The Realization (Navy SEALS Team 100)

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The Navy did not rule out the possibility that individual medals were awarded. Jackie Pau, a Navy spokeswoman. The most tersely worded citation accompanied the only other Navy Cross, awarded to a Marine gunnery sergeant. His heroism on the night of Sept. A House committee continues to investigate the attack, the U. The Navy has acknowledged that it did award a Navy Cross to the Marine for his actions that night.

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A House intelligence committee report on Benghazi refers to a two-person detachment of military personnel and other security personnel who flew from Tripoli that night to rescue Americans. They arrived at the besieged compound, and within 11 minutes were under attack by mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire.

The attack killed two and severely wounded two others. In , U. Sean MacFarland recalled in an interview. He commanded a brigade in Ramadi as colonel at the time and now leads the coalition fighting the Islamic States.

One Awful Night in Thanh Phong

That was a pretty critical element of our ability to establish, first of all, our combat outposts in the city, and disrupt the enemy counterattacks against them. You definitely are. Our valuation puts us over the million mark. Probably another of those, but core team of about Next year we anticipate a similar growth. We know that world really well, but to do that, I need more capacity.

So I was sitting down in New York a few months ago, and I got to meet the founder of Time Bar and listen to his story. Brandon: No, I have a phantom. I have a phantom e-felt plan. You know, it just does everything that a stock option plan does, but it allows the founder to maintain complete control.

It enables me to kind of run the business how I see fit. It sounds like in the tens of millions. Brandon: Yeah. I did this experiment when I was going to a business school. You kind of write down your expenses for the year, and you realize that money is finite, just like time is finite. There are so many hours in a day. So, you know, there is over people that did this exercise, and we all got to about , in change, U. I think knowing your number and getting clear, and your relationship to money is super important. That to me, is total bullshit as well.

1 Dead, 4 Nearly Drown During Navy SEAL Training In 2016

I know you guys have better health care in Australia. No, that makes sense. I respect that. I think that strategy is solid. So a ton more questions, man. Nathan: Gotcha. So tell me about that. Like, how much content are you producing? You obviously charge a subscription like a Netflix, can you tell me about that more? Brandon: We would, say, interview the founder of SEAL Team Six, and we would do around… one of our most popular videos that we shoot is we take former special operations guys and we sit them around a table and throw a couple of pints in front of them and cover.

And you cover different topics, and chop those topics up into individual episodes. You get a couple pints in these guys and they start opening up and talking about crazy, funny stories from maybe training, or combat. You get them to show a lot of vulnerability as well. So we had created like over five years, all this video content, and we put it on this site or that site and it would get linked to and syndicated on the network. Brandon: Yeah, it was free. I just subscribe to that show. Brandon: So all this incredible training. But, you know, we knew it was gonna resonate with our audience.

So we hired an outside production company, but we have a director, a guy named Drew Wallace that used to work for Oakley but came from the military community. So he runs that whole program for us, and it lets us kind of build a base of subscribers. Now what additional content can we do? But we also did these really in-depth interviews with the guys about how they use the outdoors and the mountains as therapy, and this conversation in America about our Veterans Department and how they like to treat veterans as victims, and they just throw a lot of pain, prescription pain pills.

Give them value and monetize your own audience, as opposed to just, you know, relying on pure ad revenue and kind of not being in charge of your own destiny where the revenue lost. Because we value their time. Steve Jobs is a huge person I look up to, and I really like when he relates the composition of product. So Kamal is one of my best friends.

I Tried The Navy Seal Water Challenge

He wants to see somebody just, you know, extremely passionate and engaged, wanting to change the world with their ideas. We have our fulfillment mechanisms set up, and we know how to create a field funnel of pre-paid acquisition on social. Where is it made? How has it been tested? I believe that the traditional ad model of selling banners is broken.

You need to have a multifaceted platform which goes through physical, digital products, private buy will based content, and then you can do the ad stuff as well. Then you have to have a strong, you know, a strong side of recurring revenue to actually minimize risk. My question around video is, I have concerns around cost, man. I think it could get really expensive really fast. We produced that entire project.

Navy SEALS Team 100: Part 2

We did a Kickstarter campaign against it, but we put it out of pocket, up front cost, we paid for it all. That documentary is probably gonna come in between 25 and 30 minutes, like raw content, edited, polished content. Brandon: And so you can produce really, you know, good content for not so much money. We found that a polished video that takes us maybe two weeks to shoot and do the post production and get it out there, what was performing better was we would have one of our gear curators in his garage, shoot a iPhone video on landscape mode.

You know, a shaky iPhone video of him talking about the latest product and how excited he is about it. So when those opportunities come up. But I pride myself on shooting, you know, for thousands of dollars what big cable networks spend hundreds of millions of dollars producing, because it can be done for less. The equipment, the technology, the talent is out there, to kind of build a small in-house team, which we have, and produce content very quickly for not that much money.

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I mean, we sent a team to Hawaii to do jungle warfare and we shot the whole episode for 25 grand. So building that culture of doing things for less, paying attention to not spending in excess, which I see so many big companies do, right? And so I, you know, I am really proud of what the guys on our internal media production team have been able to do to really keep the cost, because it can be done for a lot less, I guess, is my point. I love that, man. A few last questions before we work towards wrapping up, just around the content piece. So, yeah. I would say, you know, and I allow myself one passion project a year.

Like, look, this is important to me. This is, the messaging is there. It was a learning experience too, because it was the first documentary I ever made. We could, fortunately, we were in a position cashflow-wise, to make that investment. But most, I would say, most content investments we make, we make sure it passes make money test. We know the content is gonna be shared is gonna be really good and provide value to our existing subscribers.

Are we gonna be able to make money off of our existing audience?

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Because you know very well that advertising is great when you can get it, but you can be with a massive…yeah, you can be with a…. For instance a big lesson I learned, we started breaking news with our new site, you know, the first couple of years we were in, we landed this massive sponsor called, it was a military credit union, USAA.

Massive in the U. We had a seven figure ad campaign: video, display. So it was the first really openly transgender SEAL. So we broke that story, and we helped CNN do a documentary on it.

Key Takeaways

They got scared, stopped everything. No shoulder, no chance to play quarterback. A good friend thought I had what it took to be a SEAL and believed in my ability to accomplish anything I put my mind to. I have never been colder, wetter, or happier to be voluntarily miserable than from Feb. Hell Week was a pivotal point in my life. I experienced extraordinary fear and pain while developing a quiet and intense passion. It was an eye-opening epiphany when I realized that I had accomplished an ordeal that many never even attempt, much less finish.

I developed a confidence I never had before, along with a deep seated self-assurance that I am capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind to. admin