You Cant Apologize to a Dawg

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The Houston native wants to talk with Tory in a calm manner, but the "Litty" artist quickly escalates the situation. Are you apologizing or you want to shoot the fade? Everybody can get out of here and we can shoot the fade right now," the year-old aggressively claims. The video then gets cut off, as the encounter didn't end up turning physical.

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In a recent interview with Billboard , Lanez spoke on the altercation with Scott and how everything was later resolved. We explained to each other how we felt about the situation, and I understood him at a different place, and he understood me at a different place. I want to be part of the solution. Loomis reacted angrily on Tuesday, threatening to keep Cleveland police from working security at Browns games at FirstEnergy Stadium this fall. But he once spoke with TMZ for the second consecutive day on Wednesday and said the union accepts the Crowell is sincere in his apology.

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Our problem was that first apology. But Isaiah stepped up to the plate to make a personal apology, and we definitely appreciate his donation to the Fallen Officers Foundation. How cool would it be if Isaiah and I attended community events together to really make a difference in the city?

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We are missing opportunities that we should be seizing as law enforcement and athletes in the city. We would not have enjoyed that.

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We wanted to give Isaiah the opportunity to make things right, and he did. We understand this is a very sensitive and controversial topic.

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