Jess and the Runaway Grandpa

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Flight Of The Tiger Moth. Prices and offers may vary in store. Kobo ebook. When death threatens a pilot at the nearby air training base, seventeen-year-old Jack must use a secretly-acquired skill to save a life and affirm his own identity to his over protective mother.

Jack Waters sees his small prairie town turned upside down in World War II, when an air base to train English flyers is set up nearby. It''s , no one knows who will win the war, and Canadians are taking a major role in the fighting. Even though Jack can''t enlist, he secretly learns how to fly. Good thing, because when a friend''s plane comes down on the prairie, Jack has no choice but to make his first solo flight - to try and save a life.

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The Flight of the Tiger Moth is the thrilling story of one boy''s journey to become a man and find his path in the world. It also gives young readers a glimpse of Canadian lives during World War II, and of one more Canadian contribution to winning the war. About The Author. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:.

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Tell Us Where You Are:. Preview Your Review. Thank you. She's certainly not looking for another mystery to solve. She and Kyle just want to have fun on their school trip--enjoying the great art, splendid architecture, and gorgeous countryside. Then things start to go missing.

Jess and the Runaway Grandpa

The kids from Kirby Junior High are losing favourite keepsakes and items of clothing, Polly's old Teddy Bear, and finally, Kyle's valuable new hand-held computer. What else can a pair of detectives do? They start to investigate. As usual, Polly "McDoodle" has to use her artistic skills to help solve the crimes. But there's more going on than a few petty thefts.

A series of major art thefts from famous galleries is baffling police. It's got nothing to do with a busload of Canadian students, right? But why did Mrs. Grimaldi, the tour guide, suddenly get sick? And what is her replacement, Guiseppe Guidocchio, really up to?

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Polly and Kyle are close to spotting the thief when a painting disappears from Florence's famed Uffizi Gallery. It's enough to get any detectives excited.

The two friends start with a small mystery and end up working on a much bigger one. Maybe too big for a couple of kids from Edmonton.

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