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Chapter 7 Wear Mechanisms.

Effect of Tribology on Surface of Nanomaterials

Chapter 8 Wear Debris Classification. Tribology of Industrial Components and Systems. Chapter 27 Slider Bearings. Chapter 28 Rolling Element Bearings.

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Chapter 29 Gears. Chapter 30 Rotary Dynamic Seals. Chapter 9 Wear Maps.

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Chapter 10 Liquid Lubricants and Lubrication. Chapter 11 Hydrodynamic and Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication. Chapter 13 Friction and Wear Measurement Techniques. Chapter 14 Simulative Friction and Wear Testing. Chapter 15 Friction and Wear Data Bank. Solid Tribological Materials. Chapter 21 Metals and Ceramics.

Chapter 31 Space Tribology.

Lubrication: A Tribology Handbook

Chapter 32 Automotive Tribology. Chapter 33 Diesel Engine Tribology. Chapter 34 Tribology of Rail Transport. Chapter 36 Marine Equipment Tribology.


Recent research has led to a deeper understanding of the nature and consequences of interactions between materials on an atomic scale. The results have resonated throughout the field of tribology. For example, new applications require detailed understanding of the tribological process on macro- and microscales and new knowledge guides the rational design of material for these applications. A two volume set, the Modern Tribology Handbook reports on the current state-of-the-field as it reflects these developments, including all industrial applications.

Modern tribology handbook. Vol. 1, Principles of tribology

The rapid evolution of micro- and nanotribology will cause it to take center stage for the next decade, but much of the new information has not made it into the hands that need to use it. Extensively illustrated and well-researched, the Modern Tribology Handbook gives you comprehensive information on conventional topics and, more importantly, emphasizes all industrial applications, including the fundamentals of the emerging field of micro-and nanotribology.

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