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Or browse results titled :. Contact Manos: The Hands of Fate. Streaming and Download help. If you like "Manos" The Soundtrack of Fate, you may also like:. Digital Office One by Various Artists. Oh boee! So it's definitely a release you cannot ignore for your collection. For your health.

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Lovestory by Desired. My favourite one from Desired, it's just so groovy groovesnacks. Minecraft - Volume Alpha by C Maybe it's from the nostalgia, or maybe it's just really good. Revisiting Minecraft has sparked a new love for this soundtrack making it one of my favorites if not, my favorite video game soundtrack.

La Cueva de las Manos (Cave of Hands)

Next Of Kin by Klaus Schulze. Nostalgic Montage by salami rose joe louis. Showing Up by Victor Haskins. Explore music. Austin Young. Austin Young Finally -- a beautifully restored soundtrack to one of the best worst movies ever made! Favorite track: Forgetting You Complete. Eric Benac. Eric Benac This movie is a legend.

And the soundtrack is smooth, like butter. Dance to the Torgo Theme, and feel your soul's passion ignite! Favorite track: Caretaker.

Elton John - Healing Hands

Loren Knack. Loren Knack Can't get enough of Manos? Now there's a soundtrack for you to listen to as you fall asleep at night. I recommend "A Strange Gait" to be played on repeat for true Torgo homage. Favorite track: Perversion, Ignorance and Apathy. Matt Towler.

Matt Towler It's Manos - what more can I say? George Hook. This of course includes their most in famous episode. Make no mistake, Manos: The Hands of Fate is every bit as dire as you've previously heard, another one of those movies so awful that you can't imagine a film out there being worse than it. To put it short, it is the cinematic equivalent of a car crash.

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Made as part of a bet by fertilizer salesman Hal P. Warren who himself even admitted it was "the worst film ever" , the plot follows a vacationing family Michael, Margaret and Debbie in Texas who decide to stay at…. Lynchian, Lovecraftian, legitimately scary and wholely original. BEGS for a remake, from Carpenter or Zombie, and one that preserves its gaping black backdrops and demonic, bottom frame bubbling reds. This deserves a much better rep. Much more here worthwhile than most films, honestly, a lot of it due to its misunderstanding of verisimilitude and traditional cinematic language.

One of the best arguments against competence-first criticism I've ever seen. This is what punk cinema looks like. You people giving The Room half a star and being like how could a movie possibly be any worse? You haven't even begun to gaze into the abyss. I like my bad movies looking like they were found in a box that was home to a family of possums living under a leaky sink at a drive-in that's been closed for 40 years.

I like my bad movies to have a musical score that sounds like a cheap bootleg of a jazz quartet playing at a small, empty coffeehouse on the outskirts of El Paso back in I like my bad movies to have actors who give the unmistakable impression that at any minute they were ready to quit…. The Hal Warren story would suggest he was driven to making this because he saw the market potential of low budget films to quietly make a lot of money back from cheap product. Step One : Go to www. Watching it today, I only see the flaws that we had to leave in, or the less-than-perfect fixes from our slightly-dated restoration tech.

Still, the film has become much more watchable and, most importantly, the audience responds to it in a big way. I concluded that the dress was intended for Margaret, and the rope was intended for Michael. Where to go now? Solovey what his dream restoration project would be, inasmuch as anything could top Manos. My second dream project would be a 3D Blu-ray of Robot Monster. Normally, I think 3D is more fun to shoot than it is to watch, but Robot Monster is a completely different film when seen in 3D: the use of depth is very experimental and highly entertaining.

Now that he probably knows Manos better than even Warren ever did, what piece of advice would Mr. Solovey give him? Ten Amazingly Strange Celebrity Hotlines of the s. Featured June 27, 0. June 27, 0. June 26, 0. June 24, 0. Mega Dan Broo X. Featured June 21, 0.

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Manos: The Hands of Fate

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