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You have to pause to swallow the lump in your throat as you explain to people back home the needs of those you serve. You wish furloughs lasted a few days instead of a few months so you could get back to your home and ministry sooner. Your greatest joys and deepest pains are wrapped up in the lives of people your friends and family back home will probably never know.

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Now on Amazon. Subscribe to the Podcast. Missionaries have the Church basics they need. Extra books are not approved and add weight to their already full suitcases.

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Missionaries have plenty to do on their preparation days. It is illegal to send cash internationally. Having a friend or a sibling out on a mission can be a great experience for you, too. Write good, supporting, spiritual letters.

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Your missionaries are growing from their daily experiences. Create opportunities for growth in your own life. Serve your ward members through a Church calling or through acts of service. Pray and read your scriptures each day. Participate in temple work with family history research or proxy baptisms.

Look for opportunities to share the gospel with those you meet each day. They really are worth a thousand words. Continue to write. Know that missionaries value your words and thoughts and prayers as they continue in service to the Lord. Missionaries love packages.

Missionary Mail

The New Era asked a few returned missionaries about items they appreciated receiving that were useful and still reminded them of home. Here are some suggestions:. Gift certificates to chain restaurants only if mailed in the same country. Missionaries are allowed to communicate with their families by e-mail.

Their mission presidents set the specific guidelines for their e-mail use. Here are some general guidelines missionaries follow:.

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They may use computers in public facilities such as libraries or appropriate commercial outlets. They should exercise caution in the content and language of the e-mail, making certain that no confidential or sensitive information is included. Due to limited resources, missionary training centers do not provide e-mail service for missionaries.

Illustrated by Scott Greer. Show Hide. Testimony-building experiences you have had. News about mutual friends who are also serving missions. Other thoughts: Some items may be less expensive to purchase in the mission.

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Record your testimony and send it to your missionary. Here are some suggestions: Socks Familiar-tasting toothpaste Dry drink mix Seasoning packets Recipes for simple dishes Gift certificates to chain restaurants only if mailed in the same country Letters from younger siblings, cousins, or Primary children A favorite treat Missionaries are allowed to communicate with their families by e-mail. Here are some general guidelines missionaries follow: They may use e-mail only on preparation day. Companions should always be together while using a computer.

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They should not impose on Church members who may have computers. They should pay any cost for using e-mail. See Missionary Handbook [], 20—