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It promotes greater spontaneity and creativity through emotional intensity as it increases the stakes for everyone involved. This presenter who originally came from the world of theater will use her expertise to help psychodrama directors enhance their directing skills using theatrical tools, techniques and principles to deepen the drama and expand the emotional experience of everyone involved in the process. And do we want? Especially in psychodrama? The question is it possible to prove effectiveness of psychotherapy, and in particular of psychodrama, through scientific research is still unanswered.

Is it enough just to believe in our method? Do we want to prove its effectiveness scientifically? There are a lot of peculiarities concerning the usual design, randomization, duration, blindness, number of participants, motivation, the role of the therapist, the usage of nosological entities, etc. Key words: scientific research, proving effectiveness, psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, psychodrama. Di Maurizio Fajeti e Roberta Mineo In questi ultimi decenni si registra un travagliato percorso disidentitario del maschio. Abstract: As we challenge the status quo of the power relations of women and men in different institutions, many things would pop up to our awareness.

The binary concept of gender is overcome by a see-saw pattern of masculinity and femininity within the same individual, reflecting the richness of diversity and the complexity of dynamics as well. This workshop will open the way towards a deeper look at the meanings of gender identity, with consideration of gender stereotypes, gender justice, and gender equality concerns, in addition to gender empowerment.

In a here and now experience, and with the use of creative arts, participants will be invited to examine the previous conceptions and to reflect upon their personal attitudes and beliefs. Possible applications will be discussed. The workshop emphasizes the importance of the work on the adult level: the therapist, the consultant and the educator, which can affect multiple layers of society, down to the children and up to the decision makers.

It will be run in English and Italian, but a lot more languages are welcome to join. In the first session sociometry was used to discover and find out more information about group members. A group of 25 out of 50 young men in the ages 18 to 24 who had committed various crimes were chosen through a simple random sampling method. All the young men who were over the age of 18 and could no longer be housed in the juvenile prison lived in the place called Home of Safety.

The room where we did the work had 2 armed guards, the psychodramatist and 3 assistants who helped with translation and any help needed in motivating the group to do the activities. In India juvenile justice board which comes under the ministry of women and child development is responsible for safety and upkeep of children who are in conflict with the law. Fights between the gangs were quite frequent.

The overall objective of the psychodrama session was to build compassion and empathy among the participants. The first session was a beginning of the group showing a little trust towards one another and a little empathy towards each other including the psychodramatist. Byrne, K talked about how Psychodrama seems particularly suited for work with prison inmates since Psychodrama is an action therapy which tends to rely less on the spoken word than many therapies, and gives the convict a chance to do, and then to re-do, those parts of life that cause him difficulty.

Since it is a form of group therapy, even those members whose problems are not being directly considered can benefit. Corsini notes that during his extensive experience in prison systems he has personally tried several methods of group therapy but has finally discovered that only one method, that of psychodrama, even approaches the effect of deep individual treatment.

Violence and discrimination is a part of day to day life for most of the LGBT community. Human Rights Campaign, Studies show that LGBT population are more likely to be treated for anxiety, panic disorder, depression, poor self-esteem, eating disorders or to develop alcohol or drug dependency when compared to the general population Cochran, Mays, Alegria, Ortega, Takeuchi.

These youth are also 4 times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual counterparts CDC, Modern or post colonial India is still awakening to the fact that the LGBTQI community very much exists and is struggling to assert their basic and fundamental human rights. The experience of them dealing with shame, guilt, anger, depression and pain that the community go through are made to express and process through psychodrama and sociometric exercises.

The workshop will also take you through how psychodrama helped many members to come out to their close ones through sociometric exercises. Washington, D. Mental health disorders, psychological distress, and suicidality in a diverse sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youths. American Journal of Public Health. Atlanta, GA: U. Department of Health and Human Services. Mental health and substance use disorders among Latino and Asian American lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults.

Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. Uno studio preliminare ha evidenziato come il tema della morte emerga frequentemente durante sessioni di psicodramma. Psychodramatic psychotherapy with cancer patient: the role of semi-reality. Psychological support to cancer patients is essential to deal with the physical, psychological and relational sufferance that arises and often persists beyond treatment success. Group psychotherapy has been proven to be effective in reducing sufferance of cancer patients; however only few studies explored psychodramatic psychotherapy.

The aim of the present study is to analyse how death is faced during semi-reality representation, in order to explore the functions and the consequences of this condition over both the active protagonist of the semi-reality representation and the other participants. Weekly sessions, of one hour and half each, were provided by the San Paolo Hospital of Milan. Two independent coder analysed the fragments of sessions in which the theme of death was addressed during a semi-reality representation. Preliminary results suggest that the semi-reality dimension is used to directly address death and to talk about death related themes.

Semi-reality dynamics allow to trigger transformative processes in the individual as well as in the group. INCONTRI: caratteristiche Gli incontri, della durata di minuti, hanno cadenza settimanale e vengono proposti dopo i primi incontri di accoglienza del paziente. Gli incontri sono aperti a un massimo di 10 partecipanti e sono condotti in generale con tecniche attive e partecipative. Il metodo psicodrammatico consente ai presenti di esprimere, attraverso la messa in atto sulla scena, le diverse dimensioni della sua vita e di stabilire dei collegamenti costruttivi fra di esse.

Secondo incontro: Professionisti coinvolti: Psicologhe. Terzo incontro: Professionisti coinvolti: Psicologhe. Quarto incontro: Professionisti coinvolti: Psicologhe. Starting from the role of the Observer, it was possible to identify in the group its function as a holder of universal emotions associated with the pathology and its function as a stimulus in the redefinition of the existential roles of the oncologic patient. Verranno descritti: il setting , la nascita e lo sviluppo dei gruppi, con alcuni esempi descritti nel dettaglio. Verranno estrapolate alcune riflessioni sul lavoro svolto.

Materiali e metodi: i gruppi sono stati avviati da oltre un anno con incontri settimanali e sono tuttora attivi. Piemonte, Italy Introduction :This work is about experiences of groups in therapeutic psychiatric community in Piemonte Italy. These groups were aimed at people with chronic mental illness, psychic and physical disabilities.

This work will be better described, with some more information about setting, birth and groups development, and some detailed examples will be made. Materials and methods : Weekly sessions of groups, started more than one year ago and are still active. Every meeting has been summarized, also with ego helpers comments. In these sociodrama sessions, a large space was given to warming up, which was about many different kind of drama games , improvisation games, role playing with roles exchanging.

And sometimes it was possible to enact a psychodrama with a protagonist. Then, some technical adaptation useful to specific work in therapeutic community with people with psychiatric troubles and disabilities were discussed. It was observed a gradual increasing of communication and relationships between groups members. Most members have experienced this groups with positivity and trust towards the others and they also learnt to feel the group as an emotional container.

There were also observed improvements concerning individual rehabilitation and community life. In doing this work, it came to evidence that it was needed to adapt the setting to a therapeutic community contest, in order to make possible birth and development of the group itself. Questo simposio desidera ospitare e confrontare esperienze di psicodramma e sociometria applicati nelle diverse organizzazioni. All around the world, psychodrama is an elective instrument, not only for psychotherapy, but also for training and consulting. This symposium wish to host and compare some experiences of Psychodrama and Sociometry applied in several organizations.

Emotional satisfaction-warmth,protection,love,sexuality and intimacy- is vulnerable to interference. Our brain is clever enough to remind us what to remember and what to forget about our sexuality and relationships. Our brain is clever enough to remind us what to remember and what to forget.

Mostly in case of ambivalency. The leader being sexual ttherapist and psychodramatist will try to stir up the memories kept in mind and body. Who shall migrate for surviving? A partire da alcuni casi emblematici tratti dal mio pluriennale lavoro nei servizi di accoglienza italiani, alternando momenti di azione scenica e di riflessione ci confronteremo come gruppo internazionale e transculturale sulle metodologie e le risorse utilizzate in altre esperienze e altri contesti.

The sociopsychodramatic intervention in pluricultural contexts. The new migratory flows that have affected Europe over the last decades have produced an urgent need for specific psychosocial intervention in many areas of life and work. This workshop means to be an opportunity for exchange of experiences and knowledge on the application of socio-psychodramatic methods in pluricultural contexts and encounters, in particular working with the migrants in the reception centers and training the social and health workers and teams. The aim of this workshop is to show how cultural anthropology and socio-psychodrama can cooperate, on one hand to improve the cohabitation and the social inclusion, and on the other hand to develop the competences for intercultural relations.

I will present my long-lasting experience in these fields, working out some emblematic cases with psychodramatic techniques, then we will go on reflecting on them. So we will be able to share, as a cross-cultural group, our methods and resources used in various experiences and in different contexts. The aim of this workshop is to show how cultural anthropology and socio-psychodrama can cooperate, on one hand to facilitate the cohabitation and the social inclusion, and on the other hand to develop interculturel competences of relation and communication.

Psychodrama and cientific knowledge production. We will present the research challenges with methods of action and sociometry. We will talk about the epistemology of psychodrama. We will give examples with the research done in the universities of Brazil in the last 15 years. Some research addresses, for example, the issue of AIDS in the country, questions of affirmative action for afro-descendants and domestic violence.

This workshop will open the way towards a deeper look at the meanings of gender identity, with consideration of gender stereotypes, gender justice and gender equality concerns, in addition to gender empowerment. Che cosa intendiamo per teoria e metodologia dello psicodramma? Vi sono diversi orientamenti in questo ambito; numerosi manuali sono stati pubblicati. In tali occasioni, sono emersi due ambiti principali: quello degli assunti teorici di base dello psicodramma e quello delle loro connessioni con altri approcci. Riflettendo sui risultati ottenuti, sulla base delle nostre proprie conoscenze e ricerche in psicodramma, abbiamo pensato di proporre un inquadramento coerente della teoria e della metodologia psicodrammatiche e delle sue connessioni con modelli teorici affini.

All over the world, since the last 70 years, many Institutions have been created to train and certify practitioners in psychodrama. There are various positions in this area; many handbooks have been published. The main instrument used in the past for creating a common theoretical and methodological basis for psychodrama is the Glossary; we can find a number of them available online.

Two main fields have arised: the basic assumptions of psychodrama and their connections with other approaches. Reflecting on the outcomes of that work, on the basis of our own knowledge and research in psychodrama, we thought to propose a coherent framework for the psychodrama theory and methodology and their connections to other scientific disciplines. So we built up two Conceptual Maps, that we will present in this Symposium:. The aims of the two Conceptual Maps are to lay the foundation for a common scientific language in psychodrama and to be a reference tool for training and research in psychodrama.

In this view the two Maps still need to be rectified and improved. The participants at the Symposium will be invited to give their contribution in ideas and suggestions for the realization of the initiative. Is important symbol of resistence to African culture, resilience, overcoming and trasnformation. We propose with the workshop to facilitate that the participants can get in touch with the history of the Abayomi dolls and inspired them, to identify aspects of their relationships that they want to transform.

The public is invited to interact, to find sources of inspiration for creation, using paper, pencils, cand draw, paint, create and recreate, graphically represent the resonance of interactions. Starting from the perspective of the use of the body as an anatomical tool that allows to establish codes of languages and give corporality to something that arises from the interactions.

The world is in danger! The sun is going to explode and destroy the whole galaxy! All civilations have to be transfered to the only surviving Planet. But before they have to unify values and rules to form a new humanity. The rescue star ship is just leaving if all agree. After a nine months long work with Roma women from two villages, living in poverty, doing socio-psychodrama recorded on film a dramaturg wrote a theatre play.

The women play their own stories on stage. The performance became a huge success both in Budapest and in the villages where they performed. The play was selected to an International Theatre Festival in Dresden May Theatre history has been written. The topics of the Sociodrama panel discussion at the International Psychodrama conference in Iseo Monica Zuretti the relationship between the social matrix situation and the themes within small or large groups and its relationship. Malinda Ashley Meyer Research, early group intervention after trauma and collective healing.

Si sono cercate nuove espressioni possibili per lo Psicodramma partendo dal lavoro con soggetti provenienti, prevalentemente, dalla dipendenza, a volte con vissuti di violenza.

Santa Ildegarda, la santa della modernità

These may be new roles, or transformations of existing spiritual roles. The warmups leading to encounter with these roles will roughly follow the model of the typical Tibetan Buddhist 7-branch prayer. They will encounter these roles through a variety of methods, such as reciting mantras, insight meditation , empty chair, expressive sound-and-movement, role interview and role reversal. They will explore ways of using these deity roles as supports or models in dealing with difficult relationships or conflict situations.

One or more pieces of psychodrama action will be included. Previous knowledge of Buddist Vajrayana practices is not required.

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Herb Propper Ph. The Task Force organizes seminars and conferences in which the members show their methodology for working with collective trauma such as wars, disasters and mass migration. Seminars have been held in Oslo , Stockholm , Turin , Uppsala , Sofia , Iseo , Istanbul and will be held in Granada in Wars leave deep wounds in peoples and individuals , and destroyed social and occupational functioning. The resulting trauma is a wound , a laceration that brings permanent energy economy disorders of the psyche. Wars are made by people and people suffering by wars.

Now the battlefield are the houses. A space in which to respond to basic needs : hunger , thirst , rest protection, and the safe place symbolically marks the conflict, the trauma, puts a limit to the destructive forces by create for the participants of a group the feeling that there is a limit to the emotions and the post traumatic stress, like a safe place in the play, and there is a safe place where you can bring a re — empowerment, self-esteem can grow undermined by the trauma , it is understood as a psychic space inside where they can feel more secure, and is a generator of resources including not least the hope and the new action.

It is he space of play, the space of theatre, the space of psychodramatic surplus reality. It is the place of dreams, where the tension of opposit are hold through symbols. It is the space of fairy tales that contains the archetypical energy of drama. The third place is a space for active imaginations, a mytical space, a symbolic a representative space. RITUALS are similar to symbols, they are part of collective unconsciousness, they represent historical memory as well as historical traumatic events of certain large group.

Rituals are part of large group identity DREAMS — One of most important duty when we work on collective trauma is not to retramautize the group members and protagonist, for this it is important do not play the traumatic scene, but can be very helpfull to ask to share dreams connected to collective traumatic experience and play those dreams. Psychodrama can safely be used to create paths of change for the most severe traumatization. Who survives? The workshop will explore the elements, which enable a person to survive difficult, expected and unexpected situations that life encounters.

What helps a person to cope with loss, with crisis, with change? When we are looking at survival from the perspective of the natural sciences, we relate to the strong who survives. However, the ability to survive is not rooted only in physical strength. People overcome crisis when they are connected to a meaningful other, to people and friends, to an ideal, to group and family, to faith. In the language of self- psychology, a selfobject is necessary and crucial, in order to overcome complexities of life. Do they come with resilience to the crisis or get out of it strengthened.

The workshop will be based on the main psychodrama components — Sociometry, Sociodrama and protagonist work, as appropriate. After months of rambling, research, travels, despair and big spendings, a mother finds out her son has Dravet epilepsy. After almost one year since the diagnostic, she finds her way to support her child and keep him alive. She gathered other parents, then they asked for help. Working with over 10 types of specialists, using sociodrama, we could help other parents with creating support networks and two guides: one for the journey prior to the diagnostics and one for the journey with diagnostics.

Starting that day, the Dravet Association had strategic allies in their work. They even changed a law in Romania. The older children outlived the life expectancy for this condition. They are fighters and they are not alone. Support networks are key for survival, development, wellness and thriving.

We can help their creation on one hand and we can enable persons and groups to devise and activate their support groups on the other hand, with sociodrama. The public is invited to interact, to find sources of inspiration for creation, using paper, pencil, cand draw, paint, create and recreate, graphically represent the resonance of interactions. Starting from the perpective of the use of the body as an anatomical tool that give corporality to something that arises from the interactions. Sobrevivir o Reparar Nuestras heridas de la vida. Aim of this workshop is to propose a efficacious method in working with children coming from traumatic experiences, deprivation conditions, abuse or other relational or social trauma.

Method: Starting from systemic family psychotherapy and through group-analysis, this work method was developed by the author combining Individuative Jungian Psychodrama with needs coming from working with children and adolescents, whose families are multi-problematic concerning culture and social conditions.

Group become for children a retaining safe space where they can increase their self-esteem, trust in relationship and in external world. We will create fast dynamics to found a medium-sized group. It will be an engaging experience of a group foundation, and the beginning of a group process. Focus is on the group process and at the same time on the evolution of each individual.

Description: The group process will be developed using natural elements representation, mythical cultural knowledge coming from participants experience, or tales and stories from their transgenerational tradition. Sense-perception and rituals give security and stability.

The action becomes an instrument to overcome the limits in the ability to develop concepts while changing context and habits. Search for group times and rhythms is a consequence of respecting the personal time of each one. A meta-cognitive process mediated by symbols is activated by stimulating all the physic senses. Participants will be connected to their internal world through narratives and dreams before memories that could be traumatic.

Results and discussion: We want share experience coming from many years using this methodology in group with children and with teachers also. Group climate: recognition, trust, listening, freedom, communication. Rituals: group, starts by caring, with attention to details from the first moments of the first meeting. Questa citazione di J. For about twenty years, the Psychodrama Theater has been making public psychodramas, with free participation, on issues of social importance and on the stories of ordinary people. This quote by J. Participation in public psychodrama can take place at various levels: 1.

Participation in this public psychodrama is limited to a maximum of twenty people. Legittimare le emozioni. Il senso di fallimento spesso si estende anche alle famiglie allargate. Il senso di colpa per non aver risposto alle aspettative familiari e la rabbia di questi sono alcuni dei vissuti spesso connessi alla diagnosi. Sviluppi futuri Sarebbe interessante strutturare in modo periodico gli incontri in modo da individuare degli indicatori di risultato. Anxiety and fear are symptoms survivors of trauma often experience.

Fear is something you feel when you are threatened, while anxiety is anticipating that something traumatic will happen again. Both anxiety and fear have the same physiological response in the body. The opposite of anxiety is spontaneity. All participants become directors. EXIT will be introduced as a form of sosiodrama. Expressive Arts in Transition EXIT is a quantitative and qualitative research project with unaccompanied minor refugee boys aged 15 to EXIT focuses on training spontaneity, enhancing movement, imagination, engagement, connection, here and now, safety and responsibility.

The results of the research and implementation will be shared. Pictures, drawings and sociodrama: fostering the integration of resilience theory in social work with children and families. The concept of resilience has spread widely over recent decades, and more and more often practitioners use it to refer to situations of children and families in care. However, it is often difficult to understand how social professionals drive resilience theory into practice and integrate it into care plans. The sociodramatic drawing and telling group dynamic was used in 8 one-day training sessions with different size groups from 20 to 40 members within different editions of the Italian Program of Intervention for PReventing Institutionalization P.

The activities were audio-recorded and documented by pictures, in order to obtain the transcription and to content analyze it in the future. This first reflection about the use of a sociodramatic drawing activity in training on resilience shows this method as particularly favorable and coherent. As a conclusion, planning a research project seems particularly worth in order to deepen the use of this method, to evaluate it and its impact on professional practice, and to keep empowering the professional culture on using resilience with vulnerable children and families.

The concept of resilience is widespread within the social service culture, though how to drive it into practice with vulnerable children and families is problematic, and its integration in care plans often controversial. Participants will be able to experience the activity, share and discuss about it.

Both English and Italian speakers are welcome to participate. Rosa Shemesh by: Supervised by: Dr. Sharon Rabinovitz Shenkar University of Haifa Drug addiction can lead, among other things, to criminality and delinquency. The withdrawal and therapy process is long and complex, and includes changes of many kinds at different stages. These repercussions can in turn jeopardize rehabilitation and therapy. Previous studies of this subject focused on the dreams of addicts while still achieving abstention and addressed the drugs themselves.

Such studies were quantitative and based on the Freudian theory that dreams are an expression of an unrequited desire in conscious life. They sought to identify the desire for drugs in dreams, with the supposition that early identification of such desire in dreams would lead to better prevention of desire and drug seeking in consciousness, thus enhancing prevention of the recurrence of drug use. The aim was to consolidate a comprehensive approach to the dreams of addicts at different stages of recovery, and the way in which they experience their dreams.

Accordingly, changes in the dreams of all addict-subjects at all stages of recovery were examined. This study is qualitative and phenomenological; thus, it aspires to enable participants to write about and relate their dreams and report their feelings and perceptions in semi-structured, in-depth interviews. The present study reveals that the dreaming experience at all stages of dependency is filled with fear and panic, causing frequent awakening from sleep and compromising the quality of sleep.

Most participants felt that their irregular sleep pattern is jeopardizing their recovery. On the whole the findings point to a clear change in the dream content and dreaming experience of addicts arising from the three stages of recovery. De Franceschi. Insegna Musica Elettronica al conservatorio di Cagliari. Ha ottenuto premi, menzioni e selezioni in competizioni internazionali, tra i quali: "Grands Prix Internationaux de Musique Electroacoustique" a Bourges con "Limite inferiore sinistro," , "Movimento quietudine", , "Proiezioni", , "Cattura magica", , "Wave", , "A Traverso.

Vive e lavora a Roma. La Dada Kontrol Machine, il loro folle performance-tour, si presenta come un enorme scatolone dentro al quale, mascherati con scatole di cartone e vestiti con tute da lavoro, i performers suonano per svariate ore il loro repertorio strumentale, che prevede, oltre ad un basso polveroso, una chitarra acida, una scalcagnata batteria e strumenti giocattolo, l'uso di elettrodomestici frullatori, aspirapolveri, ferri da stiro etc e qualsiasi produttore di interferenze sonore.

Tutto rigorosa mente all'insegna dell'improvisazione "free". L'incontro con il sassofonista e compositore bostoniano Neil Leonard porta alla registrazione di alcune sessions ancora inedite , tra improvvisazione jazz, elettroacustica urbana e umori vintage post-glitch. Una direttrice dove la 'scrittura istantanea' si rapporta esplicitamente con la ricerca di articolazioni strutturali quasi 'composte'. Nel Cardiotest inizia una collaborazione con la vocalist Morena Tamborrino che si concretizza in un set inedito dove, su uno sfondo da favola nera, si inseguono fantasmi della musica extra-accademica, manipolazioni low fi di nastri, laptop.

Il trio si esibisce nel a Schio proponendo una performance-omaggio a Duchamp, "Se mi dici il Ve t ro", per lastra di vetro amplificata, laptop, vocalist-performer. Il range emotivo trova un'estensione multietnica in "Sea-Sons", performance presentata a Venezia nel nell'ambito della rassegna 'Sguardi Sonori'. L'ensemble-quintetto multidisciplinare, vede la presenza oltre di Morena Tamborrino anche del pittore-performer italo-egiziano Fathi Hassan e del danzatore Butoh Alessandro Pintus.

Nell'ambito della ricerca suono-immagine, Cardiotest realizza "Presso", lavoro audio-video ispirato al Prologo del Vangelo di San Giovanni. La composizione viene presentata in occasione della manifestazione 'Ricercare la Parola' nelle edizioni di Perugia novembre e Noci luglio He has curated international art projects in Europe and North America. For about a decade he has been involved in several Venice Biennales participating as artist, site curator and assistant for renown senior artists.

In the year he received the Millennium Painting Award in representation of his own country. The German Verena Stenke is performer and make-up artist, working for theatres, festivals and institutions in Germany and Italy. She evolved her personal way of performative expression training in workshops of dance, Butoh, Social Theatre and integrating techniques of mask- and make-up artistry and video making. Marco Giani lavora con il video, l' audio, l'installazione e le immagini digitali. L'artista utilizza immagini provenienti da Internet, Tv, film, riviste come Ready Made.

L'artista si appropria di tutti quei materiali visivi abbandonati e scartati che appartengono al flusso dell' immondizia del nostro immaginario e li salva dando loro una nuova forma; oppure al contrario Giani impiega le immagini come materiale grezzo trasformandole e trasfigurandole fino a raggiungere un punto di non ritorno.

Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena nata a Sassari il 7 dicembre Vive e lavora a Berlino dal E' laureata in psicologia e ha conseguito un Master in Programmazione Neurolinguistica e Comunicazione Efficace. Nel mette in piedi il progetto PETI NUDI, una fanzine provocatoria che veicola informazioni su musica, stati alterati di coscienza e contesti sociali giovanili. Nel acquista il suo primo PC e inizia da autodidatta lo studio e la composizione di tracce con vari programmi. Nel studia musica elettronica con Maurizio Martusciello. Nel suona a Roma per il festival Sensoralia e in alcuni club di Berlino; realizza in Italia il suo primo documentario dal titolo "In sospeso Live con il lavoro Fernseht o urm presentato a Palermo.

Ha terminato la realizzazione del documentario "Durch den Klang". Petersburg, etc. Vive e lavora tra Rapallo, Godiasco e S. Maria Coghinas. Nicola Mette Nasce a Sassari nel Molte sono le collettive di prestigio di cui Nicola Mette ha partecipato in tutta Europa e in spazzi istituzionali di primaria importanza. XxeNa:paintings, photos, artworks… Florindo Rilli Florindo Rilli si considera un ricercatore, le sue immagini ci svelano una grande disciplina dell'osservare. Ogni volta cerca di raccontare una storia senza ripetersi mai. I soggetti situati in scenari fantastici rivelano una bellezza nascosta e trasmettono sensazioni di meraviglia.

Le sue rappresentazioni si collocano sempre al confine di due mondi, "quello esterno e quello interno". Possiede diverse attitudini a fotografare a seconda delle circostanze, sa vedere oltre lo sguardo posato sulle cose. Direttore di scena, regista teatrale, documentarista, fotografo mostre in Argentina, Francia, Giappone e soprattutto cortista. I suoi lavori sono basati su un sentimento nostalgico nei confronti della cultura contadina e umanistica e parlano di sradicamento, emigrazione, stupore nei confronti del cosmo.

Particolare il rapporto con la cultura e il popolo argentini. Oltre ad aver lavorato come fotografo di scena per alcuni cortometraggi e ad aver preparato diversi book fotografici prevalentemente per attori di teatro, da tempo si occupa della direzione artistica della sala cinema e della sala expo del Brancaleone. Benigni, esegue copie di quadri di pittori italiani del ' Gianluca Proietti Gian Luca Proietti Roma vive e lavora a Fano e Cagli PU Da sempre mi interesso delle problematiche d'arte e di comunicazione visiva; al ragionamento visivo delle immagini e dei suoi simili.

I settori che frequento vanno dall'arte contemporanea come artista e operatore , alla grafica editoriale e web design www. Come nel motto alchemico "solve et coagula" anche la visione e fruizione dell'esperienza creativa si spende e si espande temporalmente e nello spazio. Il luogo ci richiama coagula l'evento.

Poi si scioglie solve durante la presa di coscienza, durante la fruizione. Tag che troveremo nella stanza, nel luogo loci della fruizione. Luigi Carboni. Oltre alle gallerie, Erika Patrignani sceglie anche spazi d'allestimento per le sue opere, esponendo negli interni dell barca Naumakos II, in mostra al Salone Nautico di Genova e di Barcellona, e collaborando con studi di Architettura e di Design di interni.

Nell'ulimo anno l'artista dedica il suo interesse anche al video, partecipando alla terza edizione dell' Oddstream Festival, tenutosi a Nijmegen, in Olanda, e presentando i cortometraggi al Go Short Film Festival. Si appassiona alle tematiche criminali, che la portano ad approfondire le proprie ricerche sulle carceri e sui manicomi criminali, motivata dal fatto che, fin da piccola con la famiglia, segue il padre che lavora negli istituti penitenziari.

Une évocation de la Disputa delle arti : le voyage hippocratique du ms Magl. XV, 71

Conosce i nuovi linguaggi grafici e gli ultimi programmi di fotoritocco che utilizza a titolo privato per proprie sperimentazioni di quadri. L'esame clinico mostrava un soffio rude in mesogastrio; polsi radiali normosfigmici e iposfigmici i polsi femorali. L'ecocardio evidenziava una ipertrofia di tipo concentrico con una buo-na funzione contrattile. L'istmo aortico non era ben visualizzabile. Il doppler dell'aorta addominale e dei vasi renali mostrava un flusso de-modulato con una elevata pressione diastolica negli stessi vasi.

Il paziente venne quindi trasferito in un reparto di cardiochirurgia dove la coronarografia confermo la presenza di una stenosi aortica serrata trattata con perforazione con radiofrequenze e im-pianto di stent. Conclusioni La coartazione aortica e uno rara cardiopatia congenita. Nei soggetti adulti la diagnosi deve essere sospettata in presenza di ipertensione severa e ridotto polso agli arti inferiori. Benatti 1, S. Pederzoli 1, C. Sacchetti 1, P. Ballesini 1, A. Pedrazzi 1, C. Gollini 1, F. Vecchi 1, M. Grandi 1.

A 45 year-old patient suffering from recurrent bronchitis, type 1 diabetes, vitiligo, autoimmune thyroiditis. At least from ten years the patient shows leukocytosis with neutrophilia, eosinophilia, monocytosis and basophilia, iron deficiency anemia in the absence of hyperme-norrhea and gastrointestinal bleeding, and thrombocytosis. No evidence of macroscopic changes of the stomach by endoscopy but by histological examination framework of autoimmune gastritis and in duodenum increasing intraepithelial lymphocytes as lesion of type 1 or infiltrative in according to Marsh.

In peripheral blood smears is observed the presence of anisopoichilocitosi, target cell and Howell-Jolly bodies, rare schistocytes, no immature cells of granulocytic series and mild thrombocytosis. At abdominal ultrasound presence of spleen at the lo-. Were carried out in order to investigate the alterations of blood cell count, haematological exams of second level that let we rule out the presence of chronic myeloproliferative disease.


Were carried out investigations for the research of autoimmunity with the finding of positivity of APCA, Ab anti-adrenal glande while negative were finded all other autoantibody. In conclusion our patient is afflicted by autoimmune polyglandular syndrome, type Schmidt's syndrome, for presence of autoimmune thyroiditis, diabetes mellitus, vitiligo, autoimmune enteropathy, positivity of antibodis against adrenal glande with associated red and white bloods cells alterations related to hyposplenic states.

Benatti 1, P. Minnucci 1, F. Vecchi 1, G. Sirotti 1, C. Sacchetti 1, S. Pederzoli 1, M. A 75 year-old patient affected by diabetes mellitus type 2, hypertension, seasonal allergic rhinitis, nasal polyposis, previous atypical pulmonary resection five years ago with istological framework of granulomatous inflammation with tissue eosinophilia has come to our attention for the appearance of significant eosinophilia, persistent fever, increase in inflammatory markers and bone pain. At a subsequent anamnestic investigation emerged an increasing of eosinophils that was persisting for two months from taking bactrim that had caused a minor skin reaction.

For the persistence of systemic symptoms and laboratory abnormalities was performed BOM, bone marrow aspirate, cytogenetic and molecular biology of bone marrow without evidence of hematologic disease. In examinations of autoimmune emerged a positive p-ANCA and in pulmonary function tests a mild obstructive ventilatory defect. At home, the patient, has taken steroid therapy on the advice of the doctor for new reaction to bactrim with rapid disappearance of systemic symptoms and reduction of peripheral eosinophilia.

Based on the data collected we hypothesized that the patient may be suffering from Churg-Strauss syndrome or allergic granulomatous an-gioitis, a rare disease incidence of 1 per million year with variable course characterized by asthma, peripheral eosinophilia, formation of extravascular granulomas, neuropathy and vasculitis of multiple organs. Benedetti 1, R. Bonacci 1, F. Corsini 1, F. Andrea, La Spezia. La valutazione internistica prevede la possibile presa in carico di pazienti particolarmente complessi da trasferire in letti dedicati alla Medicina perioperatoria.

Le principali cause di trasferimento sono state: dispnea In questa eziologia la sola terapia immu-nosoppressiva aumenta le morti per insufficienza epatica. Profilo di laboratorio Ipertransaminasemia, leucocitosi neutrofila, aumento PCR e sierologia virus B compatibile con epatite B acuta. Il decorso ospedaliero si complicava per il peggioramento del dolore e del quadro neurologico con impotenza funzionale a carico dell'arto inferiore destro, andatura steppante ed ipoestesie.

L'elettromiografia evidenziava danno assonale acuto. La biopsia del nervo surale orientava per vasculite. Bertieri 1, R. Biondi 1, C. Gigli 1, V. Iacopetti 1, Q. Lucchesi 1, C. Sterpi 1, F. Dini 1, G. Rinaldi 1. Unfortunately, aneurysms are often asymptomatic unless rapid expansion or complications and are mainly detected on routine abdominal U. Materiali e Metodi The patient observed was a 77 y. He was admitted for worsened kidney function and huge bilateral oedema of the legs started a few days before.

Neither signs or symptom of shock nor abdominal or back pain were present. The blood specimens were normal beside BUN and Creatinine elevation. ECG, lower limb venous doppler sound scan and chest xRay were normal. The lateral surface of the lesion showed signs of ropture which required emergency operation. The clinical outcome after the surgery was excellent. Betti 1, S. Galli 1, F. Corradi 1, F. Di Mare 1, F. De Antoniis 1 1Azienda ospedaliera universitaria Careggi.

Caso Donna 65 anni, monorene per nefrectomia sinistra 17 anni fa per eteroplasia renale, viene ammessa nel nostro reparto per comparsa da alcuni mesi di anemia e astenia. Gli esami di laboratorio depongono per un'anemia da perdita, con successivo rilievo di neoformazione po-lipoide duodenale inducente substenosi del lume duodenale, compati-bile con neoplasia tipo GIST. Segnalato un nodulo pancreatico, non presente alla TC perioperatoria, di dubbia natura.

Betti 1 F. Corradi 1 A. Morettini 1 D. Bartoli 1 F. Di Mare 1! Azienda ospedaliera universitaria Careggi. Il tratto intestinale e sede primitiva atipica di melanoma maligno. Origina da melanociti della mucosa intestinale o da cellule provenienti dalla cresta neurale del sistema APUD. Solo rari casi si conoscono in letteratura, raramente diagnosticati prima del decesso, dovuto ad emorragia massiva. La prognosi e pessima. Caso Uomo, 61, si ricovera per infarto miocardico acuto, trattato con angioplastica e stenting. Durante il ricovero episodio di melena, in corso di duplice terapia antiaggregante, con rilievo endoscopico di ulcera duodenale attiva a sede bulbare, trattata con PPI.

In anamnesi abuso di FANS per cefalea cronica, tutt'ora presente. Per la persistenza di cefalea e di un episodio di disfasia transitoria, e stata effettuata RMN cranio, con evidenza di lesione espansiva in fossa cranica posteriore a sede vermiana, determinante effetto massa, sottoposta a escissione chirurgica. L'esame istologico ha posto diagnosi di metastasi da melanoma. La valutazione dermatologica ha escluso la presenza di lesioni primitive cutanee o mucose; negativa anche la valutazione oftalmologica.

Per recidiva di sanguinamento massivo da ulcera duodenale attiva, indicata embolizzazione di arteria gastroepiploica. Alla Tc addome, pre-liminare alla procedura, presenza di tumefazione polilobata delle pare-ti duodenali associata a voluminosa e disomogenea massa inglobante e ostruente le anse ileali. Eseguita asportazione chirurgica della massa: l'esame istologico e risultato positivo per melanoma maligno intestinale. Il paziente e deceduto pochi giorni dopo l'intervento.

A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof. Serious injury specifically includes loss of limb or function.

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The phrase, "or the risk thereof" includes any process variation for which a recurrence would carry a significant chance of a serious adverse outcome. Such events are called "sentinel" because they signal the need for immediate investigation and response. The occurrence of a single case is enough to temporarily close a ward and start an investigation to determine whether avoidable and reducing factors have contributed and activate appropriate measures. Surveillance of these events, already consolidated in other countries, represents an important health action and a required tool to prevent risks and to promote patient's wellness.

In the present study an year of activity of our Department Dipartimento del cuo-re e dei vasi - Azienda Ospedaliero Univeristaria Careggi - Firenze was reviewed and an analysis of the improvement derived from the actions taken was performed demonstrating the efficacy of this model. Medical error and his prevention problems began to be dealt with much later than other high-risk environments like transport or energy.

La Compagnia di Gesù e la medicina nel primo Ottocento. Ipotesi di ricerca

A first step was the publication of "To err is human" report by the American. Medical errors are often the final results of a multi-step process where many different factors, working together to diagnose and to treat, lead to an adverse event, i. Every 8 million people admitted in hospital wards, thousand of them are discharged with damages or sicknesses due to a medical error. For the same reason, thousand patients die, corresponding to a 5. Prescription errors may be reduced by a careful and properly written prescription, too.

To prevent as many errors as possible, we have to seek a balance between attention paid to patients and to hospital resources. It's also important to understand, both doctors and patients, medicine isn't an exact science, neither in diagnosis nor in therapy, and uses statistical and case studies to improve. That means there always will be a minimal risk in every medical procedure.

Low doses of modified-release prednisone as first line treatment in five patients affected by polymyalgia rheumatica. UO di Reumatologia, S. Background Polymyalgia rheumatica PR is a systemic inflammatory syndrome characterized by pain and sometimes stiffness, usually interesting neck, shoulders, and hips. The pain can have a sudden onset, or can occur gradually over a longer period. Objective Side effects due to high doses of prednisone are frequent, especially on the long course, and for such reason the lower efficacious dose is the best to administer. Results All patients demonstrated a complete clinical and laboratory response to the therapy with MRP Table 2.

Followup reached 6 months now. None of patients developed any side effects due to therapy, none of them reported increase of blood glucose, hypertension, glaucoma, fractures. PIcc Peripherally Inserted central catheter. Failure of accurate tip position. Analysis of our cases.


Introduction Venous access is a significant problem in the departments of internal medicine both for patients who suffer pain and discomfort and for health personnel. The use of PICCs Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters , that can also be inserted by nurses, does not mean that the doctors shouldn't have expertise and knowledge in managing these devices. One of the problems for the correct placement of a PICC is the optimal location of the distal tip. The veno-atrial junction lower third of the upper vena cava has been identified as the ideal location of the catheter tip.

None of the methods described in the literature "landmark technique", ECG, electromagnetic tracking technology, X-ray or fluoroscopy has the ideal characteristics for handiness, reliability and safety. Currently chest x-ray is considered the gold standard to confirm and demonstrate the position of the terminal tip of a PICC. Results From our series of about cases in the past three years, we present seven images of PICC malposition sometimes in unusual positions. These events can be due to alterations of the vascular anatomy clinically not previously suspected or to errors in the technique of catheter insertion.

In some cases it was possible to replace correctly the catheter at the bedside in others angiographic techniques have been used. A year old woman presented to the internal medicine department with a progressive dysphagia associated with dizziness. The physical examination showed rigidity of the neck muscles with pain and difficulty of the neck rotation. Neck magnetic resonance imaging showed a solid and expansive mass that invaded the anterior pharynx and posterior invaded the vertebrae from C1 to C3 and causing osteolytic lesions as evidenced by computed tomography scan.

The histopathological diagnosis was a chordoma as evidenced by the classic lobular architecture: fibrous bands divide it into lobules containing cords of cohesive epithelioid cells. Chordomas are rare, slowly growing, locally aggressive neoplasms of bone that arise from embryonic remnants of the notochord.

These tumors typically occur in the axial skeleton and have a proclivity for the spheno-occipital region of the skull base and sacral regions. Craniocervical chordomas most often involve the dorsum sella, clivus, and nasopharynx. Clinical presentation is usually with pain and neurologic deficits as the cardinal symptoms based on the location of the lesion.

However, the main clinical presentation of our patient was represented by a progressive dysphagia initially for solid foods only and subsequently also for liquids. In particular, the ingestion of the food also was accompanied from intense dizziness and pain to the scapular cingulum. Boncinelli 1, B. Vannucci 1, S. Beatrice 1, D. Coletta 1, M. Di Dio 1, S. Dolenti 1, T. Gurrera 1, A. Valoriani 1, R. Tarquini 1. Background and purpose Patients hospitalised in departments of Internal Medicine are often affected by chronic comorbidities, sometimes with difficult family situations, so "fragile". These patients are those most exposed to the risks associated with the "transition", ie those moments in the diagnostic-therapeutic course, during which different professional care settings are involved in the care process.

Therefore we developed a tool, "Identikit" of the patient, for medical and nursing staff, which collects data about clinical and cognitive-psycho-social aspects of patient, even by the assessment of encoded scales, which is quick to build, immediate to see, useful for identification of main critical issues, when a new patient arrives in setting and at the moment of a subsequent hospitalization.

Materials and Methods 68 patients hospitalized in the Medicine Continuity of Castelfiorentino were included, divided randomly into the "Identikit" Group and the Control Group, assessed with the usual methods. The "Identikit" could quickly identify patient's critical issues, streamline costs, improve quality of life and long-term prognosis. Background Rhabdomyolisis RML is an acute necrosis of skeletal muscle, with release of intracellular contents into the bloodstream. Crush injuries, exertions and drugs as statins or opiates are the main causes.

Spinning, or indoor cycling, is an expanding fitness activity which uses a stationary bike. Complications of RML are rare, but life threatening. Twelve hours after her first spinning class she presented severe pain and swelling in both thighs accompanied by reddish urine. First day: serum creatine kinase CK Absolute rest and hydrating treatment was prescribed. Discussion Expanding gym attendance and increasing use of statins and dope make RML a very actual problem. This is to our knowledge the first Italian and the fourth European described case of spinning-induced RML, a probably underestimated illness that may also result from light exertions.

Through MRI we detected in our RML a clear-cut temporal dissociation between clinical healing and anatomical recovery: this observation could be very useful in athletes for timing exercise resumption at no. Taking account of future social impact of spinning we advise right training, correct hydration and air-conditioned gyms.

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Unlike the more frequent A and B haemophilias, spontaneous bleeding is exceptional, but it may follow injuries or surgery; it is not related to the FXI blood level and therefore unpredictable. In some studies FXI deficiency seems able to protect from stroke and venous thrombosis. Treatment, reserved to emergencies, consists essentially of frozen fresh plasma or FXI concentrates. Case report Caucasian female 56 years old, nothing noteworthy in the family, no previous bleeding, treated with aspirin for myocardial infarction and occasionally with heparin for recurrent thrombophlebites of the legs, admitted for erysipelas promptly responder to antibiotics.

Discussion Reports of FXI deficiency in Italy are very few, nevertheless it must be recognized to avoid potentially bleeder drugs, as in our patient, and to carry out prevention in surgery. Lack of bleeding in a severe deficiency likely a "null allele" , even during treatment with aspirin and heparin, confirms the unpredictability of the bleeding tendency in this disease. On the other hand thrombotic diathesis of our patient seemingly clashes with recent searches about FXI as antithrombotic target using antisense oligonucleotides. Borretta 1, A. Giraudo 2, C.

Bracco 1, C. Brignone 1, C. Serraino 1, S. Severini 1, R. Melchio 2, F. Capucci 2, G. Cavallero 2, M. Grosso 3, A. Comino 4, L. Fenoglio 2. Medicina Interna A. Croce e Carle, Cuneo; 3S. Radiologia A. Croce e Carle, Cuneo; 4S. Anatomia Patologica A. Croce e Carle, Cuneo. A year-old man was admitted to our hospital for 4-months standing pain in the right hypochondrium and recurrent fever.

The medical history included brucellosis 35 years before. Previous US and Ct abdominal scanning detected a hypodense hepatic lesion containing a cystic area and a single calcification in its central portion. Laboratory findings included increased alkaline phosphatase, GT, ESR and C-reactive protein; serological tests were negative except for Brucella IgG antibody titres; blood cultures were sterile. Hepatic biopsy and FNA were performed: histological evaluation revelead fibro-sclerosis and inflammatory infiltration. Despite treatment with metronidazole and ceftriaxone symptoms did not disappear and the patient was referred to our hospital for further evaluation.

On admission he was febrile, his vital signs were normal and physical examination revealed pain on deep palpation in right upper quadrant. Empirical treatment with meropenem was started. The new CT scanning of the abdomen showed a hepatic lesion increased in size. A new liver biopsy was performed but any germ was isolated from the hepatic fragment. A repeated agglutination test in serum confirmed high Brucella IgG antibody titres. In view of the aforementioned anamnestic, clinical, and radiographic findings, the diagnosis of brucelloma was considered. A targeted antibiotic therapy was started rifampicin and minocycline and outcome was rapidly favorable: fever subsided, with clinical improvement in the following days.

At abdominal US and CTscan follow-up reduced liver lesion was detected. Melchio 2, A. Silvestri 2, S. Panzone 2, P. Cavallo Perin 3, M. Campanini 4, L. Croce e Carle, Cuneo; 3Dip. Giovanni Battista, Torino; 4S. Maggiore della Carita, Novara. Background Internal medicine patients are mostly elderly, with multiple, progressive and chronic comorbidities. Those "complex" patients represent a large number of admissions to hospital, in contrast to disproportionate number of hospital beds.

In addiction the discharging of patients is often delayed due to social and organizational problems, as well as clinical factors. The phenomenon of difficult hospital discharges DHDs is nowadays a very topical problem. Prolonged hospitalisation not only increases cost, it is also associated with overcrowding and related complications: hospital overcrowding is associated with increased morbility and mortality. The aim of this survey was to investigate the prevalence of DHDs as a reason for overcrowding in Internal Medicine wards of Piemonte.

New models of care in organization of health services with specific tailored programmes are required to reduce DHDs and to prevent overcrowding. Introduction Interferon IFN is a cytokine produced by different cell types of the immune system and plays a crucial role in immune response. In November she started therapy with subcutaneous pegylated IFN 1. Treatment was stopped in April , serum HCV RNA remained undetectable indicating that the patient had achieved sustained viral response. Hypothyroidism with positive anti-thyroid antibodies was diagnosed after treatment completion.

No further problems occurred during the fol-. In June she presented a skin rash. Viral studies were negative for active infection. The liver biopsy revealed severe interface hepatitis. At February she is asymptomatic with normal liver function tests. La mortalita' materno-infantile puo essere elevata in assenza di diagnosi precoce. I valori pressori erano scarsamente controllati a domicilio da una terapia con Metildopa , Nifedipina , Clonidina. Lo scarso controllo dei valori pressori, il carattere parossistico degli stessi, la cefalea e la tachicardia, fecero porre il sospetto di feocromocitoma che fu confermato dai livelli decisamente elevati delle catecolamine urinarie.

Una TC addominale evidenzio una formazione espansiva del surrene dx di 4 x 3 cm. L'aumento della proteinuria fino a Le condizioni pressorie e emodinamiche furono ben controllate nel perioperatorio dal Labetalolo ev che e farmaco di elezione una volta posta la diagnosi di feocromocitoma. Dopo tre mesi con PA e FC ben controllati da 6mg di Doxazosina e mg di Ateno-lolo, e scomparsa della proteinuria, fu eseguita surrenalectomia dx per via laparoscopica. Dopo l'intervento la Pz. Anche la figlia, dopo un periodo in terapia intensiva neonatale fu dimessa in buone condizioni. Aim Evaluate efficacy and safety of oxycodone in pain control in elderly affected by chronic pain.

In subset "O" age Also in this subset a satisfactory pain control was achieved, from NRS t0 8. Analysis of side effects and of QoL recorded in the three subsets of the studied population will be presented. Our results show that it is possible to use major opiates to treat moderate-severe pain: side effects are known, preventable and easy to manage by means of a close follow up. Brucato 1, M. Taraborelli 2, V. Ramoni 3, S. Salvatore 1, A.

Tincani 2, P. Faggioli 4, R. Scorza 5, M. Matucci Cerinic 6, A. Mazzone 4. Methods Prospectively collected data were retrospectively analyzed. In 25 Italian centers 99 SSc women were observed during pregnancies in and compared to the general obstetrical population GOP, deliveries. Maternal mean age at conception was Multivariable analysis found that corticosteroid use was associated with preterm deliveries OR 3.

Abstract in progress

The disease remained stable in most SSc patients, but there were four cases of progression within one year from delivery, all in antitopoisomerase-positive women, three of them with less than three years' disease duration. High-risk multidisciplinary management should be standard for these patients and pregnancy should be avoided in cases with severe organ damage and postponed in women with SSc of recent onset, particularly if antitopoisomerase positive. Brugioni 1 D. Vivoli 1 M. Tognetti 1 C.

All' ingresso in reparto la paziente e vigile, con parametri vitali nella norma; all' auscultazione del torace apprezzabili crepitazioni bila-terali. L' EGA mostra una insufficienza respiratoria ipossiemico normocapnia. L' Rx torace rileva multipli addensamenti bilaterali. Si intra-prende terapia antibiotica ad ampio spettro Per il persistere di febbricola e tosse viene eseguita TC torace con mdc con riscontro di multipli consolidamenti diffusi con alone di ground glass periferico e broncogramma aereo; linfonodi mediastinici aumen-tati di volume. La paziente viene quindi sottoposta a broncoscopia con BAL negativo e biopsie che evidenziano un reperto flogistico con gra-nulociti neutrofili.

Negativi il Quantiferon TB e la sierologia per mico-plasma, legionella ed aspergillo. La pa-togenesi e sconosciuta. E' anche conosciuta come COP cryptogenetic organizing pneumoniae. Le caratteristiche cliniche e radiologiche ricordano una polmonite infettiva; va comunque sospetta-ta nel caso non ci sia risposta ai trattamenti antibiotici e data la negativita delle indagini microbiologiche. Brugioni 1, C. Ognibene 1, M. Rosa 1, C. La TC encefalo mostra a livello di entrambi i lobi cerebrali multiple lesioni di tipo sostitutivo.

Alla TC torace voluminosa massa solida tondeggiante di 5x7 cm di natura disproliferativa a carico del polmone sinistro. Conglomerati linfonodali ilari omolaterali. Alla TC addome al-cune lesioni sostitutive epatiche. Aree osteolitiche a carico della branca ischio pubica sinistra, dell' ala iliaca omolaterale e di alcuni corpi vertebrali. La broncoscopia mostra a livello del bronco lingulare supe-riore una formazione endocanalicolare di colorito brunastro e consi-stenza poltacea che viene biopsiata.

Il referto anatomopatologico depone per metastasi di melanoma maligno epitelioide positivo per HMB Il decesso si verifica a distanza di 6 mesi dalla diagnosi. Il caso clinico descritto riguarda un melanoma regredito totalmente dalla sua sede di origine cutanea o mucosa. Gozzi 1, M. Tognetti 1, C. Alla TC addome con mdc aree compatibili con ascessi epatici e splenomegalia.

Il paziente riferisce di avere mangiato recentemente pesce crudo marinato sul lago di Bolsena. Insospettiti dalla peculiarita. Viene quindi inviato un campione ematico e delle feci all' ISS che conferma la presenza del parassita. S'inizia trattamento con Praziquantel con rapida remissione dei sintomi e dei segni.

Opistorchis Felineus e un parassita trematode la cui infezione e comu-ne in cani e gatti. La trasmissione all' uomo e occasionale ed avviene tramite l' ingestione di pesci d'acqua dolce crudi o poco cotti conte-nenti le metacercarie del parassita. Queste si liberano nel duodeno ri-lasciando larve che poi migrano e maturano a vermi nell' albero biliare. I vermi rilasciano delle piccole uova che passano nell' intestino e si liberano con le feci. Se il paziente alberga una bassa carica parassitaria puo anche essere asintomatico; in caso contrario puo sviluppare sintomi eclatanti.

Nel periodo estivo le enteriti possono avere un' eziologia rara parassitaria. La diagnosi precoce e la terapia mirata sono indispensabili per una risoluzione di quadri clinici che se non diagnosticati possono divenire minacciosi per la vita del paziente. Materiali e metodi Anallzzare un gruppo dl pz ricoverati per SC. O Terapia farmacologica dello scompenso cardiaco: confronto tra un ambulatorio generale ed uno dedicato.

Premessa e scopo dello studio La terapia dello scompenso cardiaco ha come obbiettivi:ridurre i sintomi, aumentare la capacita funzionale del paziente, rallentare la progressione della malattia. Scopo:vedere l'uso che se ne fa in ambulatorio. Gastrointestinal stromal tumors GISTs are the most common mesenchymal tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and represent 0. They are commonly asyntomatic and found incidentally during laparoscopy, surgical procedures or radiological studies.

A 71 years old male refferred to our institution because of syncope. Hematologic test showed anemia. Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and colonscopy were negative. US showed, between kidney and gallbladder, an oval markedly hypoechoic mass with anechoic internal areas, of 46x28 mm, with peripheral vascular signs at color Doppler study. The patient underwent surgical removal of the described mass. The diagnosis of GIST, with high grade of malignancy, was confirmed histologically and immunohistochemically. The patient had an uncomplicated postoperative course and was referred to the oncologist for suitable treatment.

This neoplasia can be suggested by imaging studies, in all cases histological diagnosis is essential. Brusco 1, P. Cavallo 1, G. Buoni O Del Buono 1, L. Magnani 1 1U. Medicina Interna Ospedale Voghera. A year-old lady was seen because of abdominal pain localised in right lower quadrant. The pain has been presented for a week and it was associated with dysuria and oliguria. Past medical history showed chronic diarrhoea and epilepsy. Laboratory tests revealed severe macrocytic anaemia with folic acid and vit. B12 deficiencies, increased. Stool tests excluded infections. On the basis of the young age of the patient, Crohn's disease was suspected.

Abdominal ultrasonography showed thickened small bowel in left and right lower quadrant and colonoscopy showed acute diverticulitis in the sigma and descending colon. CT scan and MR not only confirmed the diagnosis but also showed multiple abscesses. One single diverticulum presented a covered perforation.

Gynecologic, urologic and surgical consultation excluded other conditions. The patient was treated conservatively with fluids, antibiotics, mesalazine and blood transfusion; she rapidly improved. The causes of the macrocitic anaemia are currently under investgation. Diverticular disease should always be considered, not only in elderly patients. Severe diverticulitis can mimic inflammatory bowel disease. Bullo 1 V. Dos Muchongos 2, C. Uvisse 2, E. Dos Mucudos 2, M. Maquina 2, F. Solange 2, D. Sorama 2, I. Junior 2, A.