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Madison Jarman Making her sister do their laundry. Kristen K. Chauncey He barks at anyone who goes near him. Steve M.

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He forgot to do the dishes. Regina Milazzo She played too many tricks on her husband.

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  • Pat Robinson ge when she added my name to the Naughty List! Mikayla Being her sassy self Landon Cox He does not listen to his pre-adoptive parents, he swears he's only 9 years old he throws tantrums, he does not do his chores and he says very mean and hateful things. He is also ungrateful, mean spiritied and a bully. Cory Caragiulo For not sharing some rad 'stache wax shaping info Kallia Smith not cleaning up after herself Jeremiah Torres Lying, misbehaving and lying some more JackSquatJB For using this list as a way to promote his artwork Tony Knott He just wants to meet Krampus, that's all.

    Kay Wrede Assembling an army of greyhounds. For what purpose?

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    • Only time will tell. Nick Genualdi Forced friends to watch painfully bad christmas movies Elaine Neftelberg She is sweetest cinnamon roll grandma, but I suspect a darker side! Eric Hagadorn The reason is too naughty for words!

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      Carolyn Rubinfeld She heckles birds. Jackson Shaw He works too hard!! Definitely needs to be hooked on a meat hook and dragged through the Double Tap. Interior Ministry foils MB plot to target state facilities during June 30 anniv. Tue, Jun.

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      Egyptian envoy to Israel confirms Egypt's vision on establishing peace Tue, Jun. Egypt, Switzerland sign agreement to provide clean drinking water in Aswan Tue, May. Jihan Sadat casts ballot in constitutional amendments, urges women to participate Sat, Apr. Arab League praises referendum process on constitutional amendments Sat, Apr.

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