Intelligence, Crises and Security: Prospects and Retrospects (Studies in Intelligence)

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Over the past few decades, international history… More. The idea of the Cold War as a propaganda contest… More. This volume investigates the connection between i… More. Shelve Secret Intelligence in the Twentieth Century.

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  • Intelligence, Crises and Security : Prospects and Retrospects.

Intelligence was a central element of the Cold Wa… More. Shelve Intelligence Services in the Information Age. From the s to the s a large number of lef… More. In recent years the importance of Signals Intelli… More. This work considers, for the first time, the inte… More. This is a history of the Norwegian Intelligence S… More. Shelve The Norwegian Intelligence Service, This collection of articles is by experts in the… More.

The importance of codebreaking and signals intell… More. This is a study of the British military intellige… More. This is the first study to examine throughly the… More.

Studies in Intelligence Series by Mark Seaman

Shelve Intelligence and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Little attention has been paid to the murky, ultr… More. Nothing Sacred by David Alvarez. Nazi Germany considered the Catholic Church to be… More. Shelve Nothing Sacred. Eternal Vigilance? Shelve Eternal Vigilance? Military intelligence, grossly neglected during t… More. Intelligence Analysis and Assessment by David A. These essays cover: assessment systems now in pla… More. Shelve Intelligence Analysis and Assessment.

Gerald Hughes. This article is primarily stagesetting for the other articles included in this edited volume. Nonetheless, the authors make a number of salient points, including the observation that for critics in the United States, "intelligence is an ingredient in, as well as cover for, more fundamental failings of political leadership and policy-making. Scott, Len, and Peter Jackson. The authors survey "the various approaches scholars have employed to study the role of intelligence in national and international politics. Scott, Len, and Steve Smith.

Scott, Len V. The view that intelligence is in crisis is surely overstated, although, in the United States, the CIA has been severely buffeted and its role diminished.

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Gerald Hughes, eds. Click for Table of Contents. Intelligence, Crises and Security: Prospects and Retrospects. New York: Routledge, Lawrence Lawrence of Arabia as an intelligence…. Edited by R. The book presents a series of documents, nearly all of which…. Edited by Wesley K.

Twenty-First Century Intelligence collects the thinking of some of the foremost experts on the future of intelligence in our new century. The essays contained in this volume are set against the backdrop of the transforming events of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Intelligence plays a central…. Edited by Len Scott , R. Gerald Hughes. By Rose Mary Sheldon. Professor Sheldon uses the modern concept of the intelligence cycle to trace intelligence activities in Rome whether they were done by private citizens, the government, or the military. Edited by Reinhard R. Edited by Mark Seaman. It brings together leading authors to examine the organization from a range of key angles. This study shows how historians have built on the first international conference on the SOE at the…. By Sebastian Ritchie.

Its subject is Owen Reed, an army officer recruited into SIS in the summer of and then parachuted in to German-occupied Croatia to work with Tito's…. By John Ferris. At last his major pioneering articles are now available in this one single volume. In Intelligence and Strategy these essential articles have been fundamentally…. Edited by Michael I. First Published in By Philip Davies. Philip H. Davies is one of a growing number of British academic scholars of intelligence, but the only academic to approach the subject in terms of political science rather than history.

By Andrew Defty. In the Cold War battle for hearts and minds Britain was the first country to formulate a coordinated global response to communist propaganda. In January , the British government launched a new propaganda policy designed to 'oppose the inroads of communism' by taking the offensive against it.

Edited by Peter Jackson , L. In Britain, much of the work has developed in the subdiscipline of international history with…. The idea of the Cold War as a propaganda contest as opposed to a military conflict is being increasingly accepted. This has led to a re-evaluation of the relationship between economic policies, political agendas and cultural activities in Western Europe post This book provides an important…. Edited by Heike Bungert , Jan G.

Studies In Intelligence Series

Heitmann , Michael Wala. This work investigates the connection between intelligence history, domestic policy, military history and foreign relations in a time of increasing bureaucratization of the modern state. The issues of globalization of foreign relations and the development of modern communication are also discussed. Studies in Intelligence Series Editors:.

Intelligence Oversight in the Twenty-First Century Accountability in a Changing World, 1st Edition Edited by Ian Leigh , Njord Wegge This book examines how key developments in international relations in recent years have affected intelligence agencies and their oversight. This book addresses the… Hardback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. Intelligence Elites and Public Accountability Relationships of Influence with Civil Society, 1st Edition By Vian Bakir This book provides a definitive overview of the relationships of influence between civil society and intelligence elites.

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These… Hardback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. Intelligence Governance and Democratisation A comparative analysis of the limits of reform, 1st Edition By Peter Gill This book analyses changes in intelligence governance and offers a comparative analysis of intelligence democratisation. The democratisation of intelligence structures that… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. Wirtz This collection, comprising key works by James J. Ethics and the Future of Spying Technology, National Security and Intelligence Collection, 1st Edition Edited by Jai Galliott , Warren Reed This volume examines the ethical issues generated by recent developments in intelligence collection and offers a comprehensive analysis of the key legal, moral and social questions thereby raised.

Intelligence officers, whether gatherers, analysts or some combination thereof, are operating in a sea… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. Bellaby This book starts from the proposition that the field of intelligence lacks any systematic ethical review, and then develops a framework based on the notion of harm and the establishment of Just Intelligence Principles.

As the professional practice of intelligence collection adapts to the changing… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. During the Cold War, NATIS was pivotal in bringing national delegations together to discuss their security, information and intelligence concerns and, when… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence.

The Future of Intelligence Challenges in the 21st century, 1st Edition Edited by Isabelle Duyvesteyn , Ben de Jong , Joop van Reijn This volume discusses the challenges the future holds for different aspects of the intelligence process and for organisations working in the field.

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Instead, at… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. Understanding the Intelligence Cycle 1st Edition Edited by Mark Phythian This book critically analyses the concept of the intelligence cycle, highlighting the nature and extent of its limitations and proposing alternative ways of conceptualising the intelligence process. As… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence. Harris This is a study of the British military intelligence operations during the Crimean War. Hugh Wilford traces the story of this campaign from its origins in Washington DC to its impact on Labour Party politicians, trade unionists, and Bloomsbury intellectuals… Paperback — Routledge Studies in Intelligence.

McKay A history of Swedish interception of radio and telegraph messages during World Wars I and II providing a valuable background to Swedish military operations at this time. Interrogation in War and Conflict A Comparative and Interdisciplinary Analysis, 1st Edition Edited by Christopher Andrew , Simona Tobia This edited volume offers a comparative and interdisciplinary analysis of interrogation and questioning in war and conflict in the twentieth century.