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The marriage equality movement is now known as one of the most successful civil rights campaigns in the modern history, but change did not arrive by happenstance. Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva. Stephanie Choporis, co-founder and managing editor of Happenstance Top of mind: how do you avoid getting stuck in a perfectionism trap?

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It was the fortunate happenstance that I managed to catch and hold it. Among their topics are lessons to learn from happenstance regression, factorials to set the stage for more glamorous RSM designs, three-level designs, computer-generated optimal designs, and applying RSM to mixtures.

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Theres a bit of happenstance in the fact that each of them have done major transactions in the first half of the year. Fast forward to the summer of l, when by pure happenstance , I was suddenly thrust into the lives of a new rock group from Liverpool who were about to embark on their first American tour.

It's not clear whether journalists were the actual targets of the email harvesting or just included by happenstance. We cite various ideas that are homegrown and developed in Scotland, a country interested in grassroots, community-led processes that inform emerging places.

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The space acts as an active archive A Living Library of Ideas , focussed on the event nature of live situations — exploring how we can intervene in our own lives and the circumstances that shape us. Our team of Artists and Architects are experts in play, in exploring the spaces in-between.

At the heart of Zenobio you will find a focus on young people, their capacities, their needs and their imagination, harnessed to empower this energy in all of us.

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As an engine for change, our garden is fuelled by the untrammelled imagination of the younger generations.