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More filters. Sort order. Jul 02, karen rated it it was amazing Shelves: les-animaux , kiddiwinx. View all 60 comments. Dec 15, Idarah rated it really liked it Shelves: picture , read What a cute story! Sloths are the cutest things ever! View all 6 comments. Jan 04, Molly rated it it was amazing Shelves: childrens , picture-book.

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Rating, 4. Just what I needed. A young girl our narrator begs her mom to let her have a pet. Mom doesn't deem her responsible enough and says no to the bird, no to the bunny and of course "No, no, no to the trained seal. Piece of cake! The girl does some research at the Rating, 4. The girl does some research at the library and finds a perfect candidate.

Soon her new pet arrives by mail , and guess what Sparky the sloth , heh. Jun 13, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: , picture-books. The unnamed narrator really wants a pet, "a bird or a bunny or a trained seal. Her sloth arrives by Express Mail. She names the sloth Sparky of course and as you can imagine, much excitement ensues. Here is just a small taste of the adventures she has with her sloth: But then, over- The unnamed narrator really wants a pet, "a bird or a bunny or a trained seal.

Here is just a small taste of the adventures she has with her sloth: But then, over-achiever, braggart Mary Potts comes to visit and finds Sparky lacking. So, what's a sloth-loving girl to do? Will Sparky come through as promised? Or will our narrator realize that the Mary Potts of the world can go suck eggs?

This is a thoroughly charming little story with sweet watercolor illustrations. View all 5 comments. Cute story about a young girl who wants a pet, and ends up adopting a sloth.

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Fun times ensue as she attempts to teach the sloth tricks. The whole book story, illustrations is sweet, and put a smile on my face.

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View 2 comments. Mar 20, Jordan rated it really liked it. Buy this title from Powell's Books. Aug 09, Rebecca rated it really liked it Shelves: pets , childrens-or-ya. A darling picture book about a little girl who is desperate for a pet. He was about the size of a mediumish dog, with a flat nose and a monkey face. I proba A darling picture book about a little girl who is desperate for a pet. Sep 07, Isa Lavinia rated it it was amazing Shelves: comics-bd-gn , children-mg , cozy , humour.

A little girl keeps begging her mother for a pet. Her mother's pet requirements are simple: it mustn't need to be walked, or bathed, or fed. The library holds the answer: Soon the little girl gets her new pet sloth, Sparky, in the mail. Admittedly, Sparky isn't the most active of pets But in the end Sparky turns out to be the best pet!

Jan 07, Nouruddine rated it really liked it Shelves: childrens-adult , jenny-offill. You're it, Sparky! Sloth is not a notable pet, but the real desire of the little girl owning a pet have made it Sparky lovely sloth! Picturing is so creative and well detailed. Nov 24, Aly Locatelli rated it it was amazing. Literally the best kid's book ever. Mar 07, Betsy rated it really liked it. The sloth is not a noble animal. Few people spend time contemplating their heroic qualities and distinguished countenances. Tongue planted firmly in cheek, the sublime and subversive Jenny Offill pairs with first timer Chris Appelhans to give us a subdued but strangely content little tale about that most classic of all friendships: a girl and her sloth.

The minute she said it the girl headed straight to the library and there, in the S volume of the Animal Encyclopedia, she learned about sloths. In no time at all one appears via Express Mail and she names him Sparky thereby giving away the fact that she harbors impossible sloth-related dreams. With a quick tag to his claw she makes it clear that he is it. Here, the book cuts to the chase right at the start. There was something so enticing about her cheery demeanor, even in the face of cold hard facts.

Her mother right from the get-go also has this world-weary air that suggests more than it tells.

The combination of wordplay and story definitely made this one of the more interesting picture books I'd seen in a while. Illustrator Chris Appelhans comes to us from the world of animation, having worked on such films as Coraline and The Fantastic Mr. Comparisons to Jon Klassen , another animation escapee, are not entirely out of left field either. Like Klassen, Appelhans prefers a subdued style with a limited palette.

The sequence where the girl plays everything from King of the Mountain to Hide-and-Seek with Sparky would not work particularly well unless Appelhans utilized this technique. That said, Appelhans is his own man. Emotion, for example, is something he alludes to beautifully.

The kind of bags that Charlie Brown would sport. Note that Publishers Weekly was not charmed by Sparky! In fact, Publishers Weekly was pretty much bummed out by the whole experience of reading the book at all. Where PW found the book depressing, I found it smart and serious. The very last image in the book of him finally getting to lie in his tree next to his girl is the only time we ever see him smile. As for the girl herself, she knows perfectly well what she got herself into and why her dream of getting him to perform fell through.

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As such, this isn't the downer fare you'd necessarily expect. The School Library Journal review, for that matter, did a small bit of hand wringing over whether or not children would come away from this book with the clearly misbegotten understanding that having a sloth for a pet would be fun. Since this is a work of fiction and the underground sloth procurement market remaining, for the most part, elusive to their needs I hardly think we need fret about whether or not kids will take the wrong message away from Sparky! After all, it makes sloth ownership look just about as appealing as whale ownership in Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem.

Like its color scheme Sparky! That works too. You read into the book what you want to read into it. For me, that means reading into it a great story with beautiful art that final sunset is a doozy , and likable characters.

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What more need you in life? For ages Mar 18, Carrie Gelson rated it it was amazing Shelves: humour , pbfavourite , pets , picture-books. Love the sloth. Love the slow. Love the inevitable. A sloth is true to its nature.

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It is nothing but a sloth. This book is so absolutely charming. And wonderfully slow - yes, like a sloth. There are giggle worthy images - like the sloth in a box having just arrived by Express Mail. Or when we see that Sparky the sloth can win at a game - if it is Statue where you need to stand very still. It is about our desires and vulnerabilities.

Why else post a sign about a Trained Sloth Extravaganza Love. Why else post a sign about a Trained Sloth Extravaganza where you plan to prove that your pet sloth is really quite amazing? Taking out another pet does not help.

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