Sarah and the Magic Mayonnaise Jar

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DaNelle, please chime in on how you make this with butter. I too am in love with the idea of using butter. DaNelle, how do you make this with butter? After having success time after time after time with this method, it did fail once or twice but that was in a two-year period. I did it on the lower speed once, and it ruined it.

Hope you try again! When adding whey to the recipe, when do you add it in? From the start, or mixing it in after the mayo has all come together? Can anyone comment on the taste of the mayo after adding the whey? I too have made homemade mayo and it beats store bought any day. I mean, you gotta have fat to absorb the vitamins and minerals from veggies, right? I bought store-bought ranch dressing a few weeks ago because we were out of farm-fresh pastured eggs.

It works, it works, it works!!!! Thank you so much for this recipe. We finally get to have homemade mayo. The texture is perfect and the taste is wonderful. I had some again today on a pastrami sandwich, with homemade mustard, and there is no comparison to the store-bought stuff! I use the same method but a slightly different recipe to make my mayo.

It beats the crap out of store bought mayo; both taste and health wise. Tastes great!!! I also used whey to make it last longer. The pint jar was too small for me so I always use a tall stainless steel cup the kind that the old fashioned shake machines used. When I finally learned to make mayo this way, it changed my life.

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I got my immersion blender second-hand and it no longer had the nice narrow vessel that it had been sold with. I spent ages testing every tall narrow jar that we emptied but more were just a hair too narrow. Finally found one that fits just right and it works perfectly. Once I tried another container for some reason, like a glass measuring cup or something, and it was a total fail.

So now I keep that one jar just for the mayo. My new favorite oil is avocado oil, but light olive oil works too.

sarah and the magic mayonnaise jar Manual

Will you re-post the link for the immersion blender you use? Thank you!! I was wondering what your thoughts are on grapeseed oil? I made mayo with olive oil once, and it was way too strong tasting. Yeah, it probably was extra virgin… I made it again with grapeseed and it tasted good. I have read that grapeseed oil is as good for you as olive, whaddya think? Also, how do you make the mayo with coconut oil? I ended up feeding that batch to the chickens… Anywho, thanks for the recipe!!

Thank you so much for your help! Please do! It is such a hard concept, and I did this the first time. I beat my eggs to death, and totally lost the emulsion. It was starting to look great, then poof- right back to oil and egg mess. Keep it to 5 sec on HIGH at the bottom of jar, lift for 5 to 10 sec.

I have used it for almost 2 yrs and love it!

Magical 1-Minute Mason Jar Mayo

Use it primarily for mayo, lotions, and homemade soap. You can use this same technique to make homemade lotions and body butters, too! Just a few T. To make body butter, just melt a T. Super thick and luxurious! I made this just now. Even my picky husband likes it. I read through all the comments before attempting it and made sure to use a jar that fit closely to my mixer. Thank you so much! When I try to save a failed mayo attempt I always end up wasting more ingredients. I use a similar recipe to this all the time and it normally works for me however, the last time I tried it it failed!

I keep putting off making mayo as it is so time consuming in the food processor. Tricks: — add 1 tb warm water and blitz until smooth again 2 seconds — better: add just a teenie tiny teaspoon of good not to strong mustard, which acts like a emulsifier. Mostly it fits snug around the blender. Here we have what you call Fairy, works great but even beter is your own mild soap. Rinse and dry quickly. Hi there! But it really needs no more than 10 seconds of the blender on. And I just love a little pinch of sugar.

I use whatever kind of vinegar I have on hand. Then mix with some buttermilk, onion, a little garlic and spices, and it makes an awesome buttermilk ranch dressing! Oh, I just made this a few nights ago, and when I was done with the mayo, I added the 1T. Thanks Pamela! I love your video! I pinned this to try later.

I have to get an immersion blender first. Just another great reason to buy one! I have liquid. Not creamy fluffy mayo like the picture. This recipe is off — I wasted 6 eggs.

Homemade Mayo

I will be unpinning this. I even added a pinch of sugar this last time, and loved it even more. You can definitely play around with the ingredients, even adding herbs and or spices. Susan, look at my comment below. It should help. Make sure to blend exactly like I described, and use the right sized container.

It is totally worth the wasted eggs and oil during the learning phase. Let us know how it goes! Thanks Erika for responding! This recipe works amazing for me every single time. Thanks again for your help and encouragement! Like all vinaigrettes and oil emulsifications, you have to start slowly to make sure it is emulsified before whisking away or blasting away with the blender.

Like Susan says, try again and add the liquid to the new batch as your oil, or use it for salad dressing.

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I had all the right stuff. Including the widemouth pint jar and immersion blender. I was blasting it on high with the blender. I tried it again and pulsed with the high speed button two to three times per second and slowly pulled the blender up toward the top of the jar like erica said, pulsing the entire time. It worked great. I have ruined mayo before. This is what I did to fix it. If you have a stand mixer it really helps. Then using the failed mayo just like the oil slowly drip it in very very very slowlywhile whisking. This is great! Do you have a good way to use up the egg whites that you put in smoothies and mayo?

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Butter Mayonnaise

Full disclosure here. Prepare to be blown away by this 10 Second Homemade Mayonnaise! You may be worried about eating raw egg yolks. So there you have it! Get ready for some amazing-ness. Author: DaNelle Wolford. Instructions Place the egg yolks in a wide mouth pint mason jar.

Using an immersion blender, blend until thickened. Homestead Barn Hop Comments Hi, DaNelle, Thanks for posting. Many thanks in advance, Debbie. Hi Debbie- I am sorry you are experiencing problems with the mayonnaise. Hey DaNelle, thank you for this recipe. Thanks, Cyanna! You saved my first attempt at making mayonnaise! I am from old school. Can i use Melted Lard for the oil? How do you half 3 eggs? You can go down to 2 eggs and just half the other ingredients. I was wondering if there is a substitute for whey? I am allergic to it. You can omit the whey or use apple cider vinegar instead:.

Hi Chelsea, You can buy some yogurt and use the liquid whey that separates from the yogurt for the recipe. Hi Elizabeth, It works for me everytime as long as I put the ingredients in the correct order and that my jar is clean and dry, without a droplet of water:. Are egg yolks safe during pregnancy? Do you NEED to use farm fresh eggs? Can it be goat or sheep whey? Is there a non animal form of whey? It can be any kind of whey! You could use the liquid from yogurt:.

Hi DaNelle, Thanks for the reply. Hi Kristine, You would just need to melt the butter first, let it cool to warm and then it would be good! I think the key is to use a small jar, so you have a tight fit with the blender! Pamela, Thank you so much for your help! Hi DaNelle, Please do! Very annoyed. I just wasted 2 batches total. Tried 3rd time in correct jar.

Failed again. Good luck and have a happy weekend! Hi Judith, Can I ask, what diet was it that you were on years ago that helped you lose the weight? Who are these lunatics who demand fresh lemon juice for everything?? Screw it. Add 1 cup of light tasting oil like canola or vegetable oil. Let the canola hating begin …. Turn the blender on while holding it firmly down on the bottom of the container. Just keep the blender over the yolk on the bottom of the container. Once no more oil is being mixed in, slowly raise the blender straight up.

This will suck the oil on top down below. You want to try to maintain suction. Add a pinch of salt. Whirr with blender quickly. Add more salt if you want. Mayonnaise from the store keeps in the fridge for about as long as a mummy will keep in a crypt. Which seems strange for something made out of egg.

Suspicious even. This homemade mayo will last 1 week in your fridge. Please do NOT push it and try to eat it after that. Like the glass Weck Jar? Me too. Like the round cutting board? Grab that blender. Homemade Mayo. Author: Karen. admin