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And now, Jesus does the ultimate miracle by commanding Lazarus to come out of the tomb. What further evidence could they ask for?

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But their unbelief was not based on insufficient evidence. The same is true today. We have the evidence of fulfilled prophecy, including over prophecies that Jesus fulfilled. We have the eyewitness accounts of His teaching and miracles. There is the evidence of intricate design in all of creation, from the molecular level up to the global level. But unbelief due to the hardness of human hearts suppresses the evidence. The real heart of unbelief is seeking your own way while you leave God out.

There are two groups here, representing two levels of unbelief. First, we see the unbelief of Caiaphas and the chief priests and Pharisees If the people believed in Jesus as Messiah, they feared that the Romans would intervene and they would lose their power and their comfortable living through controlling the temple. Caiaphas, who was the high priest, was a shrewd, calculating politician. The lesson that we should learn is that you cannot frustrate God and His sovereign purpose.

You can oppose Him and for a time it may seem that you are succeeding. They killed Jesus. But, in the end, God always wins.

Meditation Class - Seeing is believing? Believing is seeing.

The second group that did not believe was the common people , who went up to Jerusalem for the Passover. They were not openly hostile toward Jesus, but neither were they committed to follow Him. They were just curious onlookers on the conflict between Jesus and the Jewish leaders. They were content to go on with their religious festival while they discussed whether or not Jesus would show up and what would happen if He did.

So their interest in protecting themselves caused them to be passive while the religious leaders murdered an innocent and good man. The lesson here is that to be neutral towards Jesus is to be unbelieving. Self-centeredness is the heart of unbelief.

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The result of their self-interest was counter-productive, in that Jesus went away, because His time had not yet come To have Jesus withdraw from you is the ultimate tragedy! The third lesson is:. If you believe, you will see the glory of God in Christ. Questions About the Old Testament Law. Is it okay to involve an unbeliever in church ministry? What Denomination Does Bible.

Seeing is Believing, Believing is Seeing | The Furnace House of Prayer Kenosha

Psalms Of Kindness. The lesson is: If we believe in Christ, we will see the glory of God; but if we see miracles without believing we will be hardened in our sin. First, we need to affirm that… A. Why is it that we have a much harder time believing in a sovereign God, than we do a story on the news or from a friend?

BELIEVING Is SEEING (Not Seeing is Believing)

Why is it difficult for some to comprehend and believe that God created the universe, is in control of everything, and ordains life? Doubt is an incredibly powerful weapon that the devil uses to attack the minds of those whose faith is weakened due to struggles in life, feeling distanced from God, or who have never truly known the Savior.

“Believing is seeing and seeing is believing.”

Doubt occurs when we begin to think we have to see God to believe in Him, and when our faith is dependent on what our eyes can see. But faith is not something we can see. There is no visual evidence. The official definition of faith is a "firm belief in something of which there is no proof.

The Blindness of the Sighted

If seeing were believing, then faith would be irrelevant and unnecessary. Jesus would forever be trying to convince us that He is the Holy One through signs, wonders and miracles. Our faith would always be teetering on the edge, and likely decline as soon as we felt the need to see just one more example of proof of His existence, His sovereignty, or His power. If we could see Him, we would probably never truly believe in Him. Faith only comes by hearing God's Word, and believing it - no matter what - without a shadow of a doubt - without needing constant visual proof.


The cold hard fact is that we live in a world that thrives on proof. As a result, Christians will face pressure to doubt that God is real and alive. We will face opportunities to turn away from God and believe in other religions, which may seem trendier, more appealing or visually legitimate. We will face ridicule for believing in the unseen. But that is where true faith comes in. Faith that is not swayed by new ideas, impressive people, or eloquent preaching. Faith that will not die because something easier comes along.

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Printer Friendly E-mail Article. Piotr Winkielman. Psychological Science. So once we interpret an ambiguous or neutral look as angry or happy, we later remember and actually see it as such. The researchers point out that implications of the results go beyond everyday interpersonal misunderstandings — especially for those who have persistent or dysfunctional ways of understanding emotions, such as socially anxious or traumatized individuals.

The researchers showed experimental participants still photographs of faces computer-morphed to express ambiguous emotion and instructed them to think of these faces as either angry or happy. Participants then watched movies of the faces slowly changing expression, from angry to happy, and were asked to find the photograph they had originally seen.