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Can Tom defeat Blaze the Ice Dragon? Fearsome Trema lurks in the bowels of the earth, only emerging to feast on his prey so Tom must brave the underworld. Tom now seeks the second potion ingredient that will free his ailing mother from Wizard Velmal's fiendish sorcery. The land of Kayonia is descending into chaos! Everywhere Tom looks he sees decay and destruction: all the work of Wizard Velmal. Kayonia's forests are deathly silent - the animals have disappeared and no one dares set foot among the trees. A ravenous Beast terrorises the windswept plains of Tavania: Madara the Midnight Warrior is on the prowl!

The land of Tavania slips further towards ruin as portals rip the sky and terrible Beasts roam the land. Tom and his companions are faced with a new menace! Hecton the Body Snatcher is prowling the land, feeding on his victims' flesh.

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Koraka was a gentle shepherdess until evil Wizard Malvel transformed her into a hideous winged Beast! Malvel's evil knows no bounds!

ONE NIGHT WITH THE KING (Esther the Bible Movie)

He has used his dark magic to turn Elenna's faithful wolf, Silver, into a terrifying Beast. Tom's Quest reaches a terrifying climax!

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Tom thinks he has defeated his enemy, Evil Wizard Malvel. But he is wrong! Tom must first face Noctila the Death Owl! Malvel wants revenge on Tom! The Evil Wizard is using the ancient spirits of Avantian heroes to conjure bloodthirsty Beasts. Something horrible lurks in the Yellow Marshes! Malvel has created Lustor the Acid Dart to fight Tom and his faithful companions. The Good Beast Sepron is in danger! Malvel has sent Voltrex - a hideous Octopus-Beast - to kill him.

Malvel has created another ferocious Beast for Tom to battle! Tecton is a massive creature that even Tom might find hard to defeat. If Tom does not save him, Avantia is doomed. A new evil enemy and dangerous realm await Tom on his new Beast Quest. Elko Lord of the Sea has risen from the waves to wreak havoc. Can Tom overcome this deadly peril? Something terrible is hiding under the sands of the desert!

Tarrok the Blood Spike is waiting for the hero Tom and his companion Elenna, so he can unleash his fury on them! Will Tom survive? Tom must do battle with a ravening, winged hound who thirsts for his blood! Can the Avantian hero overcome her fearsome heat and douse her flames? Kensa the Sorceress seeks to overthrow Avantia and become a cruel ruler - and she has created six Evil Beasts to do her bidding.

It's up to Tom and his faithful companions to defeat them! Avantia is in deadly peril! Kensa the Sorceress's most deadly Beast has been unleashed, and only Tom and his friends stand in his way! Will they prevail, or will they be crushed under his hooves? Join the hero Tom on a high-action adventure with terrible Beasts and deadly danger! Tom is about to embark on his biggest Quest yet! Tom's first deadly challenge is to defeat Solak, Scourge of the Sea.

Tom's perilous Beast Quest continues! Will Tom defeat the awesome wolf-Beast Kajin, or will he fall to his doom? Barnes and Noble. Mysterious Galaxy. Powell's Books. Uncle Hugo's. University of Washington University Bookstore. University of Wisconsin University Bookstore. Only registered users can write reviews. Please, log in or register. Buy Ebooks. All Books. Baen Community. Baen's Bar. About Baen. Free Library.

Linley kills angels from Radiant Church, after being wounded and recovering, reach ninth rank in warrior, saint when in dragonform. Linley spar with McKenzie and meet with his younger brother. Linley battle against Olivier after of Wharton battle against Blumer , Haydson interrupts the battle after Linley and Olivier came to a stalemate. Linley witness the battle between Haydson and Olivier. Haydson challenge Linley for battle in Aug 4. Wharton on marry Nina. Linley goes to Anarchic Lands for skirmishes against Radiant Church. Linley conquer Blackdirt City in Anarchic Lands.

Linley decide to invade other cities to expand and turn into the Baruch Duchy. Linley use Layered Waves. Linley battle against Osenno , Osenno is forced to flee. Linley battle against Osenno and Lehman. Linley compromise with 20 years of truce with Radiant Church. Taylor and Sasha , twin children of Linley and Delia are born. The largest magicite mine in the history of Yulan continent is discovered by Baruch Kingdom.

Radiant Church and Cult of Shadows join forces to take magicite mine. Beirut summon all 4 deities from Forest of Darkness for the opening of Necropolis of the Gods. Linley's group battles against the groups of Heidens Radiant Church and Afflecks Cult of Shadows and manages to kill the majority of Saints of their sides [3]. Linley manage to merge first two layers into one layer from layers of Throbbing Pulse of World. Bebe kill Rudi and Dillon to avenge his parents death.

Linley, 21 expert saints and deity O'Brien fly towards to Forest of Darkness. See the Necropolis of the Gods for first time. Linley is informed about Necropolis having 18 layers, where first 11 layers are for saints while the rest is for deities. Linley find out about Necropolis of the Gods being one Sovereign game by talking with Fain. Linley encounter deity Ba-Serpent ' Tarosse ' sleeping in third floor of Necropolis.

Linley master 64 fused layers of the Throbbing Pulse of the World. Nearly close to reach the rank of Grand Magus Saint. Linley group reach 10th floor and decide to rest for one year and half before going to eleventh floor. Linley finally reach the rank of Grand Magus Saint and his seven-colored soul gem evolve to sword shape, giving him potential to train in Edicts of Destruction.

Linley group except Linley manage to return to tenth floor after facing one million Abyssal Blade Demons. Linley obtains 3 Divine Sparks wind, earth and destruction , 10 deity artifacts and 10 thousand blades in the eleventh floor of the Necropolis of the Gods. Linley reaches the Prime Saint level and return to tenth level to rest until the 10 years are up. Arnold is born, child of Taylor and Jenny and grandson of Linley. Taylor and Sasha are 22 old years. Linley gives the Earth divine spark to Barker for him to become a Demigod.

It's decided only O'Brien, Baruch and Yulan Empire will remain and declare war against the rest of nations. Linley order Cena which is 24 old years to attack Rohault Empire and great plains of east to incorporate them. Beirut goes to Dragonblood Castle and take Bebe with him to train him to become deity in Forest of Darkness. Grand Warlock , the necromancer deity begin his move. Hundred thousand deaths in night time in Bluelion city, with few dozen survivors.

Same happen in other cities. Linley meet deity Muba and Muba explain about Divine Artifacts. Refugees flee to Baruch Empire from Rohault Empire.

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Linley, Desri and Olivier battle against Beaumont, they kill him and accidentally free prisoners of Gebados Planar Prison. Imperial Palace is destroyed, Kass, 7 old years, son of Cena and others are dead in hands of Ojwin. Divine light clone of Desri dies. Linley kills one of Ojwin's black-robed men. Baruch Empire is recovered. Reynolds is arch magus of ninth rank. Same night, Ojwin infiltrate in Dragonblood Castle, Tarosse kill him and obtain fire divine spark. Leylin kill Sadista. Adkins fly with Barnas to Mount Copper Gong.

Leylin create one new continent in south of Yulan Continent. Adkins fights against Beirut and is killed. Adkins group fight over his divine sparks and Owjin is sole survivor. Catherine goes to Life Realm. Linley , Delia and Bebe decide to go to Infernal Realm. Incorporate both tribes. Linley buy one amethyst and find out the Coiling Dragon ring can refine and purify amethyst in Redbud Castle.

Linley combine Pulseguard Defense with Elemental Armor and create Pulseguard Armor which is more powerful than defensive God artifacts. Delia begin to fuse with wind Highgod Divine Spark. Inigo find out the location of metallic lifeform of Linley group where the Boyd wealth is hidden. Inigo tell all to Esquin and Esquin decide to pursuit the priceless treasure of Boyd clan, fail to get treasure. Esquin battle against Learmonth and die. Linley reach Demigod level in fire after mastering 'Essence of the Fire'. Delia mastered 8 of 9 mysteries of wind. Delia master last mystery and becomes a Wind Highgod.

Linley group is imprisoned in Amethyst Mountains without possibility to exit and flee against Amethyst Beasts. Fog Wave day end. George reach saint level in magus. Linley use Worldwalking to explore mountain, get imprisoned in cave without exit. Linley learn from Reisgem about fusing Gravitational Space with Throbbing Pulse of the World to escape from black stone prison.

Linley give up in trying to begin fusing Gravitational Space with Throbbing Pulse of the World and try to fuse with Essence of the Earth in roundabout way. Linley finally succeed in the beginning of fusing Gravitational Space with Essence of the Earth. Linley test out the power of soul attack of gravitational space.

After this, resume the fusion of Gravitation Space and Essence of the Earth. Linley hit the bottleneck in fusing 3 laws. Linley group finally escape from Amethyst Mountains.

Linley group meet the expert Lomio Bornesen again close of Knifeblade island. Lomio kill the majority of bandits in Knifeblade island. Linley battle against Ganmontin and defeat him with one hint of Destruction Edict. Linley group arrive in Miluo island. Linley group arrive in Bloodridge continent. Bebe mastered 4 mysteries of Darkness and currently in fifth mystery. Delia , Bebe and others go to Meer City to visit.

Delia and Bebe come back while the rest decide to live in Meer. Linley go in joint mission with elder Emanuel.

Paul Doherty

Emanuel loses his divine water clone after being attacked by Bulo. Linley retire from Bloodbath Gorge. Linley divine water clone master 3 mysteries and currently on fourth. Linley and Delia decide to visit Meer city. Bebe meets his grandma Carolina , Delia becomes pregnant of Wade.

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Linley, Delia, Wade and Bebe together with Phusro return to Skyrite Mountains and they are ambushed by 8 elders clans. Phusro kill 2 elders. Beirut accuse Forhan of treason, call his friend Dunnington to hypnotize Forhan to confess his crime. Forhan die in hands of his own mother Grand Elder Gaia.

Decades later, clan leaders of 4 divine beasts decide to retire from battle and recover the forces in Skyrite Mountains. Bebe marry Nisse. Linley master fourth mystery in Fire, late stage in fifth mystery in water, mastered seven mysteries in wind. Reach bottleneck in Vitality in earth. Beirut visit Skyrite Mountains to resolve the enmity of 4 Divine Beasts and 8 major clans. Beirut finally conclude the forge of new sword for Linley. Bebe become Highgod. Linley divine water clone start sixth profound mystery, divine wind clone start eight profound mystery, divine fire clone stuck with four mastered mysteries.

Bebe and Nisse return from trip. Linley reach bottleneck in his divine water clone and reach Abyssal Mountain. Linley and Bebe reach Tartarus and go to Flamebone Island. Linley obtain first enemy commander gold badge in Planar Battlefield. Linley divine wind clone become Highgod.

Linley complete the fusion of four profounds mysteries. Linley wakes up from coma and become the first Soul Mutate with 4 clones in the countless planes of the multiverse [5]. Final year of Planar Battlefield. Linley's group arrived at Northbone Prefecture.

Olivier and his son Deia visits Linley in the Skyrite Mountain. Olivier killed Bonnin. Boson killed Molde after being deceive. Mosi visits Linley in the Skyrite Mountains to inform him about the black paper which Molde created. Linley's dragonform transformation was completed. Linley's group arrived in Jadefloat Continent. Linley finds some clue about the red caltrop diamond then travels to Muja Continent. Linley arrived in Muja Continent in search of Brodie.

Chief Sovereign of Destruction goes to Linley's place to remind Chief Sovereign of Light about there agreement 10, years ago. Sovereign of Muja Continent search Brodie and his Wife and finds out that they goes to a material plane 'Okerlund' thirty years ago. Linley told Beirut and Bluefire that he obtain the three Overgod talisman. Linley summons the Overgod of Life and ask to revive his Grandpa Doehring. Linley created Dragonblood Continent. Linley reach bottle in fusing three profound mysteries of different laws Throbbing Pulse of the Earth, Circular Softness and Dimensional Attack.

Linley successfully finished his own fused divine plane. Sovereign from all planes one by one goes to Divine Wind Plane. Boson goes to Linley and discuss about the upcoming Planar War and about him having emissaries. Linley's Wind clone goes to Yulan Plane and create its own divine wind plane while his original body and earth clone goes to his territories in search of emissaries and his fire and water clone accompany Delia.