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It was a stunning twist in the case of the man, Vincent Lambert, a nurse who was left in a vegetative state after a motor vehicle accident in and whose situation has bitterly divided his family and put him at the center of a right-to-die debate in France.

Prolonging the Withdrawal of Life Support in the ICU Affects Family Satisfaction with Care

Earlier on Monday, doctors at a hospital in the northeastern city of Reims had stopped artificially feeding and hydrating him and began administering strong doses of sedation. The decision to remove Mr. Lambert from life support was announced this month after a series of rulings, despite staunch opposition from his parents. Lawyers for Mr. But late on Monday night, surprising many, another challenge filed with the Paris appeals court succeeded.

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  • French court orders life support to resume for man in vegetative state.
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  • French court orders life support to resume for man in vegetative state | World news | The Guardian.

The court ruled that France had to delay the decision to halt Mr. Jean Paillot, a lawyer for Mr.

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The dispute has attracted intense attention from the media and from politicians, some of whom had asked President Emmanuel Macron to stop the life support from being removed. But Mr. A vegetative state can be defined as a condition that occurs when the part of the brain that controls thought and behavior no longer works, but vital functions such as the sleep cycle, body temperature control and breathing persist.

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People in a vegetative state can sometimes open their eyes and have basic reflexes, but they do not have a meaningful response to stimulation or display any sign of experiencing emotions. Because Mr.

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Doctors in France had earlier Monday halted the nutrition and hydration Lambert receives, in line with the wishes of his wife and other relatives. Other courts this year had backed their assessment that nothing more could be done for Lambert, who has been kept alive ever since a car accident in Medical sources told AFP that Lambert could die within days or a week without the life support treatment he had been getting in the Sebastopol hospital in the north-eastern French city of Reims.

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This is a very big victory. They are going to restore nutrition and give him drink. For once I am proud of the courts. Before the latest court ruling, Pope Francis had weighed in on Monday in favour of keeping Lambert alive.