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Dec 12, Ethan Mickelberry rated it really liked it. This was an amazing addition to the collection it got me so into it. I couldn't stop reading it when Dak was unconscious and I really enjoyed the kinda intense parts of when there being caught and everything.

I really got to enjoy this one and think it went very well with the last few. Definitely recommend the read its really good. Nov 04, Claire Mummert rated it it was amazing. I really liked this one. I feel like all the characters grew up a bit in it which was great because the younger boy's attitude and use of "dude" was getting old for me. This one was also fun because it happened in more than one time period which gave great interest to the book and made it feel like it sped along quickly.

Jul 25, Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: audio-books , historical , youth , fantasy-sci-fi. Very interesting to learn about the Mayan culture. I enjoyed this book for the most part. The main problem I had is that I'm really tired of the bickering that goes on between Dak and Riq. It's interfering with the story now. Sep 28, Hannah rated it really liked it. I liked this book but it took awhile to get to the point of the story.

Jun 27, Robert rated it it was amazing. Good book. It kept you on your toes. Aug 06, Laura Iacono rated it really liked it.

An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

It was cool to read about the Maya civilization! Jun 28, Angela Massengale rated it it was amazing. Best of the series so far. Finally feeling engaged with the heroes well, 2 of the 3. Looking forward to what comes next in the series. Feb 10, Cynthia Cleveland rated it liked it Shelves: childrens.

Not a favorite in this series. The basic story is fine but the idiotic things Dak says is too much. Feb 03, Person Who Reads rated it liked it. Apr 18, Susan Ibe rated it really liked it. Nov 30, Emily Ensign rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy , engl They are Hystorians who travel through time with their infinity ring, trying to reset history to the way it would have been if not tampered with by the Time Wardens. They meet Kisa who helps them solve their first riddle, protect the Codex, and return to the correct time period. She eventually changes her name to Akna and begins the Mayan Hystorian group.

She preserves another copy of the Codex hidden beneath the Observatory so that years later when the three friends warp to the time in which the SQ are trying to destroy time, she has prepared a way to help them. They end up solving the second riddle and saving the day before warping back in time once more. This was a fun book to read.

It did feel a bit simpler than other books I've read this semester, but there seems to be a good amount of plot complexity between the books. Having only read the 4th in the series I am curious to see how Sera's remnants of the future cataclysm end up affecting everything that went on in this book. I'd recommend this to junior high age. While I did like the story provide and found it interesting that the book included not one but two parts to a break there were just too many questions in this one for me to rate it as high as the previous one.

I have the same gap issues with the series as always but no really need to go into those since I've vented a few times on that before. My issues with this one were more about things within the story itself.

First of all when the book opens the time appears to be wrong, but there's a partial While I did like the story provide and found it interesting that the book included not one but two parts to a break there were just too many questions in this one for me to rate it as high as the previous one. First of all when the book opens the time appears to be wrong, but there's a partial break to fix anyway.

With how detailed the calculations are supposed to be in order to make the ring work, how could she have arrived in the wrong time? This really isn't ever explained in the story. Continuing on with ring related questions. In book two a villain broke his tooth trying to bite the ring, possibly to break it, can't quite remember the exact details.

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No damage was done to the ring but the man's tooth could have used a dentist afterward. In book three, Sera chased the ring into the ocean, and it still works, but somehow in book four, Dak knocks it out of someone's hand and it hits the ground and it needs repairs and reprogramming?

Additionally can someone answer the question of what tools from the Ancient Mayan civilization would have been suitable to repair a futuristic time travel device? In books one through three the trio were careful about who they admitted where they were from to. Especially after they'd become confused and ended up trapped in the third book they'd made a point of deciding to be careful about it, so why exactly were all three of them supposedly so casual about deciding someone was a historian without proof in this book?

This leads me to the square, it's established during the first part of the book that the Historian movement was kind of a European thing which moved to the Americas with the European immigration here. If that's the case why would there be a clue about the first Mayan visit in the square? How would they know something had gone wrong there if no historian was actually there to actually know what happened? If all the clues were uploaded to the square in the future before any portion of the breaks were repaired, how would the second Mayan clue refer to something Riq said to Kisa during the first visit?

I mean unless he'd already been there to have the conversation about friendship her creating a new branch of historians and giving them that friendship motto wouldn't even exist. I get that time travel is going to have a lot of loops, but too many of these questions don't have answers that fit within the pre established rules for time travel in this story provided in the previous books. Now if you can ignore all that, it's a good story, there's a lot of truly emotional scenes, intriguing characters and an interesting story, but all the questions and things that didn't quite make sense were driving me insane through most of the story which detracted a lot from the book for me.

Overall it's a good addition to the series, but not really a great one because of how much it varies from other titles within the series. Jun 06, Kristina rated it really liked it Shelves: dystopia , sci-fi , arc-netgalley , historical-fiction , middle-grade , , books. Originally published at yAdult Review. Some summary there, huh? I hope so, anyway, because the opening of this novel is awesome. Bits and pieces of Originally published at yAdult Review. Something I was reminded of in this book, though, is that Sera is a person of color.

So two out of three main characters in this series are people of color. Yay, progress! Speaking of progress, why is it that Dak has a little character development every book mostly where he learns to control his urge to run off , and then is the exact same annoying little boy in the next one? Dak drives me absolutely bonkers. Riq is definitely experiencing some changes, but more of the hormonal variety set off by a pretty Mayan girl.

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He was just super clueless and cute. The main problem in this one, though, is that Sera has seemingly transported them to the wrong century. Dak suspects they can learn something while there, and he has a few suspicions about what they are. And they do, of course. In fact, this story is split into two—the ancient Maya and the age of the conquistador which is a terribly sad and frankly genocidal period of history. Go, Europe!

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But like, learning what Sera saw when she experienced the Cataclysm made me cry. Even a mature eleven-year-old can only handle so much misery and horror. And Riq is experiencing a little heartbreak. I almost liked him in the later middle chapters. I really really liked this one. It made me excited about the series again! Thanks, Scholastic! Nov 07, Eric Wolford rated it liked it Shelves: engl In this book, as the protagonists travel to the Mayan empire to solve another riddle in order for the Hystorians to save the world from destruction from the SQ, the three protagonists each encounter their own struggles.

While Sera is trying to learn how to deal with her recollections of other timelines which leads to her seeing her long lost parents dead in her home before the end of the world, Riq falls in love with a girl in the Mayan empire during the s AD while Dak manages to injure himself after a stone wall hits his head as a storm rages on in the city they are in, After discovering that the riddle is drawing them to an ancient codex they need to recover a millennia later, eventually the three have to go - with Riq compromised because of his love for the Mayan girl.

Once they manage to arrive during the era of the conquistadores during the Mayan empire, they discover why the codex is so vital - the SQ have a fake codex that they are planning to read to incriminate the Maya and further their grasp on controlling the world. All in all, it's a fun book - admittedly one that is geared for a YOUNG young adult audience, but entertaining nevertheless. I do like how Pena seems to interpose his cultural background in the development of the Mayan empire to give the reader a good idea of the names and cultures of the Maya were during the time the three protagonists were there, and their insights about the Spanish's desire to have the Mayans abandon their traditional cultures does lead to a good message against imposing one's cultural views over another.

If there was anything I could complain about, it is that I don't have a full grasp of the storyline. After reading this book, it does give me a desire to pick up book 1 to understand the conflict between the Hystorians and the SQ as well as what happened to Dak's parents early on in the series, but I wish I was given a bit more detail to manageably understand the story as its own book.

All in all, it was fine - nothing that monumental outside of a few insights left by Pena, but a good book nevertheless. Feb 22, Xander ForeverBookish rated it it was amazing Shelves: signed-books , ya-that-i-own. Dak, Riq and Sera have just travelled to the age of the Maya people, in the middle of a storm. After something life-threatening happens to Dak while trying to save a little girl, it is up to Riq, Sera and their new friend Kira to figure out the Great Break. But something feels wrong: as if they are in the wrong year.

What I thought about it: I really enjoyed this book. Time-travel is just so awesome! I also love the story arc for the series, fixing problems in history so things will be right. So far, all of the other Infinity Ring books have captivated me, and I bet the rest will too.

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I loved this book, and I can not wait for the next one. The Game: Sleeping Warrior, the online game for this book was pretty fun. It was short, but enjoyable. I think those Hystorian Guides are so cool. The map didn't help a lot for this Great Break, and I didn't really look at it. Regardless, the game was pretty good. I think Scholastic does a great job with the Great Breaks and with the 39 Clues missions as well.

XanderStars: Action: 8. Dec 16, Jason Luck rated it really liked it. The beginning is the most important part of the work. Apply yourself both now and in the next life. Without effort, you cannot be prosperous. Though the land be good, you cannot have an abundant crop without cultivation. All things will be produced in superior quantity and quality, and with greater ease, when each man works at a single occupation, in accordance with his natural gifts, and at the right moment, without meddling with anything else.

He who is not a good servant will not be a good master. As the builders say, the larger stones do not lie well without the lesser. Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. When the best leader's work is done the people say, "We did it ourselves.

Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power. When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you. Great acts are made up of small deeds. An ant on the move does more than a dozing ox. Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. To see things in the seed, that is genius. People in their handling of affairs often fail when they are about to succeed.

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This started the 6. Defense of the Ancients is maintained via official forums. Users can post ideas for new heroes or items, some of which are added to the map. Players have contributed icons and hero descriptions and created the artwork displayed while the map loads, and suggestions for changes to existing heroes or items are taken seriously; IceFrog once changed a new hero less than two weeks after the new version of the map was released. Mescon continued to maintain dota-allstars. Because Warcraft III custom games have none of the features designed to improve game quality matchmaking players based on connection speed, etc.

External tools ping player's locations, and games can be named to exclude geographic regions. The popularity of Defense of the Ancients increased over time. The scenario is popular in many parts of the world; in the Philippines and Thailand, it is played as much as the game Counter-Strike. In June , captainSMRT, writing for Gamasutra , stated that DotA "is likely the most popular and most-discussed free, non-supported game mod in the world". Defense of the Ancients has been credited as one of the influences for the Gas Powered Games title Demigod , [33] [34] with the video game publication GameSpy noting the game's premise revolved around aspiring gods "[playing] DotA in real life".

In October , IceFrog was hired by Valve, to lead a team to develop the stand-alone sequel, Dota 2. In addition to the pre-conceived gameplay constants, Dota 2 also features Steam support and profile tracking, intended to emphasize and support the game's matchmaking and community. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mod for Warcraft III. For other uses, see Dota disambiguation. Defense of the Ancients ' loading screen as of version 6. See also: Multiplayer online battle arena.

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