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Description: This book shows markings which indicate the reader may have annotated passages while reading the book. Description: This book contains lots of annotation in the margins of the text. Description: This book contains a signature and some writing which seems like notes that were taken after the reader finished the book. Description: There is gift inscription at the beginning of the book, dated Aside from some notation within the text, the only other noteworthy handwriting in the book is an odd line written on the very back page of the book.

Description: Features an ownership tag and some annotation within the text. Description: This book includes notations within the pages, a message near the front, and a near-completely-erased recipe.

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Daisy Miller

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    How can we trust his reactions to his new young friend? And if we can't, how can we form our own? As layers of opinion begin to stick to the beautiful Daisy like batter on some deep-fried food product at a fair, we start to realize that even though what we're eating is delicious, we have no idea what it is. Cheese curds?

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    A stick of butter? All of this is an unnecessarily trans-fatty way of saying that James's game is to filter all of our information through someone else so we see how difficult it is to know someone on their own terms. Sure, it's normal to take a friend's word about their friend's friend, or to believe said friend when he says he's "totally not the kind of person who would ever judge. Most novels make it clear who we're supposed to love the main character, of course! While you may never be sure what you think of Daisy, you'll be intrigued by her mysterious behavior and the still-more difficult-to-parse reactions she provokes.

    This may sound like it will drive you crazy, but it actually has the effect of making you feel saner when you return to the world around you. We end up learning a lot about what not to do from reading Daisy Miller : care too much about what others think, bite our tongue about how we feel, and forget to take our malaria medication. All rights reserved. Daisy Miller Introduction Daisy Miller might just be the most widely read and studied work of Henry James , an American novelist so great he eventually had to leave America—it wasn't big enough for the one of him.