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District 6

District 6 Headlines. Comments New Student Admissions Families new to District 6 and incoming kindergarteners, register your student online today at www. Humans, for example, are offered jobs with substantial salaries and skill-levels i. Tanukashi 9. I overheard some guards talking yesterday at work. Forget about it. Go home! As of September 9, , 13, people signed this fictitious petition. The experience of the District 9 promotional campaign is voluminous, elaborate, and extremely comprehensive.

After a few hours of perusing the online material, fiction and fact become blended and one begins to wonder, what is the point? The creation of Alive in Joburg , the recent release of District 9, and the clear parallels to the Group Areas Act legislation of apartheid South Africa raises many challenging questions: what does it mean to have a white South African director revisit the hardships of the Group Areas Acts through metaphoric science fiction films?

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What does it mean to use aliens as a metaphor for the exiled and oppressed blacks and colored populations of apartheid South Africa arguably in continuance today? As we sit and watch Alive in Joburg , what does it mean that the director has chosen to subtitle the dialogue of blacks and aliens while the words of the whites are not visualized?

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Blomkamp is drawing a direct parallel between alien and black, but why? The largest market for this movie will most likely be in the United States.

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If a populace ignorant of African affairs as Americans are wont to be sees this film, what work does that do? Does it draw links between aliens and Africans, cause people to view South Africa as a land of hostile township battles, and reify once again the notion that Africa is an exotic, violent, and adventurous place? What would happen if Blomkamp had no aliens in his film but instead told the same story of the apartheid era using only people?

Would anyone watch and, if not, why? Hollywood has now grabbed hold of two major South African narratives, both of which take place in shantytowns and both of which re-appropriate the pain of others for profit. In Tsotsi, a township misfit finds his long-awaited redemption through caring for the child of his female carjacking victim. In District 9, we see aliens encroaching on townships creating anxiety and conflict and effecting violent state responses.

In light of the very troubling xenophobic murders occurring now against immigrants to South Africa Zimbabweans and Nigerians in particular , what will this film do if its aliens are linked in South African minds and elsewhere globally to immigrants? What happens if we read Alive in Joburg and District 9 as anti-immigrant films? The performative segregation of human and non-human is thorough in the viral marketing websites, particularly in the D-9 site. In such sites, two seemingly conflictual narratives occur.

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Race is strategically bottled in the bodies of aliens, thus allowing whites and blacks alike to come together harmoniously in the face of the encroaching and bothersome alien population. Taken together, what does all of this infer? They are questions to be posed to viewers of the film, perhaps in a survey style or interview setting, answers which would need to be formulated into another presentation altogether. District 9 is not simply a science fiction film to be watched for entertainment purposes—there are more insidious and complex narratives being told worthy of interrogation.

Filmmakers and producers may not care about philosophically debating the proper uses of metaphor in movements towards profit, but this does not lessen the necessity to do so. Every creation is laden with choice, and the responsibility to not only accept, but explore, the effects of such creation s is a vital aspect of the creative process. To catechize the creative process is to advance the resulting product and reinvigorate the power of properly used and questioned metaphor.

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  6. In a page document, called a reference book, came into being. The book had to be carried at all times, from doctors to academics and laborers. Failure to produce the document on demand to a policeman was a punishable offence.

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    Black Africans had no right to appeal to courts if they were removed from an urban area. See Judith Butler. In this sense, what is constituted in discourse is not fixed in or by discourse, but becomes the condition and occasion for further action. This does not mean that any action is possible on the basis of a discursive effect. On the contrary, certain reiterative chains of discursive production are barely legible as reiterations, for the effects they have materialized are those without which no bearing in discourse can be taken.

    Michel-Rolph Trouillot. November 3, Gone Buried Covered by the dust of defeat— Or so the conquerors believed But there is nothing that can Be hidden from the mind. Nothing that memory cannot Reach or touch or call back. Viral Aliens Similar metaphorical strains to those found in Alive in Joburg abound in the trailer of District 9.