The Beginning

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Full Billing. In The Beginning.

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The band starts playing inside an extant empty dark room, a young woman then is shown briefly waiting in a desolated beach while the man starts walking slowly. The whole video is recorded with a gloomy filter and bright brief gleams. Vocalist Taka passionately keeps on singing while drummer Tomoya is often shown from a back perspective with the camera occasionally focusing on guitarist Toru and bassist Ryota.

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  • All the band members move in slow motion at first showing they are in sync with their movements while performing. Eventually the phrases 'Stand up stand up', 'Wake up wake up', 'Never give up' and 'Just tell me why baby' take over the screen and then leave a wide perspective of the band playing with quick focuses on Taka and the unnamed young man who keeps walking while limping.

    The room where the band is playing keeps getting darker and somehow foggy.

    When the man finally shows up in the beach the songs reaches its climax and most intense and heavy part with the guitar and bass getting louder as a countdown begins, the young man then gives the diamond to the girl and then blacks out. The song reaches its lowest part right after this and the man seems to have died as the girl softly closes his eyes while crying then walks away, with Taka singing softly and saddening the moment more.

    The girl walks away and then the band enters the last chorus while headbanging to the melancholic melody accompanied by a subtle piano beat that indicates the close end then Taka sings out 'It finally begins' as the end, the noise of the guitar fades out and the band members stand still looking down while the image fades out.

    In the Beginning

    The song title "The Beginning" is shown at the end sparkling then fading out too. The single was released in a regular edition.

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    For the first time ever, new technology began to play a role in our everyday lives. Video games gradually moved out of arcades and game rooms and moved into our homes, becoming the mainstream entertainment option they are in modern times.

    This is the exciting atmosphere in which Pendulo Studios was created in the year of , as a result of a decision by four close friends to become professionally devoted to their greatest hobby: graphic adventures. Our first game was made using traditional methods with a team of just five people , and it was distributed on diskettes in the domestic market.

    In those early days, we established a set of parameters which have gradually become the hallmark of our company: a cartoon-like style, spectacular chromatics, an emphasis on details, charismatic characters and a balance between comedy and thrills. Since then, we have moved forward slowly but surely, production by production: each new game has brought growth with it in every area of expertise, from creative design to the purely entrepreneurial side of our work.