Exposition On The Sixth Penitential Psalm

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Despite the radical paring away of ritual—the Sarum text specifies which vestments in which colours shall be worn, where priest, deacon and subdeacon are to stand and where to kneel, where the acolyte who holds the sackcloth banner shall be positioned; the clergy now kneeling rather than prostrating themselves; the absence of ashes, etc—a kernel, albeit a major one, the central psalm of the famous seven, survives.

But in fact there is more. The prescribed psalm is 6, the first of the Penitentials; the Epistle and Gospel are respectively, from Joel 2 and Matthew 6, that is the very texts set for Ash Wednesday in the Sarum Missal. Furthermore, two more of the Penitentials are set for Communion on the first and second Sundays in Lent: 32, Beati quorum for the first, and , De profundis for the second.

De Profundis: Psalm - District of the USA

Thus four of the seven psalms are prescribed in the new English Prayer Book for Ash Wednesday and the first two Sundays in Lent; there are rather more traces of the old rites in the new than at first appears. But specifies for the first day of Lent, in the section of Collects, Epistles and Gospels for certain feasts throughout the year, for the Epistle Joel 2. They remain in and thus to this day, the Epistle and Gospel set for Ash Wednesday. The Introits are omitted entirely in , so those other Penitential Psalms for the first two Sundays in Lent are not mentioned.

Another important change in concerned the Litany, which became a separate, stationary performance preceding the Eucharist, and no longer a procession. This left only a small Easter procession, and the Ash Wednesday service as sole survivors of the numerous medieval processions, which had required an entire separate service book, the Processional. As we know, the Prayer Book had hardly been put in use, late in the year, when Mary succeeded to the throne a few months later and it was banned, to be revived more or less intact when Elizabeth in turn succeeded in The latter simply had their places in numerical order among the others in the monthly calendar of daily Psalm readings, some in the morning, some in the evening.

The earliest versions of the Prayer Book had succeeded one another with dizzying rapidity, in one of the most dizzying and disruptive periods in English history: consider the mere decade, little more, from the death of Henry VIII in to the succession of his third heir, Elizabeth, in Banned by a Catholic queen in , the Book of Common Prayer in its Elizabethan-Jacobean revision was in its turn banned by the Puritan Long Parliament less than a century later Finally restored in , it has remarkably survived years, never fully supplanted by late-twentieth-century alternatives.

Of course the glorious Coverdale Psalter is integrated in its entirety for the first time in So familiar had its language become that it could not be replaced, even by the King James Version of ; it still has not been. In , this section, under the same heading, prescribes psalms only for Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day and Whitsunday; Ash Wednesday and Good Friday were added in No doubt the revisers too admired the elegance of that fearful symmetry perceived so long ago in what are still known today as the Penitential Psalms.

I assume that it is this Gratian rather than the fourth-century Christian Roman emperor of the same name, who was the author of the description. Pearson London, , Sexts or Sext is the office for the sixth hour in the day, counting from six a.

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Augustine is said to have asked that four of the psalms be prominently posted on the walls of his chamber during his final illness. Lewis makes only passing references to or quotes very briefly from the Penitential Psalms in his classic Reflections on the Psalms New York, Walter Hooper Grand Rapids, , Hull is the first English woman translator whose name is known. Anne Barbeau Gardiner San Francisco, See the edition by G. Pigman III Oxford, , lxii, Psalm is the shortest of the Penitentials; Psalm , with 28 verses, is the longest.

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But as has just been observed, they are not the same: only four feast days are included in , not six as in Main journal in British area studies published in France. It covers all social sciences, including history and the Empire. French Journal of British Studies. Contents - Previous document - Next document. Constructing the Anglican Liturgical Tradition. Charles Whitworth. Full text PDF Send by e-mail. After Morning Prayer, the Litany ended according to the accustomed manner, the Priest shall, in the Reading-Pew or Pulpit, say: BRETHREN, in the Primitive Church there was a godly discipline, that, at the beginning of Lent, such persons as stood convicted of notorious sin were put to open penance, and punished in this world, that their souls might be saved in the day of the Lord; and that others, admonished by their example, might be the more afraid to offend.

Sexts or Sext is the offi Ruth Ringland Rains Anne Barbea Top of page. Browse Index Authors Keywords. Follow us. Turnbull d. The text has to be a little twisted to suit the theory of the interpreter, but we do not suppose that Mr.

The Seven Penitential Psalms and the Songs of the Suffering Servant

Frame is conscious of it. He is one of the best of modern discoursers upon the Psalms. Clear, full, and in the best manner, exegetical. Reeve, J. Scriptural, thoughtful, and original. Richardson, J. We have derives personal spiritual benefit from the perusal of this gracious exposition, and are unable to judge it critically.

Morgan, G. Hooper was one of the English martyrs during the time of Bloody Mary. Renwick, James — Lecture on Ps. Renwick was the last Scottish covenanter martyr in Scotland. Sedgwick was an English puritan and Westminster divine. His commenting is solid and lively.

He loved the deep things of God, and wrote upon them in a gracious manner. Meyer, F. It is unfortunate that the title leads the reader to expect a book for children, whereas the author intended to edify the children of God of an older growth. Thornton, J. Plentiful quotations of Scripture, and venerable anecdotes are here used as substitutes for thought, not as aids to it. Stalker was a minister of the United Free Church of Scotland. See the link for the table of contents. Mossom is a fruitful writer.

An old-fashioned exposition. The price is caused by its rarity rather than its value. See the Expositions of the Penitential Psalms Above.

Praise for the Print Edition

Bruce, Robert — Sermon on Ps. Though differing from the author at times, we are grateful for such real help. MacDuff, J. Macduff writes popularly, yet he is by no means weak or shallow. He is to the young minister all the more useful, because he has worked out the problem of making sound thought intelligible to the multitude. Not important to the expositor. What more need be said in their praise? A fitting book for a sick bed. The little chapters might lie, like wafers made with honey, upon the praiseful tongues of the suffering believer. The beloved writer has now gone to see the King in his beauty, of whom he had those glimpses here which enabled him to pen this tiny volume.

The Lenten Psalms

Good, yet it read rather wearily to us. Troughton c. Remarkably tame and meagre for a work of that exuberant period. Let it alone. Alexander of Chelsea handled this Psalm well.

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His works were once exceedingly popular and they are still esteemed. He is copious and discursive, we had almost said long-winded. Both Willet and Preston speak of him in the highest terms. Henry Cole, Here are homiletical materials in abundance. He tells us that he spent the spare hours of a long sickness in publishing this short exposition, and thus the world is all the healthier for his illness.

Those who like choice pieces of writing upon the literature of Scripture will be gratified by the perusal of this exposition. Binnie was a minister and professor of the Free Church of Scotland. Bradford, John — Paraphrase of Ps. We agree with Dr. Hemmingsen was a Lutheran. Some of his works were turned into English; but the translations, like the originals, are now left in undeserved oblivion. Miller wrote from London. Cameron, Richard — Lecture on Ps.

He was a learned Lutheran. He could not be accused of overlaying the truth with much learning. Reynolds was a man of vast learning and thoroughly evangelical in spirit.