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If you do not have chocolate, slices of tinned meat will also work. Put the chocolate in between the bread and squish the bread together with your hands as hard as you can.

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This makes the sandwich taste better. You should do this to someone you do not like very much. Take the top sheet from their bed and untuck the bottom of it.

Midnight feast!!❤️

Fold it so the bottom part is up under their pillow and the top part is peeping out as normal. When they try to get into bed they will get stuck halfway in. My mum made burgers out of mushrooms and onions.

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Posted by U 9 Apr Posted by crazycoolcupcake 9 Apr Posted by U 7 Apr They were once selling breadsticks covered with icing at a school fair. I once tried cheese and potato pie at school dinner. It was quite nice actually.

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Posted by U 1 Apr I've never really had any weird meals. Posted by princesscupcake 26 Mar Posted by DancingQueenFlamingo 25 Mar One time my mum served up baked beans and broccoli! More comments Back to top.

midnight feast

View collection. All The Worst Witch. All shows. Already have 3 or 4 ideas now to keep my son and his friends with smiles on their faces. Keep up with this great site! Ha — midnight feasts are the best — i only have to mention to my son that we are going to have a midnight feast in the tent in the garden — and the excitment level peaks out!

Great ideas on how to get the right mood for my little girls first sleepover party complete with midnight feast-yawn. Cool and interesting.

Midnight Feast - Game Guide - Diablo III

Although i was looking for a teenage idea this website gave me good ideas of snacks. A feel good website. My daughter is going on a brownie trip so she will sneak a tuck box in and have a midnight feast.

Thanks for the tips!

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