The Day I Spent In Heaven

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Nowhere in Scripture do we learn what Lazarus saw after he died.

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If you knew him, wouldn't you have asked him? Wouldn't you want to know what happens after your heart beats for the last time? Wouldn't you pester your friend until he told you everything he saw? Lazarus is mentioned again in John "So the chief priests made plans to kill Lazarus as well, for on account of him many of the Jews were going over to Jesus and putting their faith in him. Perhaps Jesus commanded him to be silent about it. The fact remained, however, that he had been dead and now was alive again. Lazarus' very presence—walking, talking, laughing, eating and drinking, embracing his family—was a cold slap in the face to the chief priests and elders.

How could they credibly deny that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah when he had raised a man from the dead?

Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

They had to do something. They couldn't dismiss this event as a magician's trick The man had been dead and in his tomb four days. Everyone in the tiny village of Bethany had seen this miracle with their own eyes and the whole countryside was buzzing about it. Did the chief priests follow through with their plans to kill Lazarus? The Bible doesn't tell us what happened to him after Jesus' crucifixion.

He's never mentioned again.

Surprisingly, we don't find many hard facts about heaven in the Bible. Many of Jesus' teachings about it are in metaphors or parables.

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We do find a description of the heavenly city in the book of Revelation , yet there isn't much detail on what the saved will be doing there, besides praising God. Considering that heaven is the goal of every Christian and many non-Christians as well, this lack of information seems like a serious omission. We're curious—we want to know what to expect. Deep within every human being is the desire to find answers, to break this final mystery. Those of us who have suffered the disappointment and heartache of this world look forward to heaven as a place where there is no pain, no hurt, and no tears.

An ‘Uncommons’ Day Spent in Board Game Heaven

We hope for a home of endless joy, love, and communion with God. In the end, our human minds are probably incapable of grasping the beauty and perfection of heaven. Maybe that's why the Bible doesn't record what Lazarus saw. I personally grew up playing board games all my life, and a good challenge still makes my fingertips tingle with excitement. Read it. Do it. Thank me later. To start things off, when we reached the shop, our morning turned sweeter by the fact that there was no available seating.

As luck would have it, a young man from Manilla, Phillipines, who was there visiting family, was waiting patiently to join in on some fun. He was very polite — even timid at times — but knew so much about the games.

What Does the Bible Say About Eternal Life?

You know a board game-lover when you meet one — they instantaneously come out of their shell when they play. I think Matthew temporarily joined our family that day. Right down to the spats on who-wins-what. He even kindly gave us parting gifts — culinary goodies from his country — which he whipped out magically from a mysterious bag. His promise of goodness delivered.


This is a strategy game, involving both cards and tokens, in which your goal, as gem collector, is to reach a certain point value all while collecting different colored gems. We moved on to the next game of the day, called King of Tokyo , which was also surprisingly enjoyable, despite the initial Dungeons and Dragons look to it.

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Sharing some similarities with Yahtzee , this dice rolling game had us attacking Tokyo with our monster characters, and rolling the dice to wipe each other out in the process. Very fun game, as well. First of all, I feel it should be pointed out that this is game is cool even just for that little exclamation mark at the end of its name. I mean, who does that!? The last game we played was a complicated one called Bang!. It is a card game where players are anonymously assigned the roles of sheriff, deputy, or outlaw!

They must play out their cards by shooting each other, dueling, or engaging in other Wild West-type activities, depending on type of card drawn!

The Boy Who Did Not Come Back From Heaven

There are coffee and drinks, plus a rather full menu of food to nosh on while you play. No Phillipine goodies. You have to play with Matthew for those. The place got packed from the mid-afternoon on, with no empty seat in sight. I was somewhat relieved, if only by the sheer number of gamers that were there, other than me. Oh, and for you true board game lovers, take the Board-Game Challenge I put together. Your email address will not be published.