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Beginning with the anticipation of morning, then moving on into their daily exploration of the world around them, the piece then culminates in the warm satisfaction of day's end. We are encouraged to dream with them the dreams that children dream: dreams of hope, happiness, peace and security.

A terrific signature piece for your choir! Dry Bones View score page 3 , page 8 Click here to listen SATB The well-known spiritual has been arranged for voices of all ages, with the familiar ascending chromatic key changes in the first section and the descending modulations in the latter section. Optional guitar, bass and drum parts are included in the score; suitable for church or school use.

Echoes of Kindness In this delightful original work, Ruth Elaine Schram and Linda Marcus offer a sincere and important message about the lasting effects that our words and deeds have on everyone around us. In every single life we touch, a tiny difference can mean so much…may the echoes of kindness go on and on and on The text tells the listener that life is short and should be enjoyed now instead of waiting until it is too late.

Ruthie has written easy, two-part harmonies, incorporating the use of echo and repetition of patterns. The feel is a rhythmic samba and both parts get to share the melody. Cute and wonderfully novel! Ruthie Schram's rhythmically interesting arrangement is full of syncopations and will develop excellent diction in young singers. If it suits the needs and abilities of the ensemble, the optional second part provides an opportunity to teach and hear descant-style harmony.

Every Day's a Holiday Delightful collection of twenty songs for celebrations throughout the year. Includes a fabulous chronological listing of national and international observances for all days of the year! Suitable for Grades 2 - 6. Only moderately difficult, available in three voicings.

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Everybody Loves Saturday Night View score page 4 , page 5 Click here to listen Delightful arrangement of the Nigerian folk song, sung in four languages pronunciation guide given. Your students will learn Nigerian, Chinese, and French translations of this phrase! Optional Orff percussion is included, and an accompaniment track is available. Also known as "Nora's Dove," or "Sad Man Blues," this song with its roots in the African American Spiritual expresses a search for freedom, a yearning to go home, a hopelessness that builds to the hope found in "spreading your wings.

An optional Flute obbligato and Orff accompaniment included in score adds to the beauty of the piece and helps the work build throughout, only to come back to a soft climax that will leave your audience breathless. The portion from Measure 25 to the end would make a beautiful, memorable encore at the end of your concert and a fitting closer. The chorus also appears in canon, making this piece easy to learn and express. A partner song that works!

The patriotic George M. Cohan favorite "You're a Grand Old Flag" is partnered with a delightful original melody for use any time of the year. A rousing, energetic gem that will get your audience on their feet! Follow the Golden Sun Young choirs always enjoy singing about reaching their dreams for the future, and this piece will let them do it in a very gratifying way. I would soar the azure skies, if I had the wings to fly! Arranged for multiple voicings, suitable for school or church use.

Would be particularly meaningful for Spring concerts or Earth Day. It's hilarious to learn, perform and hear, and a joy to teach because of the vast musical learning that can be done with fugues. A new, different, and surprising novelty selection for your program from the pen of Ruthie Schram! An original melody introduces the theme as the song builds from unison to harmony. In the final section, the original material works in partnership with My Country, 'Tis of Thee, and then concludes with the climactic statement: Give me America; let freedom ring!

Sure-fire success for your developing Elementary or Middle School choir. Gloria and Alleluia View score page 1 , page 6 Set of two a cappella songs for young voices, perfect for contests, festivals and concerts. Gloria is up tempo and rhythmic, set in F major. The Alleluia is legato and melodic, set in D minor, and has two endings to choose from to suit your group. Gloria Tibi Domine This uplifting setting of a traditional Latin text will make the perfect opening statement on your next concert. Extended repetition helps to ease the learning process while saving rehearsal time.

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Glorificamus Te View score page 6 , page 7 Click here to listen Traditional Latin text and original music with the option of singing a cappella by Ruth Elaine Schram make this effective choral work a natural for concert performance. For SATB voices, this is easily sung, but has big impact with lots of exciting dynamics. Very rhythmic and fast-paced, this would be a perfect opener or closing number for use any time during the year.

The climactic off-beat entrances make this fun to rehearse and perform! Especially appropriate for contest and festival use. Good News! Two delightfully uplifting spirituals, "Good News" and "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" are partnered in this swing-style, upbeat arrangement for Two-Part Any Combination voices suggestions given for mixed voices.

Expertly crafted for beginning part singers or small, volunteer choirs, it opens with one spiritual, introduces the second, then partners them in the final section. Equally useful in a school or church setting, "Good News! Several small percussion patterns are included and may be employed throughout, and portions of the accompaniment are designed to sound like steel drums, lending an authentic Island feel for an effective performance.

The Handshake Shake View score page 1 , page 2 , page 3 Delightful, lively song by Linda Marcus and Ruth Elaine Schram with multi-cultural appeal has optional percussion parts for your students to enjoy. With a hint of a Spanish feel, this bright little tune is sung in both English and Spanish pronunciation guide is included and has optional choreography.

Upbeat message about acceptance and friendship between cultures is a perfect tool to use in today's classroom. Supportive accompaniment is expressive and moving.

Hear the Music View Two Part score page 1 , page 2 , page 3 Optional solo begins, then builds to full choir: "I hear a far-away bell; I hear the ocean in a shell. I hear a merry carousel and each one has a tale to tell; each has its music Especially effective as a concert or festival opener or closer, it is a superb programming choice for young and developing choirs. The melody was written by Brian Busch and Ruth Elaine Schram, and is arranged in three part mixed or two part voicings. Suitable for church or school use, with moderate ranges and difficulty levels for each voicing.

Pictures to demonstrate the American Sign Language phrases are included in the score for ease of learning, and cues are given throughout the score for placement of signs. Hold On! It is a terrific choice for use at your next performance as an opening or closing number! Hooray for Hollywood!

Whiting has now been arranged for your singers in multiple voicings by Ruth Elaine Schram. Great as an opener for your next concert! Optional guitar, bass and drum parts are included in the score, or use the accompaniment track for added sparkle. Whether performed on your spring concert or at graduation festivities, this uplifting, inspirational original will be a marvelous signature song for your choir.

Opportunities are provided for each voice part to sing the melody, as well as accessible part-writing for all voices. Emotive and lyrical, it features a flowing, supportive accompaniment. A perfect choice for contests or festivals, this piece provides a wonderful opportunity for an aesthetic experience for your singers. Moderately difficult, this song uses echo, repetition, and modulation not only for a beautiful, interesting performance but to provide teaching opportunities for balance and blend.

Your group will sound warm and sensitive on this flowing setting. In that lullaby she sings, you'll hear the brush of angels' wings Optional percussion parts, English or French lyrics, and performance suggestions make this accessible work a delight to prepare and perform! Let your Ladies Ensemble try this one on for size! Optional guitar, bass and drums are included in the score, and an accompaniment track is available.

Optional cello part included in score. I Will Stand Up for You Strongly impact your choir and their classmates with a message of friendship and acceptance with this inspirational piece by Ruth Elaine Schram and her daughter, Celsie Staggers. Celsie is an Elementary Music teacher, and wanted to create a song that took a strong stance against bullying, but from a positive standpoint. May be performed by Unison or Two Part voices, with comfortable ranges and a strong melodic chorus.

Perfect for the ensemble just beginning to learn to sing independent harmonic lines. It's an ideal, lighthearted song of brotherhood and togetherness that is timeless and uplifting. Ice Cream View score page 10 Click here to listen Ice cream is the writer's favorite confection "any day of the year," but this song is especially suited for warm weather concerts.

Delightful novelty piece in partner style, immortalizing our fascination with the cold treat. Have an ice cream social after this performance! An alternate text makes this song suitable for church or school use. Available for mixed voices or ladies' voices, also arranged for solo voice in the " When I Reflect " collection.

Dawn Chorus - Iraqi Kurdistan Edition

There is laughter and joy, there's a home for every girl and boy. In my world, no child goes to bed feeling hungry. There is plenty for everyone How hard can it be to make the world of my dreams the world that we see? We have the vision, and the courage, and the power and the knowledge to make it so!

Irish Friendship Wish View score page 1 , page 2 Click here to listen This setting of one of the many Irish Blessings is beautifully set with a gentle melody and colorful, yet supportive, harmonies in the keyboard. Very expressive, this piece may be performed unison, as a solo, or as a Two Part work. Suitable any time during the school year, it is especially meaningful as an end-of-year piece or for graduation services. An Irish Prayer A haunting keyboard introduction recurs as a unifying device and beautifully complements the mesmerizing melody throughout this tender original selection by Ruth Elaine Schram, utilizing two familiar Irish blessings.

Well suited for church and school use throughout the year, it will also serve as a wonderful benediction or concert closer. Jibuli, Jibuli View score page 3 , page 4 Click here to listen This rhythmic Tanzanian Folk Song "Jibuli" is Tanzanian for rabbit is absolutely terrific for young choirs just beginning part-singing. Featuring echo passages and a descant-like section, it is extremely accessible and ensures built-in success. Optional conga parts are included in the score and add a colorful flair. The familiar melody has been given beautiful fresh harmonies that a new generation will cherish.

Kyrie View TB score page 4 , page 5 Click here to listen The melody to this two part setting of the Latin text is chant-like but the harmonies are warm. Ebb and flow, dynamic changes, a rising climax, and a return to gentleness all result in a beautifully crafted work that helps build a sense of expressiveness into your ensemble. MP3 rehearsal aids and Accompaniment Tracks are available as a free download from the publisher. This well-known melody is also known as the Spiritual " Goin' Home.

Customized Instrumental Accompaniment is available for this choral work! Click here for more info. Kyrie for ladies' voices View score page 2 , page 3 Click here to listen The vocal harmonies in this lovely setting of the Greek "Kyrie" create a shimmering effect in this tasteful original for ladies' voices. The modulation heightens the tension, only to be released as the work closes.

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This sonorous, expressive work will be a welcome addition to your library. Kyrie Eleison published by Alfred View score page 1 , page 2 Expressive new melody to the classic Latin text, arranged for Two Part voices. Antiphony and contrasting motion makes the harmony easy for younger choirs to learn and interesting for the listener. Appropriate for school or church use, a good choice for festivals and contests as well as concerts. Kyrie Eleison published by BriLee View Three Part Mixed score page 1 , page 2 Chant-like in its melodic movement, yet wonderfully contemporary in its harmonic warmth, this Three Part Mixed setting of the Latin text strikes a balance between the old and new world.

Melodic planing and a gentle rubato bring a wonderful expressiveness to this work, creating an opportunity for an exquisite aesthetic experience for your developing ensemble. Marvelous teaching tool for the classroom, also a wonderful choice for festivals or competitions.


Three-Part version sounds particularly lush and full. May be used in school or church. The expansive nature of this powerful melding will give each section of your SSA chorus an opportunity to stretch and shine. Life Is Precious View score page 1 , page 2 Click here to listen "Life is precious, life is beautiful, every day a gift, every person a treasure It has a message that everyone will hold dear to their hearts. Written for and dedicated to Brian Busch, beloved friend and editor of BriLee Music, who lost his battle with cancer in June Mixed meters are juxtaposed with homophonic, chorale-style harmonies, and build to a thrilling conclusion.

Free MP3 part-by-part rehearsal aids are available from the publisher. Easy to learn and to easy to teach, this offering is a great piece to introduce the traditional spiritual style, or just a treat for your singers! The text has been updated by the arranger to make it less confusing for today's choirs. An optional soaring flute obbligato is featured, while gorgeous vocal harmonies convey the image of a spirit who comes in lofty flight to give rest to the weary.

The richly flowing accompaniment underscores three modulating verses that gradually lift our souls heavenward. It works beautifully for tenor-bass choir, with a sensitive piano accompaniment, comfortable ranges, and nice teaching moments.

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The longing quality of the text is so appropriate for guys to sing with an expressive, mellow tone. The two combine effortlessly in this lovely, flowing setting. Dreamy, poignant and tasteful, it will touch the hearts of all who hear it.

Hot air, flights of fancy, and roads not taken…

Voiced for Three Part Mixed voices with an optional Baritone part, making it extremely flexible for the developing or small choir. Longing for Spring Written to sound like an awakening, the lovely musical lines and beautiful harmonies support an introspective, allegorical text that will bring out the very best in your singers. Set in minor mode, a longing for the return of springtime is captured by both the music and the text, and offers the ensemble the chance to communicate those ideas to the audience. Great selection for concert, contest, or festival! The Lorelei Popular German folk song recounts the tale of the lure of the Siren's song and the sailor's fatal shipwreck in this haunting setting for male voices.

Lush, romantic harmonies and lovely part writing create a dreamy effect as the story unfolds, and builds to its chilling conclusion. The Magpie One for sorrow, two for joy; three for a girl and four for a boy. Five for silver, six for gold; seven for a secret never to be told This old British poem is the theme of this clever original from Ruth Elaine Schram.

Reminiscent of a folk song, it is set in a minor key to give the music a mock seriousness, while the whimsical text is a delightful contrast. Very easily learned, with lots of unison, easy echo singing, and some part singing. May I Be a Hero View score page 1 , page 2 Click here to listen SATB This flowing original selection passes a lovely and thoughtful melody between the voices in a flawless stream of music that practically sings itself.

Perfect for graduation, concert closer or a signature piece, this work will be taken to heart by all who sing it and listen to it.

Also available for solo voice in the " When I Reflect " collection. Kodi is available for multiple operating systems and hardware platforms, with a software foot user interface for use with televisions and remote controls. It allows users to play and view most streaming media, such as videos, music, podcasts, and videos from the internet, as well as all common digital media files from local and network storage media.

Kodi is highly customizable: a variety of skins can change its appearance, and various plug-ins allow users to access streaming media content via online services such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Crackle, Pandora Internet Radio, Rhapsody, Spotify, and YouTube. The later versions also have a personal video-recorder PVR graphical front end for receiving live television with electronic program guide EPG and high-definition digital video recorder DVR support.

In the UK, both copyright holders and the police have been cracking down hard on sellers of Kodi boxes, which are being widely used to pirate streams of live sporting events and just about everything else. But realistically, the only reason you would ever want one is it if was bought either pre-loaded or altered in order to watch PPV content.

On this side of the pond, right holders have a long history of leveraging copyright law and its secondary liability doctrines to try to control the distribution of dual-use technologies like Kodi boxes. The leading case in this area is of course Sony v. Universal , in which Universal sought to ban the distribution of VHS recorders in the early s.

In the early s, the major record labels targeted distributors of peer-to-peer file-sharing software, successfully forcing services like Grokster and LimeWire out of business, even as the P2P file-sharing protocols underlying those services have remained legal. In the future, these scientists say, acoustic monitoring systems could serve as a real-time automated collision risk alarm system. That was one of the goals of an emergency monitoring effort recently completed in Pennsylvania. Last September Audubon Pennsylvania, New York City Audubon, and the American Bird Conservancy learned of a massive public art display planned for Philadelphia that involved 24 robotic searchlights sweeping the night sky for 25 nights during the peak of fall migration.

Clark and other researchers assembled an avian radar detection system and three acoustic recorders to monitor bird movements during the light show. Over the course of the project, more than , migrating birds were tracked through a one-kilometer-wide about six- tenths of a mile radar transect over the light show. Thankfully, the monitoring showed no significant problems for the birds, but the studies turned up some intriguing facts. The acoustic monitoring devices recorded six times the number of night flight calls in the vicinity of the light show than at a recording station at the East Reservoir, less than two miles away.

In fall and spring , Jessica Fleischman, then an 11th grader in Ossining, New York, set up low-cost microphones on the roof of Ossining High School. She compared her data to sounds recorded on a rooftop in rural Alfred, New York, miles to the west. In 84 nights of recording, she tallied more than 20, nocturnal flight calls. With assistance from Clark and Evans, Fleischman showed that wind speed and precipitation were critical factors in calling rates.

As scientists learn more about how birds navigate through cities, the data could result in designing urban spaces in ways that mitigate danger. But this work shows that even though there are problems, the vast majority of birds migrate successfully. And there is more we can do to help. A few weeks after his nocturnal peregrinations, Clark received an analysis of what the microphones caught on that dark October New York night. The algorithms parsed out the calls of migrating birds from the trills of insects, distant door slams, and the shuffling noises Clark made as he shifted around in the cool air.

Farnsworth, who assisted with the analysis, identified 26 nocturnal flight calls recorded over the course of the evening, a relatively light night for migrating birds. Among the birds he heard: black-throated blue warbler, chipping sparrow, savannah sparrow, more tseep -group birds, and another dozen calls of uncertain origin.

At precisely p. The call lasted an eyeblink-brief 0.

FS2004 - The Plane That Flew Too High (West Caribbean Flight 708)

On a spectrogram, the call looks like a tiny wave train, double dark bands with sharp peaks produced by its buzzy tones. Audubon is a nonprofit organization committed to protecting birds and the places they need. We rely on our members for support. You can help us by making a donation today. We're in a race against time — to give birds a fighting chance in a rapidly changing world. Your support will hellp secure the future for birds at risk from climate change, habitat loss, and other threats.

From the Magazine Magazine Sep tember — Oct ober Edward Nickens September-October Audubon does not participate in political campaigns, nor do we support or oppose candidates. Take Action. Get Audubon in Your Inbox Let us send you the latest in bird and conservation news. Find Audubon Near You Visit your local Audubon center, join a chapter, or help save birds with your state program. Explore the Network.

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