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The ending was really cute. Though I would've liked to see Kramer with his own plot, it was good anyway. Although, I did find Elaine and Jerry's personalities a little off. I've never heard Elaine mention any of her ex-boyfriends when with another guy. I found Greg to be stranger then most of her boyfriends for his strange mind-changing tendencies. My Rating: 8 Rated: R for sexual content. Elaine gets into a bothersome array of events after attending an Italian restaurant with the group one time too many. Jerry has to help her as well as Kramer who's having troubles with his reclineable bed.

Meanwhile George's curt girlfriend is unhinging him. Connection: Takes place after "The Eccedentesiast". An overall well story. A few small mistakes but nothing too big. The "save the friendship" thing between Elaine and Jerry was a little out of the blue, though. Otherwise, very good story. All personalities well done. My Rating: 8 Rated: R for bad language. Kramer gets obsessed with a substandard teen comedy, much to everyone's agony. George is having a hard time hitting on a co-worker whilst Jerry has to break-up with a girlfriend who keeps using annoying words.

Connection: Takes place after "The Bed". This wasn't my favourite story, but I found Kramer's ending to be hilarious. I found that at some moments, the story seemed to drag on. I think AstralCar added too much conversations that really had nothing to do with the plot. My Rating: 6 Rated: PG for language. The four go to the grand opening of a grocery store. George gets a bad cart. Kramer wants to test the coinstar machines. Jerry and Elaine don't have main storylines. There were a few problems with this fanfic. I don't understand how the employee could keep track of Elaine's time in a grocery store.

If the grand opening was that big that the whole gang went, I'd think that there would be so many people there that employees would have enough trouble as it was without concerning over Elaine's purchases and George's stranded cart. Neither Jerry or Elaine have storylines.

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They just randomly do things and make comments and actions about everything. There were a few funny parts, though. My Rating: 3 Rated: G. George believes that big feet equals bit "it" and buys an enormous pair of shoes. Jerry is skeptical at first but, after he sees Elaine with a Newman looking guy with very big feet, he feels compelled to believe the theory. The thing about this fanfic is that there is only one plot, and all the characters revolve around it.

Of coarse, there's nothing wrong with that. It's good to see people doing different things! Pretty funny, but some things were pretty strange. Personalities weren't loyal to the characters of Seinfeld a big issue for me. Jerry and Elaine's in particular. What is with Jerry copying everything George says near the end of the fic? It's pretty annoying to read. Kramer hardly was mentioned at all! However, George's storyline was pretty funny and the idea of Elaine going out with a "Newman" is a good idea. Too bad you didn't do more with it.

My Rating: 6 Rated: PG. Jerry's new girlfriend has strange eating habits. George is forced to work because of unfortunate office arrangements. Elaine's boyfriend is "too big". Kramer gets addicted to Jerry's girlfriend's cereal. Wow, this had quite a bit of sexual content. It had some funny parts, but the ending seemed really unrealistic.

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Actually, George's whole plot wasn't very good considering it has already been featured in a Seinfeld episodes already. My Rating: 6 Rated: R for quite a bit of sexual content.

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It has been One Year, and the gang are out of prison. How will they adjust to the changes in their lives? The problem with this fanfic is that you stole material right from the show. It's okay to make a few references, but with this fic, it's flashback after flashback. There were some funny lines, but I found this story really dragged on. It was hard to rate since half of it was from real episodes.

My Rating: 4 Rated: G. Elaine's new boyfriend serves her canned food. Kramer gets a computer, but has a hard time understanding the Internet Language. Jerry and George talk with Elaine and Kramer about their problems. I found the way Kramer misunderstood the computer lingo to be pretty stupid. I don't know if it was just the way you put it in the story, but for some reason it sounded retarded. Jerry had almost no plot, and neither did George.

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It was rather strange, and it wasn't really my type of humour. Though it was a funny idea to have Elaine's boyfriend serve her canned ravioli but you didn't really do much with the idea. My Rating: 2 Rated: PG for language.

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George is discovered as the face of Mr. Potato Head. Elaine gets hooked on junk food. Kramer is out of Cuban cigars. Jerry girlfriend has a strange lifestyle. This story was very good, except for the fact that Kramer has been out of Cuban cigars before, which wasn't very original. But still, it can't be perfect. Very well done! My Rating: 9 Rated: G. George goes down to the sperm bank to make a donation. Jerry discovers one of his "obsessed fans". Elaine gets locked out of her apartment. Kramer meets the perfect girl. This story was a lot better then I thought it was going to be.

It was even quite funny. I found some things a little My Rating: 7 Rated: PG. Jerry discovers that Newman is living in his apartment. Kramer tells him that Davola is in the prison too. Due to this, Jerry decides to try an escape. Connection: First of the Joel Gomes scripts. Takes place after "The Finale". If I hadn't checked up on it, I would've spelled it Benice, too. There are a lot of what I liked to call "dropped ideas".

Which basically means you started up with many things, such as Elaine asking Kramer for help but never followed-up on anything. There were also many things that I didn't really understand, but I don't know if that's because I didn't personally get it or what. A few funny ideas and lines. My Rating: 6 Rated: PG for suggested sexual activity. The group is out in the open trying to return to their lives. Kramer gives Elaine a dance lesson, while George tries to convince Jerry to accept him as his room-mate.

Connection: Follows "The Release". My first comment is that the whole thing with Mr. Peterman wanting Elaine to dance for him is a little I always found Mr. Peterman and Elaine's "relationship" to be somewhat indifferent. However, fanfictions are supposed to be completely under the authors control, and they can change the characters' personalties and relationships to whatever they imagine.

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But I suggest that next time, you should maybe "ease" it up a bit instead of jumping head-first into an idea. I also don't think that Elaine would go "GEE!! Which is your favorite? WRITE 1. Make a list of everyday topics mowing the lawn, washing the dishes, riding the school bus, playing soccer, waiting in line, getting a haircut, etc. He recently made his Netflix debut with the original stand-up special. Jerry Before Seinfeld. He has even written a best-selling book. Seinfeld resides in New York City with his wife and three children.

Jerry Seinfeld to perform at Agua Caliente Casino in If you do this regularly, you are 2. Jerry Seinfeld Seinlanguage - datingprinciple. He recently made his Netflix debut with the original stand-up special Jerry Before Seinfeld.


He has even writtena best-selling book Seinlanguage and … tinjauan pustaka susu kedelai pdf files radiografia de abdomen pdf to jpg kochupusthakam ammayum makanum pdf sv tv dvd combo manual pdf cortesia linguistica pdf download lenovo t61 specs pdf printer cretino irresistivel pdf livro 2 the cunning man robertson davies pdf creator. Great thanks, in advance! Help me, please. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist.

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview The Seinlanguage lesson plan contains a variety of teaching materials that cater to all learning styles. The lessons and activities will help students gain an intimate understanding of the text; while the tests and quizzes will help you evaluate how well the students have grasped the material.

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