Almost a Princess: My Life as a Two-Time Cancer Survivor

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All donations to The Mathilda Fund support Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance in its mission to fund the best and most promising ovarian cancer research. With your help, we can and will find better ways to prevent, treat, and cure this disease. I was diagnosed in , while expecting my first grandchild. Past fundraising activities For three consecutive years, Gallery Loupe featured a showcase of original works by prestigious jewelry craft artists who interpreted the teal cancer ribbons.

In , Barbara Seidenath deconstructed the teal and pink ribbons and entangled the fragments in the jewelry. This representation reflected the physical and emotional aspects of the cancer journey. In , Pat Flynn's ribbon around the heart represented the deep impact cancer has on those we love.

Shirley Shalit donated USD Facebook Fundraiser donated USD When I called, I was told it had been 18 months since I was in last. When I went back, My PSA was checked 3 different times he had changed labs to be sure the numbers were correct. I got 0. My urologist is scheduling me for a bone can and MRI expecting negative results I hope! Sorry for the misinformation in last post. This is where I now stand. The urologist feels that if I go over 0.

I had an RP in Jan The initial PSA was 0. Two weeks later at the clinic it was 0. Personally I find all the waiting extremely stressful. Diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 57 in PSA was 4. Biopsy showed ca with Gleason 7. I had RP. Ca only in the gland. No radiation recommended. PSA after RP was. I have been followed for 16 years and the PSA stayed ar. Last test showed increased to. This test was done by a different lab since my urologist moved and all the othe PSA tests were done in house. This latest test was sent out to new lab. I had another test 2 weeks later to check findings.

Waiting for results of the second test. If the same result, will have follow up tests in 3 months. Any comments, suggestions,?? Regarding your husband and in general, yes, I do believe he has a real shot at a cure, since it is only T2 which would indicate that the cancer is still contained within the prostate itself vs. Again, in general, your husband should have an excellent shot at cure regardless of the treatment he chooses surgery or radiation. In regard to the relapse potential, this is a bit more unpredictable, although at T2, the percentages should certainly be in his favor.

One reference you can visit is the YANA survivors website, which lists many survivor stories at all stages This should help ease your mind a bit. I hope this helps. Best of luck and God bless. Also, does anybody know of anyone that has had a treatment and NOT had a relapse? It seems like all the stories are the same.

My husbands Dr. His highest PSA was 7. We have young kids. God Bless you all. Hi Roger Still, I was wondering how you are doing? My husband just got diagnosed with PC. He is only 54 and does not want surgery. Anyone who has had any of these and has good info would be appreciated.

When can metastatic breast cancer occur?

My name is Tef. At last do I have access to a PET scan. Whether the med funds are willing to pay for it remains to be seen. The question is what am I going to do with the results. I have heard to many times of people who complains of side effects after salvage radiation. Hormone treatment has also side effects. This I will only consider I there is a visible tumor. My PSA is now after Da Vince radical prostatectomy in April between four and five although there was a value of 7. Some people say that some cancer is there causing a high PSA but is not aggressive. Something like a piece of metal in your body which causes no threat.

Helen i started to say soething to you abut thanking this prophet but I see you are brainwashed it would not do any good.. He is a con artist,,spell csting is a hoax.. I am scared that this is what you are doing.. Only went when absolutely needed to and that was few and far between. I am 55 years old and had an ulcer…while being treated by my new and only recent physician he included a PSA test during our first initial visit. Low and behold a PSA reading of 17 followed by a subsequent reading of 15 three weeks later. Bioposy 12 cores positive.. No invasion of seminal vesicals.

Went for 90 day PSA test on May 2, PSA undetectable.. Total ED as nerves could not be spared, continance improving daily almost back to normal. Have my fingers crossed…the journey continues. Hope this finds you still breathing and feeling well. Jan 21 prostrate removed 3 month check non detectable 6 mon. My PSA test came back at 24 and my doctor referred me to a local urologist.

At 24, I knew this was serious so I went home and called the Cleveland Clinic and got an appointment for the next day. The peace of mind I get is worth the two hour drive each way. After surgery, I had to get radiation and my doctor at The Clinic said it would be fine to get it locally. I went to a large local hospital and met with an oncologist and he misspoke about where my cancer had spread.

That made me very uncomfortable and I drove 35 days strait no weekends off two hours each way to get my radiation treatments at The Clinic. I did it for peace of mind and I am glad I did. Hello Jerry Diamond, can you send me your contact info.? My email address is roadmasterlk gmail. Love to talk to you about your situation which is so similar to mine. Also living close to you and ride a bike and am NO extracap extension. MRI shows 4 lesions pirad 3 and pirad 4. I am scheduled for Brach LDR seeds but concerned my numbers are too high risk and should opt for surgery or cryotherapy.

I also changed my diet and am off meat, eggs, dairy. Taking lycopene, green tea extract, turmeric, NOW plus. Latest psa was day after DRE. Will that affect score? Hoping so considering it doubled. Any suggestions for primary therapy decision would be much appreciated. I decided then I have to go radical in my diet. No sugar no artificial sweetners no desserts even have bread with no sugar and have totally stopped red meat and lamb. Chicken and fish sardines only lots of salads greens spinach Brussel sprouts kale asparagus and broccoli.

Besides that every morning I have 8 ozs of pomegranate juice with units of vitamin D3 as well twice a day i have Curcumin capsules and every evening before I go to sleep I cut up fresh ginger with cinnamon in a cup and add boiling water to it. Let it steep for 10 minutes and then drink it. I was hoping it would drop, but grateful it has not gone up. Also did a bone scan and MRI and all is good. That will tell me exactly where my cancer hot spot is and then I can come back to Canada and they will do a procedure called HIFU which only kills cancer cells and leaves the good cells alone.

There is as well a new therapy called immunotherapy where they take good cells from your body and reinject them back in and they go after the cancer cells. As well there is also a new therapy where they can inject you with gold nano particles and they will attack cancer cells with a special light that works in unison. So there are lots of options and many new things always coming down the pipeline and one day we will have a cure for cancer and we are not far away when we will be immunized for never getting cancer. Also not a bad idea to spend some time in solitude and maybe pray or just erase all thoughts from your mind.

If there is anyone out there who would like to chat or write me please feel free to do so. Thanks for taking the time to read about my situation and the best of everything to all the guys out there facing this dilemma in their lifetime. One more thing never rest on your laurels be aggressive with your oncologist and if he is not giving you the right answers and advice get rid of him! Look at every option that is available and keep checking for new one Happy Writing for my father. In Feb at the age of 71, my father was diaganosed with prostate cancer from a biopsy with a Gleason score of 7.

From March til late here is the progression of treatments after which the PSA was undetectible for until early Successful, but PSA creeped up within a few months. Failed Radical Prostatectomy, surgeon opened and determined too much necrotic tissue and an attempt would lead to bleeding out. Closed back. Chemo followed by radiation. In January he got a reading of 1 following by 2 then 4 then December 8.

Since his initial treatment was cryoablation and the radical failed but during radical there was some evidence it may have spread to the nearby lymph nodes but not definitively confirmed , it really could be in the original prostate bed or could have metastasized elsewhere. Any thoughts or insight about survivability, location, veolcity would be appreciated. Dad is in good health, exercises daily either at hour fitness resistance and treadmill or walking with mom at the mall.

He eats a light, healthy individualized diet, has a small to moderate amount of wine a few times a week and literally sleeps hours nightly as he wears a fitbit for tracking. One of nine lymph nodes tested positive. Surgeon recommends follow up radiation and hormones. So I gave it no thought. Fast forward five years. A later colonoscopy revealed a healthy colon. A biopsy reveals a Gleason of 9 and T3 cancer in the upper part of my Prostate. After a second opinion and a lot of homework on local talent I had my Prostate removed. With my high numbers he recommends radiation AND hormones as soon as I fully recover from my surgery.

My continence is pretty good with a few exceptions. I have three kidneys. The surgeon ordered a 3T MRI but we had to settle for the older 2T type since none in my area had it. He had a surprise when he cut something that spurted urine. Thank God I had the surgeon I did. He has able to re route my extra ureter and put into the bladder and put in a stint on the fly. According to him, the other alternative would have been a tube out my back. They also removed nine lymph nodes. One was positive for cancer.. One can only hope, pray and eat right.

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Selenium, zinc,Vitamin D, ginger root, cinnamon, pure green vegetable juice, tart cherry juice.. Lay off the fatty red meats. You might swell up down there. I did…a lot…. If you have the catheter in in a low humidity environment the dry catheter can rub and hurt. Use some gentle lotion on the end to help.

This acts as a lubricant. You will get some blood in your urine. I could be a lot of blood temporarily. Reading in between the lines, it seemed that this was a sign if bad cancer. Ozala is the right man to be contacted for the cure. I underwent Proton Therapy in the fall of Hi to all. I found all these comments very encouraging: I am 53 and two years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. It left the prostate and also went into one of my lymph nodes. I had radiation which never worked, and I have been on hormone therapy for two years. But recently my psa doubled, so I had the usual, a bone and ct scan, but they came back negative.

So I take bicarb soda, laetril, b17, selenium, d3, cQ10, tumeric daily etc, I also watch my diet and try to eat plenty of brocolli, veg, smoothies, green teas, and I try to keep off dairy and meat so on. I have had pain in my hips, groin and back occasionally, but I work outdoors as a builder and do lots of heavy work. I Saw my consultant today and my psa has shot up in three months to 6.

Thanks everyone. Five years later went in for my annual PSA jumped to. Had radiation for 3 months PSA dropped to undetecible after 6 months of the start of radiation. Now 7 years later or total of 12 years since my radical at age 70 now PSA showing. Decided to go radical no sugar whatsoever or anything relatex to sugar. I do get some sugar from apples and oranges as you need something for energy.

Ive gone back 3 months later and my new PSA is exactly the same at. Not gone down but not risen. Im also going to add Lycopene along with the curcumin that im taking. Im going in as well for a CT scan next week and a bone scan. Will keep you posted. Good luck to all writing here. Two weeks after surgery my PSA was. I am in a watch mode due to being on the low end of a doubling rate. Savvy blog post — I loved the points! It is to my mind very important that patients must take notice of the fact that the prostate sometimes enlarge into the bladder wall.

Consequently it is possible that the urologist may overlook this part of the prostate during a Da Vince Robotic prostatectomy so that it can be left behind as prostate residue tissue which is vunerable to prostatitis. This may lead to confusing psa results. If you have high psa values after a prostatectomy read my story at YANA prostate cancer survivor stories. It is the last one due to my name Zorro. Diagnosed Stage 4 locally advanced to a few lymph nodes and 1 small bone met to right hip femur in at age Was referred to hormone therapy clinical trial at Huntsman Cancer Institute in Utah as I am not operable.

PSA at diagnosis was 7. Side effects of hot flashes and fatigue are moderate and annoying but I can still work and push thru the annoyance. Hoping for continued PSA drop or leveling off. Diagnosed with stage I PC at age My surgeon at Mt Sinai the Best discussed my options and my surgeon at Mt Sinai recommended low dose radiation — Mt Sinai is the only hospital with a clinical staff with both integrity and competency in the greater Miami area. My skepticism of the medical profession is based upon my 8 years as a research assistant at tge Harvard Medical School — without integrity there is no competency.

The article was authored by the same caliber of the clinicians and researchers I worked for — integrity and honesty. The posts appearing above — with the exception of the Zorro post — are very disturbing — reflect inadequate counseling and knife happy quacks. Ray Had a radical prostatectomy January I read everything I could get my hands on looking for answers trying to understand read more books documents ,articles ,. I just wanted to understand what my chances were. While reading some of the stuff I came across more than once references to.

A book. Prostate Cancer understand, prevent and overcome. By Proffessor Jane Plant. For me whose diet for 64 years had been pretty unhealthy ,the thought of following the recommendations in the book eg going totally non dairy lots of fruit and veg ,drinking green tea etc etc. Jane Plant and what she advocates is not an alternative to conventional treatment. Had protrate removed in January. Have had. Margins clear. Large tumor with one of nine lymph node cancer small amount Margins clear One DR.

Am on no treatment Any thoughts would be appreciated. Had the same psa after RP Followed up with radiation, no change. Started with caddied hormone therapy. Gradual increase in psa for 18 years. Psa doubled from 1. Will undergo auxin tomography to determine metastatasis location next week.

Alternatives are more potent hormone therapy. Cannot have more radiation. Structure in urethra managed with self catherization for last 5 years. This is causing trama to the urethra causing a uti resistant to antibiotics. In uncharted territory now. Am 75 at this posting. I am still incontinent and unsure of which way to go. As this blog suggests if I elect to have radio therapy this may become permanent. Thank you for listening. I think I am back to square 1 and am now My doctor says. I say where there is smoke there is fire. I am taking units of vitamin D every day and 8 ozs of pure pomegranate juice every morning.

Gone radical on sugar consumption 0 tolerance on sugar its a killer and as well no dairy or meat. Not sure where I am going with this but if the number does not hold I guess my next choice is chemical castration or bringing down the testosterone levels with Lupron. My dad had the same situation as I he died of heart failure, tough fighting those genes. This is real take it serious, who will believe that a herb can cure ten years HIV in my body, i navel believe that this will work i have spend a lot when getting drugs from the hospital to keep me healthy, what i was waiting for is death because i was broke, one day i hard about this great man who is well know of HIV and cancer cure, i decided to email him, unknowingly to me that this will be the end of the HIV aids in my body, he prepare the herb for me, and give me instruction on how to take it, at the end of the two week, he told me to go to the hospital for a check up, and i went, surprisingly after the test the doctor confirm me negative, i thought it was a joke, i went to other hospital was also negative, then i took my friend who was also HIV positive to the Dr, after the treatment she was also confirm negative.

He also have the herb to cure cancer please i want every one with this virus to be free, that is why am dropping his email address, livingsotnetemplegmail. Adel Ahmed I am 70 years old. It dropped to 0. It is not possible to have the PSA as indication to the treatment as the PSA is masked and will continue to be masked for another two months by Hormone therapy. What is the appropriate time to do MRI for follow up and check.? I am 55 and had my Radical Prostatectomy done May My PAS was 0. Should I consider Hormone and Radio Therapy? Robotic Da Vinci. My doctor said cancer had spread to one lymph node and it was removed.

My surgeon recommended Proton Radiation Therapy. I felt if I die I want to go out as a man. I do have to wear pads 3 or 4 a day, sometime 5 or even six if I drink to much in fluids.. But I am now use to this and my loving wife is great about it. Here is the bottom line. I went to UC Irvine to another Doctor. He said I am in great shape living life to the fullest why put myself thru this. I also asked him how to eat, and he recommeded a book called the China study. I am now kind of a Vegan. Got lucky a few months ago PSA went to 0 but now back up to.

The doctor watches every three months and he said unless it goes to.

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Do love happy hour at night not sure how great that is for me. We have a grandson that we love the heck out of only 19 months. We also love to travel a little and make trips to Vegas each 6 weeks. I think so. What the heck is 10 years, i want to live to Check out the China study and learn to smile a lot. I figure if they tell me I have a year to live, I then could go back to eating meat and cheese, and who knows even start smoking.

Just kidding about the smoking. My theroy could be all wet, but it was my decision, hope this helps. My husband and I appreciate your post. He just had his prostate removed Feb 14, His Gleason score is 9. He just returned for his 1st blood test, which is 10 weeks post op and his PSA is. He still has urine incontinence, but as soon as that stops, they want to do radiation AND hormone therapy. You really have to watch out for yourself and be your own advocate. In addition to that he is finally stave on bipolar medication and we understand the hormone therapy could totally mess him up.

Thank you and God bless! Corrected Comment: My husband and I appreciate your posts! Lymph nodes were negative. In addition to that he is finally stable on bipolar medication and we understand the hormone therapy could totally mess him up. Plan is to get full body imaging at the Thermogram Center in Denver, and see a Naturopathic Radiation Oncologist that he saw in the very beginning. We really appreciate any input you can give us, especially if you have been down a similar path.

Doctor already mentioning of the possibility of Radiation treatment if PSA level continiues to rise to. What is your thoughts? My Gleason score was a 9 and I was treated with 9 weeks of external beam radiation followed by the Lupin injections every 4 months for 16 months. Now my urologist wants to see me in 4 months to see if there is another jump to decide if we need to reinitiate hormone therapy. Should I? My doctor is suggesting to wait and do nothing untill it is 0.

Shall I wait or insist to have hormone or radiation theraphy? My brother lungs cancer has been cured by Dr Al-Jamali. My brother has been through chemo 3 times, but this time his condition was getting worse that I was afraid it will kill him. When a friend of mine directed me to Dr Al-Jamali at: drjamaliremedycenter gmail. In a follow up to my June 18th comments after my PSA rose to. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer some 7 years ago.

I blood test. This showed a figure of which started a chain reaction of further tests under the auspices of a specialist. My Gleeson was 9 with a T3. I leveled at 0. After 22 months my P. I had risen to 18 and he put me back on one injection every 6 months but avoiding giving me the Bicalutamide. Now 12 months later I am back on the Bicalutamide and my P. I am now 80 and play Golf 3 times a week and have always been fit. Please contact him through his email:drogunrootherds outlook.

My humble advice to any prostate cancer patients is the following: Dont go for a psa test if you dont have any symptoms of prostate cancer Make very sure that a higher psa value is not because of prostatitis. Antibiotics do not always cure prostatitis. The treatment must be for at least 10 days. Make sure that you get hold of your biopsy report. Never panic and make sure what the urologist means if he tells you that you have cancer but it is very small.

Sometimes small is neglectible. Make sure when it is the case. Dont get anxious after 18 months of watchfull waiting If your psa is more than 0. If the urologist had left residue prostate tissue behind you can still get prostatitis. This is the last story because of the alphabet. My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer that spread from his brain into the lungs and liver.

I was unable to bear his situation anymore and ibegin to ask questions about cancer in my neighborhood and work place, above all i was praying that God should send healing to my husband and take the sorrow away from my family, one faithful evening my neighbor who recently moved to the neighborhood came to me that she heard that i have been asking question about cancer and told me about fountain water spiritual book she have and how they had help her in the it cured her 9 years breast cancer. She gave me their email fountainwatercoven yahoo.

Finally, my husband is totally cancer free and he is healthy and strong now, after which he reported that he could breath well, was not experiencing any pains and felt the good cells in his body. His doctor reportedly says his liver is cancer free. That he does not seems to have a small amount of cancer in his liver and lungs again. The doctor is amazed at the effectiveness of the oil. Of course we do notdeny the important role of dieting. We Thank fountain waters for his miraculous oil treatment.

Email them with fountainwatercoven yahoo. Gale My dad had a RP in Bone scan performed—negative. CT—shows metastasis or extension from prostate. Doctor appointment tomorrow. He is 82 years old. He has started to have problems with bowel removal.. Had Rp Jan. Urologist recommended Salvage Radiation. MRI and bones scans are negative. Is this radiation the right course of action at 64 years old or should I take a bit more time. No real issues now with urinary and fear I will cause damage undergoing Radiation.

Had RP in July After surgery had a Gleason score of 6 and no involvement to be found outside of the prostate. In June Mu urologist said this was normal in all cases. When I see him in 2 weeks, there will be some serious discussion about the levels. I was 65 at the time of surgery am now 67 with no signs of incontinence and slight ED problems. Be of the world but not in it. Turn off all negativity and know that yes, our body does perish, but our soul, that inner part that belongs to The Formless One and the non-local consciousness, lives eternally in the NOW. Hi Mohammad, The best thing to do is seek out good doctors and get second opinions.

Every case is different. Look closely at the Dr past successes. Treatments are getting better all the time and as my consultant said there are plenty of options still open. It seems despite removing the prostate or receiving radiation every one was cure but after months and even years unfortunately the cancer came back. I am trying to find out how many of you have metal fillings in your mouths please? I had prostate cancer and also have metal fillings. Prostate cancer PSA Margins positive, negative lymph nodes and seminal vesicles.

Started and completed radiation 39 treatments. Advised to wait 6 weeks to recheck PSA, Very stressful. Needs advise. Following up from my 29 Dec post. My Psa has gone up to 0.

Metastatic breast cancer survivor: How cancer has changed my life

Consultant thinks I have as much chance of passing away from Stroke or heart attack. As a 72 year old im going well regards Alan. Hi Bob Please read my post from April I think we all make the best decisions we can with the information at hand. That decision to not have RP is among the hardest of my life. I chose EBRT earlier on what I thought was a well thought out decision, reading as many journal articles as possible, talking to friends who are physicians.

After about months post radiation my libido and erections returned and had almost 5 years of relative ease. My last PSA was. There was a chance I might end up with a temporary colostomy as getting the little devil out after radiation is not easy, but it turned out the surgeon got it out without problems.

I am a healthcare consultant and have access to many databases so have done my research on the stuff and am willing to share. If you want to communicate off line let me know and I will send you my email address. Everyone on this blog has had to go through the agonizing decision making process of which course of therapy to pursue. Hi Rob, I would like to talk to you through email as I am deciding what treatment to take for prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 7 and a T2a rating.

Rob, please leave your email address so I can discuss my situation with you. Just diagnosed with PC. Thanks Ken. Feb PSA 0. Early March it increased to 2. Good luck all. PSA started rising appox. Another years go by PSA up to 4. Praying it was a good advise. God bless everyone on this board. I appreciate the information and the style in which Dr.

Garnick presents his material.

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The posts by Dr. Garnick address the key questions men have. The material is informative but also sensitive to the feelings and emotional concerns of men going through prostate cancer. I have not found the in-person doctors who treat prostate cancer to be as helpful and supportive as this. Hi my name is Rob.

Thanks to all of you who have done meaningful posts here Diagnosed with PCa in at the age of 60, never had high PSA, highest it got was 3. In Nov had MRI which showed high likelihood of cancer throughout prostate followed by 14 core biopsy which showed 12 cores with cancer. After discussion with rad onc and a surgeon it was felt that a salvage prostatectomy was my best option. Has lots of surgical risks associated with it due to the scarring from the original radiation and definite impotence and a high likelihood of incontinence as well.

The surgeon does maybe 1 monthly, I did get a second opinion from another urologist who felt that I should go with that surgeon. I am using this time to take a fresh look out there for information. Has anyone had a salvage prostatectomy post radiation and willing to share information? Thanks Rob. Fellow PCa brothers — Please consider other options before allowing urologists to do blind biopsies or RP. Today there are something like 29 different options for PCa treatment, and each case is different. If your urologist suggests Radical Prostatectomy, go find a competent oncologist that will look at the full spectrum of treatments available before making any decisions.

I highly recommend the website inspire. To everyone,that contributed to this most informative article,thank you. To those fellow humanbeings,with this dreaded disease,someone said these words of support to me,remember,while you are alive,everything is possible. Regards,Gielie van Aarde. Why no one talks about Orchectomy or sub capsular Orchectomy.

It is safer cheaper and less side effects. Following my previous post, I had a RP in August last year. A PSA test three months ago came up with a 0. A follow up test last week had a reading of 0. After consulting my urologist by phone the GP says I have to wait until my test and appointment in June. The gist is that consideration will then be made for further tests then possible hormone treatment.

The key to further treatment is a PSA reading of 0. All things health wise are good apart from this rising PSA reading. Alan D. If a psa test reveals that antigens are circulating in the bloodstream, how can it be said that cancer is contained within the prostate. I had surgery 6 years ago, Gleason score was 6, margins clean. In the last 14 months my PSA went from undetectable to 5.

I just got the test results 2 days ago and am in shock. My GP is testing again and the soonest I can get into a urologist is 7 weeks away. How concerned should I be? Aussie Phil. High risk prostate carcinoma. Government picked up the tab. Went off the hormone treatment because my PSA had dropped to 0. I have decided to watch and wait because I know the hormone therapy will fail after time and there is nothing left for me.

Hi Phil. Thank you for your story. I was diagnosed with PC, in late I started Radiating Therapy and Lupron quarterly shots, in early It is almost and my PSA has risen to 0. My doctor says if, my PSA rises to 3. Plus my urine test indicates a CT Scan is necessary and Cysoctomy. Looks like they suspect cancer of the bladder, but not sure. I am not in any discomfort. Anything similar happen, to you? Thank You. They barely touched the pain. I spent my days in agony, waiting for evening so I could try to sleep.

I took sleeping pills nightly in a futile attempt to escape the hell I was going through and failed miserably. Within 2 hours of taking the pills, I would awake in agony. Fast forward to July of Already coping with 2 spots of skin cancer on my collar bone, I was stunned when I was diagnosed with Anal Canal Cancer. Following 2 surgeries, the doctor told me they did not get all the cancer and I would have to endure a regime of radiation treatments.

I started researching what this would entail, and attended a intake meeting at the Cancer Clinic. COM you can also contact her because good works needs to be advertised. God bless you madam thanks. I am now 72 The biopsy showed I had 5 out of 10 positive and a Gleason score of 8. I was given three options by the Urologist: Do nothing, a RP or radiation. I then saw a specialist oncology radiologist; the option of radiology first would preclude me from a RP after this treatment. The reasons were fully explained to me at the time. I elected to go for a RP.

In hind sight the possible bowel problems were never fully explained apart from medical mishaps and I did not visualize how difficult recovery process would be. The August RP resulted in three days in hospital and then many weeks of recovery, now five months later my sleep patterns, bowel and bladder still are far from what it was. My three monthly test and visit to the urologist showed I had a PSA level of 0.

Now the wait and see has started to a follow up PSA test at three months and at six months. At the moment I am not sure if I want to go down with that option. I need to look at the percentages of fixing the problem, the average after effects I can expect and the velocity of the PSA change if any and the time span that will give me. I live in Australia with free medical care so this has cost me zero and they even paid for travel and accommodation for my wife whilst I was in hospital. The consultants and care I have been given has been first class has was the stay in hospital.

What the future holds? I do not know, but which ever way it turns out I have had a very good life with a great and very supportive family and look forward to a long and happy time ahead. I am 64 years old. So I put it off until my PSA went from 3. Had robotic assisted radical prostatectomy Feb. No lymph node involvement, seminal vesicles negative, margins negative, slight capular penetration. Began to rise at 9 month check, from undetectable to 0. At this point, underwent 7 weeks of radiation therapy 35 treatments. Last March, 9 months after completion of radiation therapy , PSA started rising again.

Went up to 0. Just had a PSA test last week December, , and now it is 1. That would indicate a rapid doubling time and fast PSA velocity. Not sure how to proceed. There are negative side effects to hormone therapy. Will probably do more imaging at some point to look for spread of cancer. But not sure what else to do at this point. Hormones vs. Very disappointing, though, when PSA started going up again each time, first after RP and then after 7 weeks of radiation therapy. Any advice? My RP was I have been getting some hope from many of these stories.

I have a friend who at age 60 discovered stage 4, that was 7 years ago. Gets regular hormone shots, his negitive comments have mostly been hot flashes. But he puts in 50 hr work weeks. Active in car clubs. Hard to believe if you have to pick a cancer this seems to be top choice. I may be on hormone myself soon, who knows. First app coming up in Feb, for now I wait. My advice do the hormone especially over radiation. Sadly something has to kill you, but there has been hope for many from this worthwhile site.

Good Luck. So far: Diagnosed with PC July Positive margins and left incontinent and with ED. One year of monitoring PSA but it never got to undetectable level. That hurt! The incontinence became much worse after the operation and I was using 8 pads per day. I can highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering severe incontinence. Unfortunately my last PSA test showed a small rise to 0. I am now preparing myself mentally for the next step which will be hormone therapy.

Sometimes I find it very difficult to cope with it all despite having lots of support from family and friends. Cancer is a terrible disease. My dad is 81 years old. In he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. Zoladex had to be administered for every three months. We were told that PSA had dropped to below zero.

What is metastatic breast cancer?

In November he had to change doctors. The second oncologist tested PSA and discovered that its in a range of 7. He suggested Radiotherapy. We are scared of it as we have seen some men passed on after Radiotherapy. We are undecided at this moment of whether we allow Radiotherapy to be administered or not. What could be the advice? At 81 most health providers are more cautious regardless if they admit it or not. For one they know life expectancy is about his age. And second, at that age they expect pneumonia or something else to step up to the plate.

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Hope that is not a harish statement for you, but have seen it one time to many. But I would ask about hormone treatment and see what they say if not already brought up. Im a not doctor but if he is vibrant, functions well, has positive outlook on life I would look in to it. I understand, lost ALL my family to cancer. What brutal, punishing disease this is. Hope it goes well for you. Aged 56, PSA 14, Gleason 9. All scans and there were many were all clear. Lymph nodes, seminal vessels, gland margins all negative, docs really confused.