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I'm sure he assumed everyone understood that, but we don't, and that's why simple lies work. In other words you cannot always thoroughly discredit a simple lie.

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That often requires a very complex truth. Instead you have to disect the simple lies to find where they are weak and where a simple truth can effectively discredit just a part of the lie, but in so doing you call into question the entire lie. And that requires going in to the debate understanding exactly what those weaknesses are, and being ready when they are being talked about. This is really a tough one to get a grasp of.

We're going to give a tax cut that actually doesn't cut taxes. But what caught my ear was the following. The point is Romney's plans often are deeply flawed, and you just have to find those flaws, and attack the individual flawed parts where possible with simple and straightforward arguments.

Don't try to go after the grand schemes.

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It's too easy to deflect thaose arguments. In any case, and in Obama's defense, combating simple lies is never simple.

For the next debate we need a few simple truths. Simple Lies, Complex Truths.

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Comey on Trump administration: 'Lies - plain and simple'

Edit Tags. Done Editing Tags. Share this article. Number two is for people coming along that are young. What I'd do to make sure that we can keep Medicare in place for them is to allow them either to choose the current Medicare program or a private plan — their choice. They get to — and they'll have at least two plans that will be entirely at no cost to them. That's not going to happen. What he never says is that you will have to pay for your medicare out of your voucher, provided the voucher covers its cost. Here, experts reveal why. Nearly any adult will tell you that lying is wrong.

And 75 percent admit to lying to loved ones about money in particular. Smith, Ph. These are the six top ways people lie.

To Lie or To Lay? | Get It Write Online

Why people do it: For self-preservation. While it may be instinctual, people who frequently cover up innocent errors may start to feel as if they have permission to be irresponsible. Also, eternally passing the buck is downright exhausting. We build ourselves a false reality in which we try to impress others who are only trying to impress us. And that is okay. I'm not shunning those that wish to be outlandish and 'crazy' but the most individual and defining thing in which you can do is be yourself and be honest to who you really are.

Individuality comes with confidence in yourself.

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Synthesise these Simple Lies. February 9, Jamie Stuart-Smith.

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