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Do you have a recipe you would like me to try? Thanks for the link to the Juilia Childs video! Great stuff!

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I made this the same night I watched the video minus the crab and it was great! Glad to hear that it worked out for you. Ramsay is an excellent cook. Maybe a bit over the top on some of his shows, but he can definitely cook with the best of them. Thank you for exposing me to him.

You're not poor. You're broke

It goes to show you, you just never no…. Skip to content. But I can watch the masters cook all day long. Ramsay is a master. Absorb, Combine, and Experiment Amy and I will soon start posting recipes with photos of some of our favorite home-cooked dishes. And try to find at least one master chef or highly trusted source. Bonus points if this person is a grandparent.

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You know what you like. What sounds good and what sounds like manure. Substitute something, maybe a milder parsley. Take all of the best parts of the best recipes and… Experiment.

Todd Wilbur's Top Secret Copycat Restaurant Recipes – Best Hacks!

Make it happen. If you are doing a good job of recipe selection and you are using high-quality ingredients, the force is with you. Going to try this! When you get home, take off your coat, wash your hands, and immediately begin chopping the onion, carrot, and celery. Add a little bit of olive oil or butter to your pot enough to generously coat the bottom and slowly cook the vegetables this is known as sweating them until they are soft.

It should take about 10 minutes. Bring the pot to a lively simmer and then lower the heat and let things cook gently.

15 Easy And Healthy Meals For When You're Completely Broke

The lentils will take about half an hour to soften, and when they do, your main course aka lentil soup will almost be done. While the lentils are cooking, set the table with bowls, napkins, spoons, and knives. Cut the bread or leave it dramatically whole in the middle of the table--you and your guests can pass it around and tear off chunks for extra tribal bonding points.

Thank you!

Place the cheese on a plate and the plate on the table. Light a candle or two if you have them. After 20 to 25 minutes of cooking, check your lentils. You want them soft but still intact. Locate the whole garlic cloves, which should be super soft by now and, using the back of a spoon, mash them up against the side of the pot until they dissolve into the soup. Add a little more water if the soup looks dry, and salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm by covering and lowering the heat to the lowest possible setting.

Add salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon or a touch of vinegar , and toss again. Place the bowl on the table. When your guests arrive, take their coats and seat them at the table. Open the wine and splash a little into the soup--just a glug--before pouring a glass for them. Bring the pot of soup to the table and serve, garnishing each bowl with several sprigs of thyme and a handful of the salad. Be sure to bring the bar of chocolate to the table.

Later, you will unwrap it and pass it around the table. This is your dessert. And it is enough. She currently lives among apricot, pear, persimmon, lime, and apple trees in Oakland, California.


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Here's your meal plan for your dinner party four:. Suggest a correction.