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There are many natural options when it comes to addressing infertility. Rather than immediately look to Western Medicine for help with infertility, take a look at some of the holistic methods that have been used for thousands of years. Have faith in natural healing.

Chapter eleven is an entire chapter devoted to stress.

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Because stress has such a negative impact on our bodies, it is important to our fertility and overall health that we manage it well. Our lives are always going to have stressors.

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However, we can learn to manage that stress better. Donielle guides us through the ways stress affects us, as well as how we can maintain health, even when life throws us a curve ball. In chapter twelve, Doneille helps us devise our own fertility plan. Now, we just need to know how to put that information to practical use! With her help, we can wrap up the book feeling empowered and excited for the future. But, not before we check out some of the great recipes that she shares at the end of the book. This book has been an incredible read for me. I feel so much more knowledgeable than I was before.

I am adding it to my library and I highly recommend it to any woman who wants children, is already planning for children, or who may be struggling with fertility. The information in this book will help each and everyone of you! Thank you, Donielle, for writing such a great resource! You can learn more about Donielle on her site, Naturally Knocked Up.

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Read our full terms and conditions here. It's sort of a plunger type action -- do we have to show you an animated GIF to make it clear? Because we're not doing that. This is supposedly why males tend to have rougher, more penetrative sex when they suspect that their SO might have been unfaithful. It's their bodies' way of making sure to thoroughly clean out their personal semen repository.

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You know what -- we're slowly realizing that sex is one of those things that you probably enjoy more if you don't know the history. Oh, well, too late to stop now Masturbation would seem to be a flaw in the reproductive system, a form of cheating at the game. Instead of procreating with a fertile partner, we literally take matters into our own hands with a process that has zero chance of making a baby unless the masturbation session is immediately followed by a very unlikely series of accidents.

Humans are the only species observed who do it all the way, and with such impressive frequency.

How the hell did the species not immediately go extinct as soon as we discovered it? All that precious sperm was suddenly being wasted, right?

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Well, it's only wasted in the sense that milk is wasted if you don't use it before it spoils. Sperm actually has a Best By date -- maybe only a week or so. As for the rest, well, they jerk off. That's the theory anyway, that we masturbate to flush the old sperm out of our systems, and force our bodies to cook up a fresh new batch of motile swimmers rather than waiting for our bodies to literally piss them away.

Monogamy is another practice we take for granted as natural or "traditional," depending on what debate you're having but that seems to fail the evolutionary math test. Wouldn't humans produce more offspring if each male knocked up as many females as possible? There are still lots of cultures that function that way, so why did "one man, one woman" become the norm in modern society?

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It may have been as simple as avoiding sexually-transmitted diseases. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "We had to start inventing new letters to cover all the types of hepatitis you have. For our ancestors who weren't blessed with contraception, the number of sexual partners, apart from being directly proportional to the fun they had, was also directly proportional to their chances of dying of a junk disease. Some Canadian and German researchers investigated the matter and concluded that in advanced agricultural societies that is, where lots of people lived in closer proximity STDs could spread rapidly enough to potentially wipe out entire groups.

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But the diseases could be contained if mating was limited to two partners, so societies that favored monogamy would have an advantage. This would seem to imply that the magical feeling we call "love" may just be an elaborate justification for not wanting our genitalia to burn when we pee. But we would be irresponsible to leave it at that -- the reality is that humans are complex creatures and nothing we do can be boiled down to one simple, shocking evolutionary fact.

Each of these is just one part of a very weird whole that is human sexuality. Which includes the theory that Calling a stiff penis a "boner" might just be a colorful metaphor in the human world, but in the animal kingdom, it's a cold statement of fact. Most mammals, including our closest primate cousins, have an actual bone in their dicks called the baculum which basically lets them stick it in even when they aren't in the mood.

Way, way back, proto-humans also had those dick-bones but evolution eventually replaced them with a complicated system of blood flow and hydraulics that can just fail for no apparent goddamn reason. Dick move, nature. Then again, it all actually had a valid purpose. Losing the bone from our boners made our penises more flexible, which helped facilitate sex in a variety of different positions. It's like, have you ever seen a rigid drain snake? Of course not. Those things need to be flexible to navigate through the twisting, turning maze of your plumbing. It's exactly the same with the human schlong; its rubberiness allows us to reach every nook and cranny of a human female's "plumbing.

In other words, the Reverse Cowgirl, the Spoons, the Piledriver, basically the entire Kama Sutra all owe their existence to this mutation. Natural selection would have resulted from the fact that the first guys who could suddenly do all of those things were presumably very popular.

The Dark Side of Melatonin

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