Implementing the Project Management Balanced Scorecard

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In the Defense Department, project or program management has been the framework for development of every system costing from ten thousand dollars to ten billion dollars. There is a long-established tradition of on-the-job training and experience for young people to learn and be mentored by experienced project managers.

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Many guidebooks, manuals, software programs, and other means have been devised to aid the project manager. Project management has been in the management culture for decades, and the federal government has thousands of project managers who are routinely capable of amazingly complex achievements.

Implementing the Project Management Balanced Scorecard | University of Phoenix Research Hub

In fact, many project managers may have never seen or considered any other way to get things done. Although it is not necessary here to describe project management in detail, a simple diagram will help to show its general features. All projects or programs have a definite start time green and a definite stop time red when the final deliverables products, services, documents, decisions, etc. The goal is to meet customer requirements. The work is focused on the actual mission of production undertaken for the customer. Status and review meetings are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the project.

Project Management Software vs. Balanced Scorecard Software

Usually some kind of final report is written as one of the deliverables. The goal is to reach the end point on time and within budget, since there are usually other projects that are depending on input from the deliverables of this project. So project management is the effort to manage work within a finite, clearly scoped, hierarchically-structured, linear development process with a definite beginning and end. The balanced scorecard management system is not just another project. It is fundamentally different from project management in several respects.

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To illustrate the radical nature of this difference, a diagram is shown of the BSC performance measurement process, as it would run when installed in an organization. The first thing to notice is the topology: the balanced scorecard management process, derived from Deming's Total Quality Management, is a continuous cyclical process. It has neither beginning nor end. Its task is not directly concerned about the mission of the organization, but rather with internal processes diagnostic measures and external outcomes strategic measures.

BSC system

The system's control is based on performance metrics or "metadata" that are tracked continously over time to look for trends, best and worst practices, and areas for improvement. Norton and Robert S. Kaplan back in This aimed at the assessment and evaluation of corporate activities in terms of overall strategy and vision.

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The use of the Balanced Scorecard approach involves focus on four sections, or perspectives as they are also called. These perspectives include the customer perspective, learning and growth perspective, internal business processes perspective and financial perspective.

Balanced scorecard

In the process of scoreboard design, five to six metrics are identified for each of the perspectives. There should be justification as to the choice of these selected metrics. The data derived from these metrics should be able to help managers understand how a new project is performing.

Moreover, these will also help them translate strategies into appropriate actions. For these metrics to achieve their purpose, they should be simple, measurable, and very straightforward. They should become a common language by which all members of the organisation should base their actions. Before deciding what metrics to use for performance assessment, managers and corporate executives should be able to identify the problem and company objectives.

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Prospective metrics to be used should be brainstormed and individually appraised. Often times, managers have problems determining whether a new project that recently ended can be considered a success or a failure.

System Optimization

With a project scorecard, managers should be able to do this with ease through the metrics identified, which would then function as a criteria or indicator for success. So, if the metrics show poor numbers then, the project is considered a failure. Aside from using a new project scorecard, project assessment could also be done by asking for the opinion of the project client or sponsor.

His reply should be based on whether or not initial objectives are achieved. The drawback of this approach is the fact that his response could only be one of two, "no" or "yes. By using multiple success criteria through a project scorecard approach, project managers will be able to effectively define and determine project success or failure. If you are interested in a new project scorecard , check out this website to learn more about new project KPIs.

To get stakeholders or management to approve your project, you will need to build a solid business case. Here are the basic steps for creating a business case. admin