not stuck in any time warp, though its origins may stretch many thousands of years.

Hinduism is about respecting all Gods creations and recognizing him in every form, more so within ourselves. Anyone who claims to be a Hindu is one, there are no birth certificates needed to prove it or ritual to be performed, also no Hindu can ever claim to be better than another because Almighty is the sole judge and Karma a weighing scale.

It is a way of life. These are all Indian religions passing through various evolutionary phases. India is secular because of ethos and belief, therefore codified in its Constitution. Credit its people not Nehru, Ambedkar or Gandhi. The real India is still emerging. If India was never plural, secular, democratic and inclusive society or a country, then show me a single country in the world which was born with above qualities, still existing and following all those noble ideals in their true spirit. Show me a single country in. India is a vibrant democracy , a strong secular state with diverse cultures , home to all religions of the world.

It is One India One People. India is a strong economy and military power. Win of BJP is not against secularism but it is against pseudo secularism which was used to create vote bank based on caste and minority appeasement and then after winning elections, power was used for doing corruption and promoting only one family such as Gandhis in Congress, Mulayam's family in SP and so on.

This article is a great exaggeration.

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Although supporters of Savarkar's vision have come out of the woodwork, there have been great changes in India since which can be described as a revolution. The progressive forces will reassert themselves sooner or later. There is one small piece of history about India that you have missed. India has welcomed all religions through its history and that is why India has always been a multi-cultural society for more than a years. Build that into your analysis and you will find that the social fabric of India has been and will always remain secular and multi-cultural. Whom are you trying to fool around.

By definition, by both in letter and spirit, Hinduism is all inclusive.

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  • Hindu is above religion, Gods and rituals, it's way of life. As long as Hindus live, there will not be exclusive policies in India. This is the land where thousands of years ago it was said that " yaadhum oorey yaavarum kelir " in ancient Tamil which means "every thing is my town and everyone is my kin". Please stop drawing horror pictures of Indians. Modi 2 will be able to bring peace in the Sub Continent.

    On his part Imran Khan too is trying very hard. Let us wait and watch. I really did not think this much when voted to BJP. BJP came to power because of 1. Strong and honest Leader, 2. No Corruption, 3. Good schemes for poor and their realization on ground,4. Appeasement and casteist politics of opposition in the name of secularism, 5. Country in safe hands, 6. Sabka saath, sabka vikas.

    When more than 10 million persons surrender Gas subsidy voluntarily on one call from prime minister then these drawing room pundits should rethink what is happening in India. The general idea behind this article is fallacious.

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    Modi won not because liberalism lost, but because of his general performance, personal honesty and in contrast the extremely corrupt and incompetent Congress and other regional parties. Very good analysis of the society of the subcontinent which brought out the reality from the superficial.

    Religious extremism can be tamed only by quality leadership. Unfortunately, both countries have good leadership crisis. The sword of Damocles hangs over the minorities. Transgressing caste lines people voted for one person : Modi because they found him to be excellent administrator communicator and decision maker. The opposition in contrast was pathetic. Do no look anything else into the election. Good analysis, but extending the same to the sole cause of BJP's win in recent Election is not correct. Some vested interest divided us in majority and minority so far. It's good that this is the beginning of obliterations of such division.

    Unfortunately, seems like author has no knowledge of ground realities in India! Minority has thrived, percentages of minority has grown, and the economy, development, and security is the prime concern; reflected by the economic growth and the growing world stature of India! Elections are conducted fair, and the Indian masses have voted and brought back Modi Government for a second term for the same reasons!

    Hope and wish our neighbors can do the same for their growth and prosperity! Good analysis but the writer has missed the movement called the Arya samaj which all leaders of India including Gandhi agreed with.

    Be smart before you start.

    In the social conscious of India there is no notion of equality like the one enshrined in Islam or Christianity. Even Gandhi called the caste system a stroke of genius. This inability of India to rewards its children based on merit due to a regressive culture derived from mahabharat and ramayan and eventually gita is the problem. We in Pakistan and the rest of the world can never understand this aspect of Indian psyche and value system. They are nothing like us. Since from the first state of Madina, we were taught to enshrine inclusiveness, equality and merit.

    In India even Buddhism was uprooted and now its the turn of Islam and Christianity. Ashiq, you completely misunderstood the author's point. He isn't saying India is no longer secular and pluralistic. He's saying it never was secular and pluralistic in the first place.

    There has been ongoing religious and caste strife for centuries in India. Even organizations like the RSS quietly accepted the scrapping of Article Secularism was the western idea of separation of church and the state. Hindu society was secular - live and let live - even before the arrival of Muslims and Christians and continued to be so. When political parties started courting Muslim minorities and dividing Hindu society for getting in power and staying in power, BJP decided to unite Hindu society for political gains which is fair. Seeing this with alarm and terming it as end of secularism is nonsense.

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    Hindu India still continues with live with live and let live principle. An upper class led by Nehru aided the partition of the country without asking for the permission of the very populace he and his family were to rule for more than half a century. No wonder they are annoyed when the public asks answers off them. This is perhaps the most cogent and analytical piece by a Pakistani intellectual on the outcome of the Indian elections. However, the Indian polity is far more complex and the electoral behaviour far more nuanced than what is stated here.

    Indian democracy is a work in progress. Indian secular ethos is generally underestimated.

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    The latest poll result at worst is a bump in India's journey to realise a democratic secular society. Qureshi , The Varnashram system which is now derided as the 'caste system' was never meant to be what it is today. It was rather an acknowledgment of the different professions the members of the society had themselves chosen for their people. If there is discrimination based on caste, it is only against the Dalits who are generally not considered 'Hindu' as their beliefs were distinctly different.

    So why would they? Mueller, you are so right and have explained very logically! Actually I am so impressed and heartened by the responses of majority of the responders of various faiths, to this article that it makes me proud of our Indian sub-continent's cultural amity! The author is falsely equating Indian and Pakistani political systems. If the author spent some time with Imran Khan, the author will see some common attributes between the two of them.

    But, Imran is Imran. Pakistan is Pakistan! Thank you. Kindly do take into mind that the sub continent had prospered because of the group centered culture for thousands of years. People had realized that dependency on each other only brings happiness and comfort for all. The 29 and odd functional groups in any village cluster had provided every thing the humans needed. They had respected each other's professionals and honoured them from time to time. The highest seat had gone knowledge and spiritual. It did not matter from which class of functional groups they belonged to.

    Let us say the Baba of Shiridi in India is revered by all in India. The larger majority know that the Baba's religion was different. If a political dispensation in certain regions of the country succeeds in getting elected,doesn't mean the ethos are sacrificed. Higherarchial,authoritarian administration in the villages was resorted to by the panchayat system in the villages , it was done in public for purely governance. Pay Kumar. Can author please focus on Pakistan They have their own news papers and journalists to analyse them.

    Dawn should start publishing Ayaz Amir also, to provide some balance in the Opinion section. Right now it is very one sided and not fair to Pakistan, with every Tom, Jack, and Harry trying to improve India and no one caring for Pakistan. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.

    The real India Anjum Altaf June 09, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. Published in Dawn, June 9th, Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 92 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Jun 09, am. Recommend 0. The same cannot be said of the "other South Asian states". NG India. Excellent - analysis and read of India. Blue Knight.