Problems in Ophthalmology (Problems in Practice)

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New treatments and an ageing population will mean that hospital eye services will continue to be under increasing pressure. We can predict the care plan for the cohort of glaucoma and AMD patients, so we should be able to plan capacity across the whole pathway.

But this work needs to happen for a large population area of at least a hospital footprint and not necessarily on an individual CCG basis. A fundamental principle is that the patient is managed in the most appropriate service according to risk stratification of the condition and skills of the practitioner. Low vision services are next on our list. There is a lack of data around eye health services for the monitoring of quality and performance: the 18 weeks target can only provide an overall measure of waiting times, but some conditions need to be treated much more quickly to save sight.

We need community ophthalmology provision in order to free up hospital eye service capacity. It needs to be integrated with the rest of the pathway and use a multi-disciplinary team of ophthalmologists, optometrists, GPs, nurses and orthoptists to see and treat a wide range of conditions according to the skill set available. The focus being on low risk referrals and stable conditions such as glaucoma and AMD, which could be moved back to the hospital eye services HES easily, if necessary. The main purpose is to improve patient flows in the system by managing the vast majority of patients within the community.

Commissioning and contracts need to support change in daily practice. The Primary Eye Care Framework recommends one overall service specification for an integrated service, which includes:. Service delivery would be to locally agreed protocols and better data from this service would inform commissioning and delivery plans. The size of population served by the Primary Eye Care Service in England depends on a number of geographical and demographic factors. We have to bring in higher quality technology — not necessarily the latest and greatest — but systems that provide high quality outcomes.

The other aspect of care ophthalmologists focus on is efficiency.

Especially for a cataract surgeon, volume is important. How quickly can the ASC turnover a room and help the surgeon get the procedure done safely?

Managing common eye problems in general practice - PrescriberPrescriber

You also want the ASC to look clean, sanitary and comfortable. Make the family and patients feel at ease. Unfortunately, these trends will continue in the future. If you are interested in participating in future panels of ophthalmologists, contact Laura at lmiller beckershealthcare. View our policies by clicking here. State-by-state breakdown 4 orthopedist employment, salary statistics President Trump issues executive order to require healthcare price disclosure The 6 specialties osteopathic physicians opted for on match day 'Rock Doc' allegedly traded drugs for sex, prescribed 1.

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A comparison of eye problems in primary care and ophthalmology practices.

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