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Does he support and encourage me to have an opinion and respect me for it? Does he make an effort to make me happy and accepts me for who I am? These are important questions that every woman should evaluate in their man before locking in the long-term relationship with them. Let him go if he makes you upset, lonely, or frustrated.

How can you love someone who makes you so unhappy and disappointed? At the heart of true love is a relationship that is strong and deeply rooted in friendship. Attraction and chemistry are important at the beginning of a relationship. It is what brings two people together and what is necessary for a relationship to get off the ground, but it should not be the primary thing.

When physical attraction and chemistry wear off, friendship is going to hold your relationship together. Do you want to spend all your time with him? When you are in a relationship with someone you consider to be your best friend you get more life satisfaction.

Is He the Right Guy for Me?

They make any situation more enjoyable, you feel you can really be honest with him, and you want to spend all your time with him. I think a defining point on qualifying to be a best friend is that you want to make this person happy like the way he makes you happy. I know that he can take the unpleasantness of anything down a couple of notches, and throw in a few witty remarks to make me laugh.

He is my favorite person in the world and I feel very grateful I found him. When you find the right person to love the energy and happiness you experience can be so magical.

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These are the signs of someone who is the right guy for you, because love with the right person nourishes you inside and out. Candace has a mission to help smart, educated women find love.

She helps women be confident in dating to create genuine, long lasting relationships with Mr. Right who will make them feel spectacular inside and out, instead of feeling like they have to settle. You can find her at www. Yes, Netflix by mail still exists. They are going to raise the prices next yr though. Thanks for reading! Hi Candace, this is really great.

I have been in ups and downs relationship, they just never lasted.. Hey there, very interesting article. I met a lovely guy a couple of months ago. It makes me so sad. First of all, thank you for being honest about your fears and I think you answered your own question about what to do.

What I would say is, take note of the great qualities this guy has so you can continue building your standards for the relationships you want and continue looking. We are not about that settling life. LOVE, Christal. I am so full of love and affection that I have been waiting for such a special man, I have never let my standards down even when I was told they were too high, I just prayed that someday I would find all the wonderful things that I wanted.

Love 3. Honesty 4. Caring 3. God Fearing Man 1. Good Good Loving 6. Communication 5. Truthful 8. Communication 7. Constant messaging. Only the smart one get the best ones. You used to tell your parents and friends about all these things, but now you don't call them quite as much as you used to.

How Do I Know If He’s the Right Guy for Me?

They don't mind because they see how happy you are. You feel comfortable planning things six months—or a year — into the future. You're not worried you'll have to cancel plane tickets or say you won't be needing a plus-one after all. You feel that confident in your relationship. You can cry in front of him without feeling embarrassed. He knows when to worry and when you're just caught up in a scene of a movie. When your friends complain about their significant others or the guys they've gone out with, you get kind of quiet because you don't have much to contribute.

You don't want to brag, but you just don't have to deal with any of that nonsense because your significant other is great to you. He's close with your family, and he's made sure you've gotten to know his. He'll call your dad or your grandma without any hesitation. It just makes sense that you'd go to his nephew's birthday party, even if he's not there.

He cares about your friends. If one of them is having a bad day, he suggests you go spend time with her or invite her to join the two of you for dinner. If he hasn't heard someone's name in a while, he asks how she's doing. He lets you vent.

Find out what type of guy you should be with

Sometimes when something frustrates you, you just need to go over it again and again. He doesn't get annoyed at this, and he dismisses your apologies. The only thing that bothers him about the situation is that you're upset and he wishes you weren't. He tells you, out of the blue, that you look hot. And it's on the day you didn't dry your hair or put on makeup or even change out of your T-shirt and sweatpants.

You can do things like travel together without fighting all the time.

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We've all seen or been that tragic couple fighting over where to get lunch at the airport so badly that one of them devolves into tears and puts her shades on indoors and lies across three seats in the terminal. You can do tedious things with your S. He plans activities that he knows you'll enjoy. He doesn't depend on you to be in charge of everything, and he remembers that you said you wanted to go to that new restaurant or museum exhibit. He works hard at his job, but you're his priority. If you ask him to go to an event that's important to you, he's not afraid to step out of the office to accompany you.

He'll figure out a way to get his work done, just as you would do for him. Follow Cosmopolitan on Twitter. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Nothing about your current relationship gives you anxiety. Not to say that relationships don't take work and go through good and bad times. But none of the anxiety you've had in previous relationships—about how your futures align, or how much he likes you compared to how much you like him—are present. You feel secure and safe in this relationship, because it is secure and safe.

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