The Pursuit of Prime: Maximize your Company’s Success with the Adizes Program

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Available in shop from just two hours, subject to availability. Your order is now being processed and we have sent a confirmation email to you at. There are also indicators related to the physical re- The learning process dimension includes four sets of sources that support learning and their adequacy to the e- indicators: The first is related to the needs assessment learning strategy.

Principles of the Adizes Organizational Therapy

The second is related to key performance financial ones, which include the financial investments in indicators that have been created, and are used to assess e-learning and the weight of e-learning in the training the e-learning initiatives and the tools and methods used in initiatives and budgets, the dependency on external fund- that evaluation.

The fourth set of indicators related to the learning pro- D. Experience cess is focused on the ways in which e-learning is being The experience dimension includes indicators to assess used to promote informal learning and online communities how sure and confident the company is regarding its e- of practice within the company and to promote online learning initiatives and the company's perception of its e- coaching.

Does it require superior authorization? Perception of the initiatives in e-learning as isolated experiences or The second set of indicators is related to the maturity of as a cruising-speed performance the trainees or workers, their reactions and attitudes to- Perception of quality of previous experiences in e-learning wards e-learning and training in general, as well as their basic and digital literacies. Ability to cope with and recover from bad experiences The last set of indicators is related to the maturity, ex- Ability to develop experiments and test different approaches perience, and background of the training management Learning Design team: how they became e-learning managers, what they do Adequacy of tools and platforms used to keep updated, and how much research and development Degree of integration of e-learning tools with HR management they do in-house.

It also includes their strength to deploy tools e-learning projects, even in contexts where the top man- Degree of use and perceived easiness of use of the tools and plat- agement has an adverse attitude towards e-learning. From that study, we were able to extract seven dimensions of maturity: strategy, struc- General attitudes towards learning trends ture, experience, learning design, learning products, learn- Learning Products ing process, and people.

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Types of learning products that are created or used Each dimension has several indicators of maturity Complexity, diversity, and depth of the learning portfolio against which each company can have its e-learning solu- Technological support of the learning products tion evaluated. Although the indicators are related to each Learning Process other, some companies can be more mature in one dimen- Development of individualized e-learning plans sion than in another.

Moreover, they can appear as very mature overall but have specific areas that need to be key performance indicators and tools and methods of evaluating e- learning initiatives improved. Adizes, Corporate Life Cycles. New York: Prentice Hall Press, ing industry Importance, weight, and role of e-learning in the overall training [2] L. Dodge and J. Robbins, "An empirical investigation of the procedures, and practices organizational life cycle model for small business development and survival," Journal of Small Business Management, vol. Effective use of e-learning , Top management attitudes towards e-learning [5] M.

Scott and R. Kazanjian, "Relation of dominant problems to stages of Physical resources to support e-learning and their adequacy to the growth In technology-based new ventures," Academy of e-learning strategy Management Journal, vol. Hanks, C. Watson, E. Jansen, and G. Rogers, P. Field, and T. Alrasheedi and L. Newman and D. Available: [24] J. Marshall and G. Marshall, "Crossing the ditch: Applying the e-learning maturity eCommerce Websites.

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Available: , pp. Verhoef, K. Lemon, A. Parasuraman, A. Roggeveen, M. Schlesinger, "Customer Experience Creation: Development.

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Available: [13] M. Rutherford, P. Buller, and P. Available: [14] B. Curtis, W. Hefley, and S. Available: [15] S. Flynn, Ed.

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Paulk, B. Curtis, M. Chrissis, and C. Weber, Management Maturity Model. Available: "Capability Maturity Model, Version 1. Available: [32] K. El Emam, J. Drouin, and W. Available: [33] I. Santa Barbara: Knowledge corporate-talent-leadership-and-hr-nexus-of-global-forces-drives- Exchange, Ming-Li and M. Maturity Model. Overton and H. Impact: Journal of Applied Submitted 04 July Published as resubmitted by the author on 14 Research in Workplace E-learning1, Available: October Related Papers.

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By Joseph Roevens. By elena ifrim. Evolution and Trauma in Corporate e-Learning.

The Pursuit of Prime: Maximize Your Company's Success with the Adizes Program

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