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Blog Jun 21, I am personally experiencing it now with a boy I am so deeply in love with. We are together, and his love for me was warm and all-encompassing a couple of months ago. Recently he revealed to me that he does not love me anymore. It feels as though I am suffering as much as if he passed. The grief is immense. He has told me that he still wants me around as his best friend. There is no light in his eyes when he says this.

Falling in Love With Being Alive

He is distant, detached , gone. I am neglected by his presence and his lost feelings for me. I feel absolutely lonely. Now, I must do one of the hardest things of my life and tell the boy I love, the one I thought I would get married to and love endlessly, that my love has to end for my own sanity. I have to tell him there is no place for him in my life. A life I had always pictured with him in it. I must tell the one I love that I cannot live like this anymore. I'd rather be in love with a stranger than in love like this.

Falling in Love With Being Alive | HuffPost Life

The suckiest feeling in the world. You love them and they couldn't care less about you. I love him , but he loves her. Unrequited love sure sucks. Unrequited love unknown. Love for a person who does not love you back.

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You get to know that person, think they are brilliant, fall for them and can't get over them. It can affect your drive for finding a relationship. However, if you are a sufferer of unrequited love , usually this is because you wouldn't want a partner that wasn't them. Similar to oneism. Unrequited love can be one of the most emotionally painful experiences to go through, even worse than a break-up, because you will have never had the satisfaction of ever being with that person in a relationship. Almost everyone on the planet will have experienced unrequited love at some point, and many will have been the subject of unrequited love.

Many sufferers of unrequited love do not tell their desired partner of their feelings due to fear of losing a friendship with that person. I didn't want it to be just a repeat of the same with a different name. It truly is my friends and all the friends of the people that have come.

All aboard! The debut of Friendship proves that the love is alive at sea

Looking to Friendshippers themselves, not much. The shared sense something special was underway was palpable from the first night, aided by performances that set a pattern of leaving mouths agape and minds shattered. Suddenly it's not such a distant idea that Friendship was the only name this journey could have ever gone by. Zach Schlein is a freelance writer based in Miami. Find more of his work here.

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