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I want a FREE ebook. Records searchable by surname or location. Displaying all surnames that start with Cr in the England and Wales Census. Croysdale in Yorkshire - East Riding County. Croysdale in Yorkshire - West Riding County. Croysdill in Lancashire County. Croysdill in London County.

Croysdill in Middlesex County. Croyser in Yorkshire - East Riding County. Croysley in Yorkshire - West Riding County. Croyson in Berkshire County. Croyson in London County. Croyson in Sussex County.

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Croysor in London County. Croyss in Durham County. Croyston in Yorkshire - West Riding County. Croyton in Cheshire County. Croyton in Lancashire County. Croyts in Hampshire County. Croyzer in Yorkshire - North Riding County. Croz in London County. Croz in Surrey County. Crozdin in Northumberland County. Croze in London County. Crozeer in London County. Crozel in London County.

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  8. Crozer in Durham County. The Red Wings missed the playoffs.

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    After another bout of pancreatitis at the beginning of the —68 season, Crozier announced his retirement due to stress and depression. Six weeks however, he returned to the ice. After two more seasons on a mediocre Red Wings team, he. Described as "an orator of uncommon brilliancy" and "one of the brainiest men sent by Tennessee to congress," Crozier represented Tennessee's 3rd congressional district in the United States House of Representatives from to While a member of the Whig Party , Crozier switched his allegiance to the Democratic Party in the s, supported the Confederacy during the Civil War.

    Crozier retired from public life after the war, spent his remaining years engaged in scholarly pursuits. Crozier's father, an immigrant from County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland , was among the earliest settlers in Knoxville, served as Knoxville's postmaster from until Ramsey on March 1, while her parents were residing at Fruit Hill.

    Clan Crozier | Clan Crozier

    After attending public schools, the younger Crozier graduated from East Tennessee College in , he was admitted to the Tennessee bar, practiced law in Knoxville. In , after Knox County attorney-general John Nelson resigned, Crozier was appointed to fill out his term. Crozier was elected to the Twenty-ninth and Thirtieth congresses, serving from March 4, to March 3, After his second term, Crozier resumed the practice of law in Knoxville, along with his brother-in-law, J. Ramsey , championed railroad construction in the region. Crozier supported Whig candidate Winfield Scott during the presidential election of , but after the Whig Party disintegrated in subsequent months, he affiliated himself with the Democratic Party.

    Breckinridge during the presidential election of Crozier's defection to the Democratic Party resumed a string of personal attacks from Knoxville Whig editor, William "Parson" Brownlow , which Crozier claimed drove him from public life. During the presidential campaign of , Crozier and Brownlow attacked one another in speeches, continued quarrelling via newspaper editorials in as they stood on opposite sides of the secession debate. Brownlow called Crozier "a corrupt demagogue , a selfish liar, an unmitigated coward," while Crozier argued that Brownlow had earned his fortune by publishing lies.

    In December , Crozier's nephew, Confederate district attorney J.


    Crozier's extensive personal library made his house the ideal choice for Burnside, an avid reader. During the waning years of the war, Crozier made amends with the city's Unionists. After the war, Crozier retired from practice to engage in "literary pursuits. Ramsey, had established in Following family tradition, his grave was not individually marked. Calvin M. Biographical Directory of the United States Congress. Frank R. Crozier Francis Rossiter Crozier was a war records artist, represented in the Australian War Memorial's art collection along with other Australian official war artists such as H.

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    Crozier studied at the National Gallery of Victoria Art School in and was a member of the Charterisville artists' colony in Heidelberg, Victoria somewhere between and with Alf Fisher with the group centred on Clara Southern at nearby Warrandyte , he and W. McInnes held a private exhibition in Collins Street before leaving for Europe in Crozier was a soldier with the Australian Imperial Force after enlisting in March where he served in the 22nd Battalion in Egypt and on the Gallipoli peninsula.

    Whilst at Gallipoli, he was approached by journalist C. Bean to help illustrate the "Anzac Book", a collection of short stories and illustrations for the troops, his artistic talent was noted by Bean, given the role of official military historian and when official war artists were being commissioned by the Australian Government , Bean recommended Crozier be included in the scheme. Where other war artists were civilians who were attached to the army and given honorary rank, Frank Crozier was a serving soldier, so his contributions were part of his military duties.

    Post-war he appears to have made a living as a prolific painter of farm scenes and landscapes which now fetch modest prices at auction, he died at Warrandyte. Francis Crozier was born in Ireland , he was the eleventh of thirteen children, the fifth son of attorney-at-law George Crozier, who named him after his friend Francis Rawdon-Hastings, 2nd Earl of Moira. Crozier attended school locally in Banbridge , with his brothers William and Thomas, lived with his family in Avonmore House which his father had built in , in the centre of Banbridge.

    In , he received his certificate as mate. He returned to the North with Parry a second time in ; the journey resulted in the sinking of Fury off Somerset Island. Crozier was promoted to lieutenant in , a year he once more joined Parry in attempt to reach the North Pole. During his voyages, Crozier became a close confidante of the explorer James Clark Ross , he was elected to become a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society in , after conducting valuable astronomical and magnetic studies on his three expeditions with Parry.

    Crozier was appointed to the rank of commander in Crozier commanded Terror, was appointed to the rank of captain in Erebus and Terror returned in , having made the most significant penetration of the Antarctic pack ice and discovered large parts of the continent—including the Ross Sea and Ross Island , Mount Erebus and the Ross Ice Shelf. Crozier was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in , in recognition of his outstanding work on magnetism.

    After Franklin's death in June , he took command of the expedition, his fate and those of the other expedition members remained a mystery until , when a note from him and James Fitzjames , captain of the Erebus, the other ship on the expedition, was discovered on King William Island during an expedition led by Sir Francis McClintock. Dated 25 April , the note said. Nine officers, including John Franklin, 15 crewmen had died, the survivors were setting out on 26 April for Back's Great Fish River on the Canadian mainland. There were unverified Inuit reports that between and , Crozier and one other expedition member were seen in the Baker Lake area, about km to the south, where, in , Farley Mowat found "a ancient cairn , not of normal Eskimo construction" inside of which were shreds of a hardwood box with dovetail joints.

    McClintock and searchers found relics and human remains of the Franklin crew on Beechey Island , King William Island, the northern coast of the Canadian mainland, but no survivors.

    Crozier Family History

    The wreck lies at the bottom of the eastern portion of west of O'Reilly Island ; the wreck has been confirmed to be that of the Erebus. In , a ship matching Terror's description was located in Terror Bay , off the southern coast of King William Island. In January , Crozier's hometown Banbridge hosted a memorial event, which included a service of remembrance and thanksgiving at the Church of the Holy Trinity , attended by more than a hundred descendants of Crozier and other officers of the Franklin's lost expedition and those who searched for it, along with the chairman of Banbridge Council, several Arctic historians, including Michael Smith and Russell Potter.

    A memorial to the memory of Sir John Franklin and his men, including Crozier, was erected by order of Parliament in in the Painted Hall of the Greenwich Hospital in London , it was moved to the Chapel of the Royal Naval College, Greenwich , in , was re-erected in the entrance of the former college in late At the service of thanksgiving on 29 October , polar travellers and descendants of Sir John Franklin, Captain Crozier and their men celebrated their contributions.

    She has authored fifteen books and was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in Crozier was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan in Crozier attended the University of Saskatchewan where she received her B. Before publishing her poems and stories, Crozier was a high school English teacher and guidance counsellor. Crozier has authored fifteen books of work, which focus on human relationships, the natural world, language and perception. He played for the Fremantle Football Club from to From Rowville , Crozier played junior football for the Eastern Ranges in the TAC Cup , he performed well at the AFL pre-draft testing, recording the second highest standing leap and elite-level sprinting and endurance results.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Categories : Surnames French-language surnames. Hidden categories: Articles with short description All set index articles. Adam Crozier. Related Images. YouTube Videos. Captain Crozier in an daguerreotype. Leif Newry Fitzroy Crozier, commonly known as L. Crozier won the Calder Memorial Trophy in It identifies a person, and differentiates that person from the other members of a group who have a common surname. Diagram of naming conventions, using John Fitzgerald Kennedy as an example.

    First names can also be called given names, and last names surname s can also be called family names. This shows a structure typical for English-speaking cultures and some others. Other cultures use other structures for full names. Crozier played for the Toronto Blue Jays in Mametz, Western Front by Frank R. Gregory T.

    Crozier is a Canadian retired professional ice hockey left wing. He previously played for the Fremantle Football Club from to Crozier playing for the Western Bulldogs in April The Imperial Crown of Russia, also known as the Great Imperial Crown, was used by the monarchs of Russia from until the Russian monarchy's abolition in Modern replica using real gems and white gold. Russian regalia used prior to the creation of the Great Imperial Crown. Catherine the Great with the crown to her right, by Alexei Antropov , c.

    The Porsche , from the s. Porsche , introduced in , was the first to be offered with Porsche's Tiptronic transmission and four-wheel drive. It is the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia, as well as the second most populous municipality of Spain.

    With a population of 1. The Western Allies of World War II launched the largest amphibious invasion in history when they assaulted Normandy, located on the northern coast of France, on 6 June Into the Jaws of Death by Robert F. Assault craft land one of the first waves at Omaha Beach. The U. Off Omaha Beach, American Liberty ships — 'Corn Cobs' — were scuttled to provide a makeshift breakwater during the early days of the invasion.

    James J. Sheehan wearing his Pour le Merite in Montgomerie's original sketch in which he applied the notation K2. admin